Our cats try a “litter tracking prevention” litter box

Our cats try a “litter tracking prevention” litter box

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R: Haku! What are you doing? How’d you even get in there, buddy? R: It’s on the box that we bought it in. R: (laughs) Are you coming out now? I think he needs some help getting down Jun [laughs] J: Really? R: Oh no, he got it.
So we got a new litter box to try These are the litter boxes we’ve been using.
We had a brown one and a white one, but the plastic has been just absorbing smell over the past couple years that we’ve had it, and like no matter how hard I clean it the smell is not coming out of the plastic and so we want to try something new. Right? Yeah, so we’ve got like a little igloo. It looks really cute Jun found it on-online Okay, so the inside is just a big plain litter box but to get in there there’s a little entryway with a wall that they have to walk over and it’s got holes in it. So when they’re tracking litter on their feet theoretically, it should just fall through those holes back into the litter box and not come out into our apartment. Uh, and this is actually one of the better litters we’ve had For cleaning up because when they fall out you can just- they’re so big, the balls are so big you can just pick them up and then throw them back in J: We just found the one that’s even bigger than this one R: Now Nagi’s gone in R: Yeah, J: Yeah, I just want to try this one this time R: Nagi. Look at you beautiful baby, what you’re doing in there?? And we’re trying new litter J: I mean, these are the ones I used to use and these are easier to find out if there’s a problem with our kitties R: They’re recycled paper that change color J: I don’t know if these ones change R: This one does. It says “color change” J: Oh yeah this one does. This one doesn’t, so that’s why I thought I’d mix R: Haku Buddy oh and Jun got this R: Yeah, these are special beads for smell?
J: yeah, you can smell it right? R: Oh yeah, yeah, I can J: and this one’s also.. something similar. R: Oh man so much anti-smelly stuff J: Cause.. Look this apartment. R: Oh, yeah. I know our apartment is so tiny if something smells it smells everything up J: Yeah, its only a few and last like a month with these two. R: Okay. Cool. J: I find it worth it. R: You guys. Why you guys so smelly? J: Well, you know they’re our family. They deserve to have at least a clean nice toilet, ya know? R: It’s okay we’re smelly too. We just.. we- R: [laughs] J: Did you just break it? Did you just break it? R: They’re such cats [laughs] J: Okay, it’s not broken yet. R: We get to flush our litter down the toilets but.. these poor cats R: they just have to poop in a box.. every day.. [laughs] R: Now they’re gonna poop in an igloo R: Poki thinks its food, he’s got [laughs] he had to go check J: When you pour these in some of them like dust
R: mm-hmm J: like become really dusty R: Yeah J: So make sure you do it gently R: Ooh look you guys get a new pooping box! J: Don’t eat em! R: No he just wants to go in the igloo. [laughs] J: Oh J: Actually it has a little more than I thought it would. R: Yeah it kinda does.. somehow J: Uh, but yeah I definitely need more R: [laughs] J: Already?! Wait I’m not! I’m not! J: Wait, aren’t you embarassed… J: Don’t you need this? J: Do you wanna just.. do it? R: Aww you scared him away J: Well he’ll come back J: I’m not done Nagi R: [laughs] J: Still too shallow R: He’s ready. He has to christen it J: Wait wait we don’t have time right now Nooo J: aRGhh J: Now he’s.. hiding R: [laughs] J: I see how that works. R: It did color change. It turns green. R: And its gone. Good job, buddy! J: You can see the bottom already, huh? J: Yeah, it’s too shallow. J: Well I’m glad you like it buddy. I’m glad. J: Alright R: [laughs] All the cats are like… what’s goin’ on? R: [Laughs] Did you see his face? J: Of course R: [while laughing] Ooh noo. Aww Haku J: Sorry that was a little too smelly, isn’t it? J: Oh yeah it is smelly.. whoa J: Sorry is your nose okay? R: [laughs] Haku R: It’s so cute J: Can I put you in here anyway J: So that you guys will remember what this is J: Alright that’s litter, okay? J: It’s your turn next, Poki. Now they have privacy. R: [laughs] J: Look at Poki.. He’s learning J: Now you got privacy, Poki. J: What I wanna see is when they come out.. I wanna see if we get litter out. J: Oh. Oh! Did- R & J: Oh no! J: There’s one R: There’s one so far J: It could’ve been more R: And he didn’t poop J: Okay R: Alright. J: It’s your turn Poki R: We’re gonna shove all the cats in there now.. cause we’re great .. cat.. parents.[laughs] J: No, they need to learn. J:[laughing] He’s sniffing you can see his face from here. R: [Laughs] R: [laughs] Hey buddy R: Don’t think there’s room for more than one [laughs] Haku J: Do we need another one? [Laughter] J: Poki’s using it.. guys.. someone’s in there.. J: If they seem to like it eventually I’m gonna rid of this and then get another one. R: Whoa? Okay one piece fell out again. J: Okay R: I mean one piece. R: Each time might be okay. R: Haku it’s your turn J: I know you’re not interested anymore but you have to learn. J: Just go in buddy. J: Get in your toilet. J: Just go in. R: He’s like..”but I don’t wanna.” J: He doesn’t like that.
