Pod 3 – The customizable modular GPS tracker for everything

Pod 3 – The customizable modular GPS tracker for everything

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Hi, I’m Ryan from Pod The world’s most trusted GPS tracking device You think these guys would stock us if we weren’t the best? No! So what is Pod? Pod is a lightweight GPS device catered to the highly-strung individual who likes to keep tabs on all their worldly possessions. not just your pet… whether it’s your bike, your boat, your car, your girlfriend. Don’t put it on your girlfriend! trust is very important in a relationship. it’s super, super, super, super, super, Simple! Just attach Pod to anything and you can track it with the push of a button Now I know what you are thinking “is this one of those only-works-in-Bluetooth-range type of gizmos?” Foolish child! Pod has unlimited range with cell coverage so you can even track Rocco in Morocco Now, R&D really wanted me to mention they’ve introduced a revolutionary new modular system which means that now you can add a light, a speaker, an extra long battery… but the fact is we just don’t have enough time for that. So don’t ask “who let the dogs out?” ask instead “where’s my stuff?” then find out immediately. Or don’t. But like they say “if you liked it then you should have put a Pod on it” Cue music!

12 thoughts on “Pod 3 – The customizable modular GPS tracker for everything

  • Joelson Da Silva Post author

    learning englisch

  • Joelson Da Silva Post author

    louvores da iurd Yves

  • jordy plays games Post author

    why am I seeing this? why would I ever need this? I don't have much stuff, but what I do have, is needed and/or loved. so instead of buying this garbage, I just take good care of my stuff. i lock it up. when I leave the gaming room, the door to it gets locked. no windows, and I've made sure that it's one of those lacks that you can't pick, nor will a bump key work, you need the key to get in. same with all outer doors to my house.

  • Kevin Ruiz Post author

    At first I thought you guys just copied DSC's style, but then you took it to another level. Very well done Pod Trackers. I am LMAO

  • Kirk Jellum Post author

    Great, video, a friend recommended your product. I'm buying for sure now!

  • BrownGeezer01 Post author

    What did I just watch lol

  • Charlie Birkin Post author

    Buying one if only to map out where my cat goes so if he does go missing I can check his favourite haunts. Definitely nailed it on product design and user experience which is important for Mum who isn't so tech savy. Btw who is the actor in this video? Absolutely hilarious!

  • Steve Post author

    Is there an actual feature-rich video out there somewhere? I'm, in the market for something like this but when a company's public sales pitch is 5% product information and 95% humor, it doesn't really give me a lot of confidence that these guys will be around 5 years from now. This is important to consider before you buy because it's probably connecting to a central server to manage your item's location and to communicate with your app. If the company goes belly up, the server goes away and the device is useless.

  • Matt Schaefer Post author

    Ended here because I am looking for their customer support phone number. Still looking….

  • lhares2012 Post author

    I have a pod3 and it's great. this awful video doesn't do it justice. thumbs down for video. thumbs up for device.

  • juntjoo nunya Post author

    lol, where did you find this guy? and who's he imitating? I've seen this character before..

  • Rosie S Post author

    Love the product its every thing I was looking for my pet , but didnโ€™t like these video .

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