Pet Rabbit Care : Trimming Your Pet Rabbit’s Nails

Pet Rabbit Care : Trimming Your Pet Rabbit’s Nails

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Hi my name is Sarah and this is Halibut, and
I am one of the exotic technicians here at Extra Care Animal Hospital, and on behalf
of Expert, I am going to provide you with some helpful information on owning
a rabbit. As far as trimming your rabbit’s nails go, most people find that the easiest
nail trimmers to use are the little cat nail trimmers available in most pet stores. And
the easiest thing to do is just get your bunny on your lap where he or she feels comfortable,
and you just get your little nail trimmers and trim just the white part of the nails.
You want to stay away from the pink part, which is the quick, which is the blood supply
and the nerves. Generally bunnies are pretty good about this. Some of them can be nervous,
in which case you might want to get them used to it just by picking them up and just touching
their feet. Not even trimming the nails, just once in a while pick them up and touch the
feet. And over time, they will get used to having their feet handled. If you ever feel
nervous about trimming your rabbits nails, you can always take your rabbit to your veterinarian’s
office, and they will do the nail trim for you or they will show you how to do the nail
trim. If you would like more information about our animal hospital, you can visit our website

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100 thoughts on “Pet Rabbit Care : Trimming Your Pet Rabbit’s Nails

  • Bianca Bun Post author

    How do you know where to trim up to if your rabbit has dark-colored nails? (My bunny is a Himalayan so she doesn't have white nails.)

  • cellano Post author

    they make it look so easy! I hate trimming my rabbits nails because she always fights it.

  • Roxanna Chavez Post author

    I have my boyfriend hold my bunny while I trim her nails. Its so much easier than worrying if she is gonna jump away or get all twitchy and nervous.

  • crystalangel123 Post author

    what might happen if u accidentally cut a little bit of the pink part on the nail???

  • Yan Wei Post author

    But my rabbit struggles whenever i try to trim it's nail =( someone give me some suggestion on how to cut my rabbit's nail if it keeps struggling ๐Ÿ™‚ Ty!

  • Bianca Bun Post author


  • Rica Aria Post author

    my rabbit doesnt struggle when i carry her, touch her legs fingers or clean her eyes. very obedient girl. but i dare not trim her nail, i am afraid it will bleed..

  • J Griffith Post author

    who can tell me i liv ein houston and my backyard has a pool Hurricane ike is here rite now and 2 am it's almost 10pm i wil have ike's fullest um but lol ye shutup josh! singrochester' real name um HOW CAN I GET A RABBIT TO BE MORE FREE OTHER THAN JUST BEIN IN IT'S HUTCH! ALL THESE VIDZ ARE LIKE RABBITS RAOMING IN THE GARDEN IM AFRAID SHE'LL RUN AWAY HELP ME OSMEON! REPLY SOME ONE

  • Rosalie Giunta Post author

    What if we absolutely have trouble with that??

  • lilmalachiteclover Post author

    My rabbit is the worst – my Dad has to hold him down because he squrims to much. We took him to the vet to get help and the vet said my rabbit was the worst he ever saw for trimming his nails. It took me and the vet assistant to hold him while the vet trimmed his nails. Clover has never liked me touching his feet, just his thing I. guess

  • MakiMaki962047 Post author

    What if your rabbit's nails are black…?

  • Marcy Scherpetong Post author

    house Rabbit society has a lot of good information adn links for help:) Good luck!

  • honey bunches of oats Post author

    thanks for this…but my rabbits would NEVER stay that still….aiy

  • MakiMaki962047 Post author

    I have a black Holland lop. I've heard from several people that he's pretty much one of a kind, mostly because he's so calm. I can do pretty much whatever I want with him and he doesn't care. I carry him around on his back most of the time. He's never bitten me, but he does like to lick my face and arms all over. It's the cutest thing in the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • TheJoBrosROCK123 Post author

    mine to

  • The Fur Monsters Post author

    alisarap, you shouldnt cut baby bunnies nails too much, only when it starts to curve. Their nails are verryyy fragile and cuting them too much could break them too the pink part ( which is where the blood is).
    Just be very carefull ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • leesajade Post author

    How do you avoid cutting the pink bit if the rabbit's nails are black? I'm scared of cutting my bunny's!

