Pack Animals – the 🇩🇪 German Mountain Infantry Brigade

Pack Animals – the 🇩🇪 German Mountain Infantry Brigade

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The mules are strong, they are helpful, and
they are honest, and if you are good to the mules, the mules will be good to you. We are here to carry loads from our platoons,
sometimes water, something to eat, ammunitions, heavy weapons. We have six very different mules here. Batzy is our white mule, he’s a cool guy. Daisy is our little diva. We have Fritz, who gets really nervous sometimes,
and then we have Yogi. Yogi is 18 years old, he’s our grandpa. Flicker is also very nice. She is like a teddy bear. The last one is Freida. She’s the biggest one. She weighs 700 kilos and she eats also a lot
of hay. If we have a long march and it’s very high
and it’s hard for me, then I talk to him and say ‘hey, ok, only a few hundred metres
to go, we can do it’ and also if I have some problems, I will talk also with the mule. Our task is to supply the troops on narrow
paths in the mountains with many supply goods. So the paths we can walk on, if you’re a
good driver, you might drive on them with a motorcycle, but you won’t load 120 kilos
on a motorcycle. You might say, then you use a helicopter,
but we can work when it’s bad weather and we work under all the conditions, and we are
not recognised in the same way as a helicopter is recognised. The German Mountain Infantry Brigade is the
last mountain infantry brigade in the Bundeswehr. We are the ones who are the specialists for
mountain warfare. We were in different places in the world on
missions abroad so we were in Kosovo and afterwards Afghanistan. We have in the unit around about 50 mules
and 20 riding horses. We have a special vet for the mules. Also we have now around about 10 blacksmiths. They have a lot to do, the blacksmiths, and
yeah it’s a special job in our unit. Our unit is very important for the NATO because
whenever there is a mission in the mountains, it’s very important to have supply to the
troops and in our special terrain, we are in the end the best. They have loaded now the water and the food
into the backpacks, then we load the mules and then we have to go very fast back because
the other unit is waiting for the food and for the water. You see it when the mule trusts his human
soldier. If they don’t trust together, then the mule
will stop. The bond gets so heavy and close together
because you’re working each day with the mules, the whole day, and especially if you
are on march on the mountains, five, six, seven hours a day and you are always together
with the mule, and you are really good together.

64 thoughts on “Pack Animals – the 🇩🇪 German Mountain Infantry Brigade

  • DonPatrono Post author

    Italian Alpini retired the mules in 1993. They were deemed as needing way too much additional care (especially since the Alpini had helomobile support since the mid 1970s) and thus they were sold; nowadays only one, called "Iroso" remains alive and has recently celebrated his 40th birthday.
    Artillery and sanitation were the main units in the Alpini using the mules, much rarely the Supply btns., because Alpini were already supposed to carry more than double the standard marching load of a regular infantryman in their packs

  • Alin Alexandru Post author

    "If you are good to the mules, the mules will be good to you." Some pretty good advice right there.

  • TheWither Post author

    Wow i didn't know that mules are used in the army. Greetings from Spain!

  • Watch Your Six Post author

    Gebirgsjäger 🇩🇪

  • M Skallywagg Post author

    Excellent idea

  • Makee Science Post author

    Respekt an euch jungs. #WeAreNATO

  • Hans Meyer Post author

    Muletreiber <3

  • red x17 Post author

    Who dare dislike this video that has cute mule faces ?! Smh

  • Sundown _ Post author

    Massive respect for these guys and their Mules!

  • Ali Alghail Post author

    Love this.

  • Agnoletto Post author

    Many think tier 1 units like seals, delta, etc do the heaviest duty, but in reality those to do it are mountain soldiers. Of course they are more trained and risk more, but mountain regiments are the ones who march more, are probably the last to be rescued and have to do a lot all alone

  • Stephan Dinges Post author

    Great 👍 Beautiful images.

  • Nanako Brophy Post author

    I loved being introduced to the mules … and NATO. Wonderful story of respect, love and care for fellow workmates across species. Imagine what the world could be like if every human can experience this? The last few seconds of the clip were destryed by "What's coming up next" panels. Some NATO clips really manage to engage deeply. Hence these types of stories must be allowed to finish as their impacts only settle in minds After it finishes. That's why they are made. I expect better attention to detail from NATO web.

  • Maciej Niedzielski Post author ✔ it out. The mules of French regiment (with Marocain and Algérien soldiers) helped in 1944 the Polish Brigade to attack Gustav line. German Wehrmacht had to withdraw cause the Poles attacked front and the French with mules transporting ammonitions, food etc. went around German positions.

  • EMT.y punto. Post author

    Respect from Spain!.

  • Irontale Post author

    I'd love this job

  • Jyotirmaya Mohanty Post author

    Mules are maintained so nicely.

  • rudolf yakich Post author

    The American Marines enlisted a four legged recruit during the Korean conflict. Sergeant Reckless. The Sargeant was originally a race horse but she became famous for supplying recoilless rocket rounds.

  • Captain 8.6 Post author

    Gebirgsjäger vor! As a ww2 Gebirgsjäger collector this is so awesome to see!

  • Fabio Balda Post author

    C'e' solo un corpo militare che usa i muli!!!! Sono gli ALPINI ITALIANI!!!!!!

