PetSolutions: Drinkwell Mini Pet Waterer

PetSolutions: Drinkwell Mini Pet Waterer

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Petmate Drinkwell mini pet waterer provides an aerated and filtered waterfall of fresh, free-flowing water for small and medium sized dogs and cats. It has a prefilter to catch fur and debri and a replaceable charcoal filter to remove tastes and odors which keeps the fountain clean as well as controlling bacteria. For additional information on the
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5 thoughts on “PetSolutions: Drinkwell Mini Pet Waterer

  • Donald Bass Post author


  • Kris Wilson Post author

    How do I fix my drinkwell from leaking? I can't be gone more than 12 hours or my cat will run out of water ๐Ÿ™

  • Steve Roberts Post author

    Total garbage. It leaks out the back.

  • Evie Maria Post author

    This product was leaking and it wasn't pouring it gets clogged up so what I did was let the hot water hit filter till it cleaned up now works fine. I put it in the kitty litter tray put container under so it won't be so low. My cat loves to play with the water so there's no mess.

  • Twinklez Jones Post author

    Does anyone monitor this channel? This fountain leaks like mad. Ridiculous

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