  • The Fur Monsters Post author

    Hmm… is it totaly black? one of my rabbits have black nails but a red/pink part is visible underneath. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Check that. If it is totaly black, you should only cut the nail when it starts to curve, and only a very small part. If it bleeds, put some oxygenated water (I dont kow if that's correct english) on some coton and press the nail until the bleeding stops.
    If you feel uncomfortable, you should take your bunny at the vet's so he can show you exactly how it's done ๐Ÿ˜‰ hope that helped!

  • leesajade Post author

    I just did a mini-checkup on my bunny… the fleshy bit is just visible, but i still don't have the confidence to cut is nails… :s

  • R Hirshi Post author

    you wrascally wabbit

  • R Hirshi Post author

    a wrascally wabbit

  • Neil Cera Post author

    uhmm… i tried cutting my bunnies nails, im scared though and idk wer my nearest vet is… what shoulldd i dooooo!??!!? ๐Ÿ™ and my bunny always likes to run around so i got it one of those excercise balls but it just sat in it….. so i returned it, should i buy it back?? helllppp :[

  • Marie T Post author

    THT NAIL TRIMMER CUTS SO SMOOTHLY!!! my rabbits' nail trimmer cut so roughly…it more like breaks the nail D=< and my dad is too cheap to buy a cat one T-T

  • Metamorphakicks Post author

    no are u stupid sorry but u cant it will hurt them cause it straight and the cat ones are curved especially made 4 animal nails

  • Bella Eppy Post author

    ok don't be so rude i just asked!!!relax i don't even have one i used to!!!and be nicer the next time!!!thanks anyways…

  • jessi330 Post author

    This is trickier. You may need a helper. What you do is get a small flashlight and shine it through the nail (the helper can do this) allowing you to see where the bloodline (quick) is.

  • jessi330 Post author

    They need to eat pellets and hay. It helps grind down their teeth. They will use a litter box. You could put hay all over the bottom, but then you have to replace it often so that they can eat clean, fresh hay.

  • C Nguyen Post author

    i use to have a bunny that would follow me constantly and circle around me wanting to play and we would be soo happy together (may he rest in peace)

    but how do i get my new bunny to do the same thing?
    i know alll bunnies are very different with different personalities but .. (sighs) i know my new bunny is not the same as my old one.. so how can i let him play with me? and be kinda like the old one?

  • tinnybell Post author

    when a rabbit circles you it is not because they are playing, it's because they "love" you because most likely they have not been spayed.

  • C Nguyen Post author

    lol i know, he wasnt.. but i still love him.. even tho hes gone.

  • VAzFinest23455 Post author

    She actually did mention not to cut it too far..If you are such a "pro" then why did you watch this??

  • briganta Post author

    Today I trimmed my Eddie's nails, he's black and it's very hard to see the vein inside the nail (that is black too).
    I put a light under the nail and I saw where the vein stops… it's been very easy.
    Hope I've been helpful,
    (visit my channel if you want to see a very well TRAINED RABBIT, thanks)

  • byfuzzerabbit Post author

    My rabbit doesn't enjoy getting her nails trimmed. I use to get the vet to do it but that became way to expensive after a while. I normally have my parents hold her while I trim her nails. Then I give her a treat when it's done.

  • poopieface8791 Post author

    she makes it look easy, but my bunny moves a LOT! silly alaska..

  • Alexis Kraus Post author

    My rabbits need to have their heads covered in a blanket to do this shit!

  • Murk Master Post author

    do you NEED to trim their nails?

  • DarkAztaroth Post author

    Yes you need to, else they can grow too long and hurt the bunny, in their natural environment they dig, but a house bunny won't have much to dig in so their nails will grow.

  • Andbatwings Post author

    Ok, now how about a video on how to trim a bunny that will NOT stay still and has black nails.

  • bitchbutcher Post author

    I really think this documentary is teaching wqrong things. It's quite dangerous to trim your rabbits nails. Especially if your rabbit has dark nails where you can't see the blood vessel. Because, if you accidentally cut in the vessel, the bleeding doesnt stop. That's why I owuld recommend , especially if you dont see the blood vessels, to go to the vet and let him/her do it. Because they have a special device to close the cut vessel.

  • bitchbutcher Post author

    the best is to go to the vet for that!

  • bitchbutcher Post author

    if your bunny bites, it could be that your bunny is suffering because it doesn't have a bunny friend. Rabbits live in groups, if kept isolated they tend to show aggressive behavior.
    So if you have a female rabbit, the best is to get a male neutered rabbit as a partner. Mixed sexes get along the best.
    Aggressive behaviors also happens if the rabbit has to less space.
    They need at least 2mยฒ night and day.
    I hope i could help ๐Ÿ™‚

  • bitchbutcher Post author

    yes, you do. Because in nature they fret their nail on the ground they walk on. But kept at home he wont have a good ground to naturally trim off their nails. But as I said. you should better go to a vet, and let him trim your rabbit nails.