R: He’s so big. J: He doesn’t like this maybe it’s too strong I don’t know. R: Oh Back out. Back out. R: Yeah I like it.. I like how it looks.. Oh my god it’s so big. R: Agh We don’t have anywhere in our apartment.. for cat litter boxes to go. R: Okay, so we just woke up…and R: We smell nothing from this litter box. R: Smell absolutely nothing. There is some stuff on the floor. R: Here and here.. And.. all the way over there. R: Poki hasn’t eaten yet, so he’s very.. he’s letting us know he’s hungry. J: We need to open this.. see how much they have there. R: Okay, do you wanna lift it up? R: Nagi R: Oh there’s a bunch of stuff. J: We have three kitties using the same litter.
R: For now. R: We don’t usually have them using one litter. R: It’s just how it is for now, and they’re fine with it. R: Cause you guys are brothers. R: What you haven’t eaten? What you need some food? What you guys want food? R: Okay, so stage two of trying to test litter in here is R: we decided to try smaller litter and.. R: That didn’t work because it was easier to stick to the cat’s paws because it’s smaller so then we went and got this cat mat R: Um but it’s just too small so it caught some litter R: But you can see a lot of litter still gets out and then R: Because they come like leaping out of their litter box and just like dashing for their life R: The cat litter ends up all over the place like it’s all it’s over or here R: And here. Hey buddy. This litter doesn’t smell as much R: Like we don’t have to clean it as soon as they go to the bathroom like we did with our old litter. R: So it does help with smell like that. But.. R: It’s not helping with cat litter getting out. R: For me these are more annoying to step on than those balls that we used before. R: Because the balls were so big you can see them R: and you can just pick them up and put them back which is easy R: These are just tiny pieces that you step on and it kind of hurts more cuz they’re hard like the balls if you stepped on R: them they would just like collapse and crush into dust. R: Jun said it was painful, I don’t think it was painful stepping on those. R: And I mean he always wears slippers. R: I don’t even wear slippers, and I stepped on them it never really bothered me. R: But this annoying, so I’m going to try something else to prevent the litter from getting out. I suggested we move to larger litter rather than this because it would be too big to stick to the cat’s paws but Jun doesn’t want that because then it’s harder to scoop out poop and pee and stuff. What I think I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go get a box to put around here, and then just have the opening in this hole I mean it’ll be open on top but then maybe I’ll make like a side exit or something Make it so they can’t just like leap from there and leap out of the box and that way maybe hopefully most of the litter will be caught in the box. I’ll see if that will work. It’s not your fault It’s not your You precious baby Haku~ Sleepy baby R: Okay, I’m gonna vacuum and then clean and then I’m gonna go look for a box. So I just got back from the store, and I thought I would do things the easy way by building my own half box Maybe not I got 18 packs of three eighteen of these cat-scratch boards I figured like the only other way to get a box is either build it myself out of wood or something or I would have to get a plastic thing cut a hole in it which I mean would work pretty effectively. But also it looks kind of crappy this is gonna look crappy too, but at least this will have the double use of being scratch.. scratch boards that our cats love. I don’t know if I have enough glue left. We might have to get some more glue. J: Rachel you’re doing stuff How long are you gonna be there sleeping? R: Maybe until I open these and then they’re like “:O NEW SCRATCH BOARDS??” J: Can you show that to him? Oh oh R: He’s like “NEW SCRATCH BOARDZ?? I HAVE TO SCRATCH IT” J: Do those.. do they come with the um catnip powder R: Oh yeah, we got a whole bunch of catnip powder packs now look. it’s three per thing and I got six, so 18 things of catnip powder too J: I think Poki would be the happiest Poki~ Gonna try it? You’re just watching? Oh! He’s on his way. Does he like it? Loving it? R: He’s like I’ve never seen this big a scratch board in one spot, holy crap! It’s cat christmas! J: You’re gonna build it there? R: I gotta move this out toward. I’ll build it around the litter box J: Oh Haku you took a lot of hair from Nagi. Can you.. can you get his fur from his mouth. R: Oh don’t eat that.. you’ll throw it up. My god, look at all this catnip. You see this? J: Yeah, that’s a lot of catnip powder. R: Okay. You guys are gonna make it really hard for me to build this. You can’t just lay here I’m working. I’m working buddy~ This is for you. I’m makin’ somethin’ I was gonna do it kinda like this J: mhm R: They have to walk on this, which should hopefully catch all of the extra litter.