  • McPuff Post author

    Suddenly, Boston Dynamics' LS3 makes even more sense

  • Andrew Phillips Post author

    Canada was  training a unit to handle mules for Afghanistan, but then some bright spark decided that 'hey let just get a million dollar Chinook instead.

  • Philip Hughes Post author

    The famed Gebirgsjager!

  • Chin Chin Post author

    ATV get hit ATV might still run. Mule get hit mule incapacitated.

  • Arijit Palit Post author

    Only countries with mountainous borders can relate

  • derkommandent Nova Post author

    This reminds me of hoi4.

  • galindo stephen Post author

    What do react to contact drills look like?

  • Daniel Cuevas Post author

    Wait, is this the actual official channel of NATO?

  • Mr3344555 Post author

    Props to the Mountaineers! Majority of them are hunters or from rural areas, hence their cool, laid back and down to earth attitude. !NATO OTAN!

  • CammieGee Post author

    This is fascinating, had no idea such units still existed

  • Arthur Drexler Post author


  • Serhat Salik Post author

    Katırlara vurulan semer bile kaliteli. almanlar yapıyor aga.

  • DCI Research Post author

    Awesome relationship between human and animal.

  • Gary Lawless Post author

    I have not spent a lot of time with mules, but I have spent a lot of times with horses over the years, and I think the sentiment is the same in that you do form a bond with the horse or mule if you spend every day together, and sometimes the night as well. Mules in particular are intelligent, and easy to train. They are stubborn at times when working, but it appears that that is because they can be a little smarter than their handler, if the situation seems unsafe to them. They are well suited to this work, and obviously well cared for and dare I say loved by these tough soldiers.

  • Gold Eagle Post author

    I suspect that this mountaineering unit might be a very old unit, and it's interesting that after all these many years (probably pre-WWI) that they still use mules as an integral part of their unit

  • Gawk Thimm Post author

    so are they trained to not panic when under attack?

  • B W Post author

    And the next BADLY recherched Video!!! "The german infantry Brigade offers a UNIQUE military capability" DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! The swiss army has the same capability, its called Train-Truppe.

  • Alexandre C. Post author

    Funny..I just watched the US movie "The Mule" with Clins Eastwood and now this Youtube video..Different kind of "mule" though in the movie 🙂

  • VInício Moraes Post author

    In Brazil they use buffalos.

  • Dutchhero2 Post author

    Very interesting!
    Thank you for your service.
    Long live sacred Germany!

  • Halfcan Tan Post author

    This is the first feel good vid I've seen in a long time

  • Jesse W. Post author

    This would not be practical at all in a real world war scenario.

  • Horst Boellinger Post author

    Hoffe das Ihr erhaltet bleibt. Die Erfahrung sollte dringend gepflegt werden. Maschinen fallen aus, Bio Lösungen sind weit flexibler.

  • Austin Von Braun Post author

    Old school

  • EltroxxGaming Post author

    Can we get a movie about this certain type of infantry?

  • Qweb Post author

    Respect to all you guys and these awesome animals. Amazing Mules, Amazing People.

  • Mr Schmuh Post author

    of course the Germans named a mule fritz

  • 1788896522991886621 Post author


  • Jayadev Nambisan Post author

    The rationale behind being a soldier is being resourceful irrespective of the means of how the job can be done!

  • Karakas Post author

    Probably the most beautiful video from NATO.

  • schngstbr Post author

    In which century are we ?

  • Nigel Woo Post author


  • Glue Food Post author

    I love you Germany .. a country of Geniuses

  • Doug Post author

    Check out the invaluable service mules provided the British in Burma during their fight against the Japanese.

  • Matthew Wilmarth Post author


  • Didddin duuu nufffin Wakanda enn shiiieet Post author

    Good job 👍 guys I’m Australian🇦🇺 army Germans are a lot of fun

  • heinricci Post author
    This is a link to a spanish news site talking about this video because some of the mules who are shown in the video were originally from Spain. In the article the talk with the breeder of the animals and how in 2009 a group of german army soldiers came to his place look for mules to buy. And he is very happy and surprised to see that his mules are still alive and well after all those hard missions.

  • Edu Fer Post author

    Sevillana was the name of one of this mules bought by german army in Spain.

  • సుమిత్త్ జె Post author


  • Frank Br Post author

    For this topic, the Video is always much to short!

  • Frank Br Post author

    There are more Videos about Mulis from the Bundeswehr available:

  • javito 64 Post author

    Olé esas mulicas españolas

  • Ted Schellenger Post author

    What an absolutely beautiful piece of cinematography that shows great insight into these special soldiers. This video taught me about the extremely vital job that a mountain infantry brigade accomplishes in times of war when no conventional supply chain is available. Thank you for the insight!

  • Jose' Manuel Ya'ñez Fdez Post author

    Cuántos recuerdos me traen los mulos… parecen a los nuestros, aquellos qué en los años70, en la unidad de cazadores de montaña, portaban armas y vituallas por la parte más agreste del pirineo español… Estaban tan acostumbrados , qué ante los morterazos y ladridos Dr ametralladora….no se inmutaban….les felicito…

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