  • bitchbutcher Post author

    I'm glad to hear that. If you have any questions about how to introduce your new rabbit, just write me a message. I 'll be happy to help ๐Ÿ™‚
    If you have a female, its best to get a castrated male. And if you have male you should castrate him and wait a month. Because in that month he can still reproduce.

  • kaytee1190 Post author

    No, the vet will never cut the blood vessel. there is no special instrument that's supposed to cut the vessel..because you never cut the vessel!!! For dark nails, it's harder to see where the quick ends so you have to shine a light underneath them to see a little better.

  • bitchbutcher Post author

    I think you understood me wrong. I mean that if you cut the vessel on accident you can't stop the bleeding. But the vet has a device to stop the bleeding. So it's quite dangerous to cut the nails of your rabbit and you should let the vet trim the nails. Did I explain it better?
    And I agree with what you said ๐Ÿ™‚

  • kaytee1190 Post author

    Oh in that case, they sell this stuff called "quickstop" that's supposedly really good for stopping blood when you cut into the quick. I think that everyone should be able to cut the nails of their rabbit if the rabbit is comfortable enough for them and they are really careful. I would think that since the vet is more frightening to the rabbit (since they're strangers) and that would post more of a threat. But it depends on the rabbit. Mine would sit still for me.

  • bitchbutcher Post author

    ok. I haven't heard of that. The problem is, that many children have rabbits and they wont be able to do that. So I think in that case they should go to the vet and let him do it. That's why I recommended it.

  • Adrianna Flores Post author

    this looks really simple. but i just wanna know… how much is it to have the bunnys nails clipped at the vets? becuz i dont wanna make a mistake. sooo i would like to know as soon as possible please!!! bitchbutcher can u help!

  • Nicole Higgins Post author

    It can cost anywhere between 5 – 20 $

    In Ireland, it cost 20 euro for my two rabbits

  • Joolk Post author

    My rabbit is too nervous and big, I have to go to the vet for her nails. But thanx for your explanations. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Chelsea Post author

    @f3LiZ07 Idk, but I wouldn't . Just because human nail trimmers are shaped for human toes and fingers and not rabbitts.

  • VAzFinest23455 Post author

    @grandamchi2000 what are you talking about? this is an 8 month old comment..get over it

  • VAzFinest23455 Post author

    @grandamchi2000 – I just got something in my inbox telling me that you replied to MY comment, someone needs to grow up and move on. It's a fucking video about a rabbit ! LMAO!

  • Sandra Boลพiฤeviฤ‡ Post author

    I trimmed my bunny's nails on her front legs but I can't on the back legs(feet) cause she gets scared

  • sugarjelly2 Post author

    @f3LiZ07 NO u cannot it has to be a bunny nail trimmer or a cat one

  • meowkie Post author

    The easiest way to do this is with a buddy. ๐Ÿ™‚ My roommate holds Theodore while I trim. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The Cat Post author


    … me too… :/

  • FanofKatie Post author

    I got my rabbits when they're 7 weeks and i groomed and handle them constantly. The first time i cut thier nails, i was very scared!! But they're cooperative, now i hold them like carrying a baby in the cradle of my arms with thier feet face up. I normally would caress thier head first because they like it, they would be more relax and I could check through thier nails and cut them.

  • Nicole Higgins Post author

    Yep, just be careful

  • Julie S. Post author

    that rabbit had long nails!!!:O

  • cinnamonbed Post author

    he got a bunnycure :3

  • Clara Lycke Post author

    I was afraid to hurt him in the start, but my rabbit was quite comfortable and he still is today.

  • dadandevasing Post author

    TIP: If your rabbit has dark nails do it it a bright area and stay away from the darker area of the nails.

  • MsVenus101 Post author

    when i do my rabbits nails she runs and hides under the covers i think thats kinda cute

  • Lucy Post author

    I know this looks scary to do, but I have a bunny and it really isn't! My bunny actually yawns when I do it lol. One thing though is that I definitely wouldn't try to cut off that much at once (meaning that she cuts largs bits of white off of each nail all at one time). I find that my rabbit reacts better when I trim each nail a little at a time, but that could just be her preferance?