J: I think that would encourage them to exercise too. Especially that lazy ass fatty penguin cat R: Poki you’re so cute I’ll just glue another five together for the base for now. Yeahhhh it’s Poki heaven. So many scratch boards! Oh god.. I gotta vacuum. I have to vacuum Poki too. You gonna get vacuumed boy. J: He just went in.
R: So I have successfully finished piecing together the cat litter catcher with glue. I was right we needed more glue so we got another little thing [?] I think it’s basically dry I’m just gonna do a final step and cover all the corners and the top J: Poki it isn’t ready yet. R: All the sides and corners with tape to help prevent it from.. falling apart immediately. J: Can you stop him? R: Do you see his face, he’s like its hot I don’t like it. Did you see his squinty eyes? Okay, so I’m gonna take this stuff and hopefully it won’t immediately fall apart. Basically as long as the cats don’t leap out it, it should be fine J: (chuckles) everyone gathers
R: but our cats do go crazy sometimes so it might happen Poki.. Poki was laying on it the whole time I was trying to build this so He really likes it. So we couldn’t find a pen but in a Jun’s kitchen house we have knives, so I’ll just make a quick indentation Actually, I feel like this is easier There you go, well we can see it. So Jun found a saw, which might work a little bit better. Haku is very very interested in the saw. Buddy sorry [shoves Haku]
He wants it so bad J: Yay. J: Rachel ganbatte(Good luck) J: You can do it R: Uh.. yeah you can do it You can do it Rachel you’re halfway, yeah. R: This is such a dull knife! J: Yeah I got it from a dollar store I didn’t even sharpen it. I’m sorry. R: I’m supposed to use a dollar store knife to cut through cardboard. And this is when I cut off my arm just at the very end.
J: Rachel. That’s too dull. Don’t worry. You’re almost there, maybe you use the saw. Haku Haku no no no no no come here Haku. Yeah. R: Now I’ll just have to vacuum and tape over this.. and then Let’s see. Let’s see if this fits It’s the moment of truth J: Moment of the truth? R: It’s the moment of truth. J: It’s great! J: It’s perfect. R: No… this is… J: It’s fine, it’s perfect. R: Aw I gotta cut off another part of this Another episode of Rachel and Jun’s crappy home DIY done. J: Is it crappy? It looks pretty good. R: I don’t know. We’ll have to see how it works. Now I gotta test. J: This lazy ass boy? R: Just as he gets sleepy. Oh boy oh boy hi Do something! Here, there you go. J: He’s not gonna go in. What are you gonna check? How he can get out? R: See what he does yeah J: Well even Haku still has a little space so.. This is definitely spacious enough for all our kitties. R: He’s like there’s nowhere else to go but into the litter box I guess. Aw he could do it. Okay put- put another cat in, Jun. Give us another cat. Haku was fine, so it should be fine, right? [Plop] Nagi: OH NOES ITS A BOX WHAT DO I DO???????:O How do you like it? Does it smell like litter box in there? We’re gonna have to test this so we’ll leave it up for tonight and in the morning we can check and see how it the lit- how much the litter has escaped. You just gonna stay? I don’t get to test with Nagi now? Nagii~ Sleepy baby. I can’t! I can’t bring myself to bother you. Well you gotta get out yourself if you want to get out that’s the whole thing. You just have to get out yourself, because that’s how it works. Aww you’re so soft and fluffy. Okay, okay. You’re so sleepy. I can’t bother you oh. Oh Nagi’s up. Nagi’s up Nagi’s up!! I gotta bother you now. Come here, come here. I’m sorry baby Now I got two cats! What’s happens when there’s two cats? Poki’s like: “Welcome to the box.” oh Nagi got out. That was a beautiful jump. It was a beautiful jump Nagi. Poki I guess is just gonna chill for a while. Okay, all right. Well Poki we gotta go. I can’t film you for five minutes. Just sitting in this box. Just cuz you don’t wanna leave. I’ll come back later. So it’s the next day and all the litter seems to be contained into our crappy DIY box There’s nothing out here on this side. There’s tiny piece here But Jun says he changed the litter this morning, and so he spilled some over here. I guess we’ll have to check and see again tomorrow if anything escapes. But I mean all of this in here is litter that would otherwise be under my feet as I’m walking around. I think that worked out really well, so I’m super pleased I mean we do have a giant cardboard box kind of sitting now in here, but that’s just a matter of us really .needing to move So? It’s good, isn’t it? Yeah. I like it. Like it a lot R: Yeah Hi sleepy baby All right well thank you guys for watching and we’ll see you again later.

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