Nutrafin Mini Master Aquarium Test Kit Unboxing & Review

Nutrafin Mini Master Aquarium Test Kit Unboxing & Review

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Why use an aquarium water test? Water is a clear liquid and it is nearly impossible
to tell its quality just by looking at it. What looks fine to us may be toxic to fish.
This is why water tests are so important in fish keeping; as they allow us to judge to
water quality and suitability of the aquarium water for our livestock.
What do aquarium water test do? Aquarium water tests in general are used to
measure the ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH of aquarium water. There are many, many
more test available, but those four are
the most common. Water testing should make up part of your regular aquarium maintenance
schedule and I recommend that you test at least once a month, and to
keep a record of your water quality results so you can tell any trends within your aquarium. Liquid tests are a great option in my option
as they are far more accurate than test strips, which is important with more sensitive fish
or to get a better idea what is happening in your aquarium. Liquid water
tests are like a mini chemistry set but, even though they look complicated, are designed
to be extremely easy to use and usually consist of adding a few drops of a chemical into some
aquarium water and waiting for it to change colour. Liquid water
tests are more expensive than test strips but are usable up to 100 times in
some cases so are value for money.

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