PERROS – Peluquería canina. ¿Cómo peinar a un Bichón Maltés? Arreglos en casa y en la peluquería.

PERROS – Peluquería canina. ¿Cómo peinar a un Bichón Maltés? Arreglos en casa y en la peluquería.

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How to comb the maltese? Everything about your pet. One of the most popular breeds we keep at home as pet are malteses. Because they adapt perfectly to life at home with family. Here is the Amauri, you know him, he will explain to you how to prepare the dog for the exhibition. We listen to you Amauri. Hello again. We have here this breed of dog with drooping and long hair. We will use this products. We will focus on the dog’s head today and tell you what you can do at home, if your pet is not for exhibition. I’m interested in one issue – you use special products for white dogs? Yes exactly. There are some whitening products, we have shampoo that will make the hair lighter. We have a product for traces of tears. This breed always has traces of tears in the fur. We take a little on the cosmetic stick and clean soiled places. After that they are cleaner and whiter. The traces that remain under the eyes here, what to do about it, cut the fur? No, no you never shortened it for an exhibition dog. We do not shorten the hair of Maltese or Shih tzu exhibition dogs or other similiar breeds. You always have to take care of this hair, we use conditioners if they are tangled and gently clean with a chopstick to keep them clean. And at home what he needs? Combing with a soft, delicate brush? Yes exactly. If someone cares for a dog at home and does not go to the dog hairdresser you can buy different products like shampoos conditioners preferably of the same brand, because they contain the same ingredients. You should have, first and foremost, a soft brush and a soft comb and comb that will be used for final combing and correction, if there are any more puffs we will find them with this comb. It is only for correction. Great. We will give you time to work and see the results. I listened carefully to Amauri and now I comb the Maltese myself, which I am going to show on exhibition. How do you like it? He is beautiful. Leave him, you idiot, this is chicken. Amauri why the dog is tied up? All breeds that are exhibited or are at the hairdresser should have a leash for security reasons. The dog could fall off the table, hurt himself, but also because we can control the pet especially if we use scissors or another cutting tool and the animal moves. We can accidentally hurt him. I noticed that you are combing it twice with a parting. So the difference between shih tzu, other races is that the Maltese has two “baubles”. I do it this way, comb it gently, this way I give them shape. Why the hair are so still? Did you use any products.? No, no I just combed. We give it that shape by combing, to make “baubles” looked better, both at the same time. We will use moist paper and catch the hair at the root. In this way we obtain a look characteristic of this breed.

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