  • Michelle King Post author

    OMG i cut my bunny's nails and i ended up looking like i went through a shredder afterwards! He HATES it

  • Jimjammajay Post author

    thanks for posting this!

  • Richard Park Post author

    that bunny doesnt give a FUCK!

  • Andrew Nguyen Post author

    too short

  • Andrew Nguyen Post author

    wow rabbit nails are a lot longer than guine apig nails!

  • Jinkimbap Post author

    Hi!Can i ask something?I got a bunnie and i want to cut his nails but they are very strong and i can't cut them with that!can you please tell me what to do?I know a way to do that but i am not sure and i don't wanna hurt my little love! =3

  • chriscater Post author

    my rabbit bites his own nails and trim them when they get too long
    is it going to cause some sort of problem?

  • WhiteSilverAngel Post author

    My bunny would never let me do that…

  • LoLo Pien Post author

    my rabbit runs from me when she sees me with nail clippers….. when i caught her to trim her her nails she glared at me…

  • Ly Kisu Post author

    the way you do that is so easy >"<

  • NUKACOLA900 Post author

    I just accidentally trimmed my rabbit's nails too short and it started to bleed ALOT, its so difficult because he tucks his feet underneath himself.

  • Ralph Livingston Post author

    @nerf456 well said

  • DropDeadDream Post author

    @meatisdeliciouse heck, i fear going at them with anything sharp like a pencil ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Oriana Bruno Post author

    is that rabbit urs orbelongs to the expert village

  • candymeadowalmondjoy Post author

    wait…how often should you trim them?

  • AProactiveLifestyle Post author

    But that rabbit is nothing like my rabbit. That rabbit is totally calm…

  • Amanda Pimentel Post author

    I have on bunny that nips, and one who makes nests in your laps when you make her sit on you for long periods. What I do is I put them on their backs. Most rabbits go into an almost trance. It's great for trimming crazy rabbits nails.

  • girlmeetsgun Post author

    I just trimmed all of my rabbits' (3) nails this week- I came out with battle scars. One vet told me to make a "bunny burrito". Basically, if your rabbit won't hold still, or kicks and hates being held, wrap the bunny in a stiff towel or blanket, and do the nails that way. I only suggest doing this if your rabbits are really tough, because they tend to breathe harder and that always scares me. I usually use this tactic ONLY for back nails.

  • Laura Cantaderio Post author

    my bunny hates me touching his back feet so i have trouble

  • Ivo Robotnik Post author

    Evey time I try to pick it up to trim it's nails im claws my freaking arm to shreads.

  • SuperAggy666 Post author

    do'h my rabbit cant sit like that,he always moving

  • soraroxas365 Post author

    I had my dad holding my bunny while I cut his nails for the first time just now, and afterwards he was so upset…
    I think he's pouting underneath my bed…

  • Robi Stojs Post author

    give it food when trimming the back legs. i find that to work.

  • shirli3 Post author

    What's this rabbit's breed?

  • RubixSoul Post author

    While I was watching this my rabbit was like
    DONT even THINK about it UNDERSTAND!?!
    When I appraoched him with the scissor thingies his face was like DIE
    And when I was trimming, he jumped on my shoulder and did a cannonball in his foodbowl -_-

  • Lady-Maeryn Post author

    I would suggest the bunny burito, where you get a towel and rap him up snuggly, and when doing the back feet be patient, rabbits aren't really in-with you when you are holding there back feet, if he starts freaking out just speak softly and give him a few pets until he calms down then start again it can take from 5-17 minutes (or more) depending on your rabbits temperment

  • GoldfishLight Post author

    man that's one chill bunny!!

  • Hyukfied Post author

    How do you trim the hind legs? The front legs are easy but the back, the entire nail is pink. D:

  • Lauren Moore Post author


  • Jinkimbap Post author

    Too bad my lovely bunny is no longer alive. :c ;-;

  • Andrea Patane Post author

    No one wants to see extremely long nails on rabbits.

  • itsnanciie Post author

    Can you use human nail clippers to cut your rabbits nails?

  • Sir XtC Post author

    this is the first i have a rabbit, and its just like that one in the vid, is really calm , like it let me pet him and pick him up, im not sure what other rabbits are like, i like this one haha.

  • Cutie Bunny Post author

    I am scared to trim my bunnys nails. I don't want to hurt him.

  • Heaven Iyanna Post author

    That's such a good rabbit mine is so active he's always running and jumping everywhere I don't think I could ever get him to sit still long enough to trim his nails๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ญ

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