Police Dog saves 3 Little Pigs from RoboVac!

Police Dog saves 3 Little Pigs from RoboVac!

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[children yell] What now Bow-wow. Oh, hey Bow-wow. Busy day. I’ve got lots to do. But don’t you sleep all day, have some fun! You know what this means? Dress ups! Yippee! What should I wear today? This one? This one! No, no, this one! Oh but this one is lovely too! [gasps] It’s got to be … this one! What am I? Can you guess? I’m a …
Police Dog! Check out my uniform! What do you think? Look out baddies, stick ’em up! Do you feel safer now you have a Police Dog
in the neighborhood? I love this uniform. Oh what a hat! Let’s play! BEEP: Oh hey there Bow-wow – oh, er, excuse
me Officer! BOW-WOW: Hello citizen, I’m just on my Police
Patrol. BEEP: Sorry Officer. I’m not illegally parked or anything, am I? I mean, I can move, I was just waiting for
my friend Bow-wow… BOW-WOW: Oh Beep! It’s me! Bow-wow! Did you think I was going to arrest you? I really fooled you this time! BEEP: (laughing) Oh you got me there Bow-wow! Hey if you’re a Police Officer, can I be your
Police Car? BOW-WOW: You sure can Beep. Let’s go on patrol. BEEP: OK! And here we go! BOW-WOW: We’re on patrol Police Car Beep! BEEP: Yay! BOW-WOW: We are the protectors of these good
citizens. [phone rings]
Hello? This is Officer Bow-wow. A 605 you say? At the house? We’re on our way! There’s an emergency Beep! Let’s go! BEEP: Can I use the sirens? BOW-WOW: Oh yes! Yes! BEEP: Oh yeah! [little pigs cry]
ROBOT: I must clean
BOW-WOW: Oh Beep! This is a 605 alright! Three little piggies in distress. ROBOT: I must clean
BOW-WOW: The robot vacuum cleaner is out of control! Those poor piggies! BEEP: What do we do? BOW-WOW: I’ll save you piggies! BEEP: No wait Bow-wow! We need backup! That robot is in a cleaning frenzy! ROBOT: Clean, I must! BOW-WOW: No Beep. Backup will take too long. I have to save them now! Hold on piggies, I’ll save you! Piggy one, safe! Piggy two, safe! Piggy three, safe! Stop Mr Robot Vacuum Cleaner! Stop in the name of the law! ROBOT: It is my job to clean! BOW-WOW: Out of the way little piggy! You can’t clean here! There are three little piggies in the area. Watch out pink piggy! If you do not stop, I will be forced to use
your off switch. ROBOT: Stand back! I must clean! Ouch! BOW-WOW: You’ve gone too far Mr Robot! Enough cleaning! I have to make a plan! Let’s take these three little piggies back
to safety, Beep. BEEP: OK. BOW-WOW: I’m here for your rescue little piggy. And you too. Piggy number one, rescued. PIGGY ONE: Thank you. BOW-WOW: Piggy number two, you’re safe too. PIGGY TWO: You’re my hero. BOW-WOW: Piggy number three, you have nothing
to fear. PIGGY THREE: You’re wonderful, thank you! BOW-WOW: Three little pigs, all safe and sound. Let’s go! BEEP: OK. BEEP: You’re a hero Bow-wow. BOW-WOW: Thanks Beep! Just keeping the streets safe for the little
pigs. There’s one now. He’s safe. And there’s another one. She’s safe too. BEEP: The streets are safe again! Let’s play I Spy. BOW-WOW: Sure! I spy with my little eye, something beginning
with the letter P! BEEP: Pig! BOW-WOW: That wasn’t what I was thinking. BEEP: Oh, pavement! BOW-WOW: Oh Beep! BEEP: Pot holes! No, no, plants! BOW-WOW: You take too long Beep! It’s me! I’m a Police Dog! [Beep laughing]
BOW-WOW: Well I’m pooped. Take me home Beep, I need a nap. BOW-WOW: Thanks for the ride Beep. It was fun fun fun. BEEP: See you next time Bow-wow. Ah, home sweet home, bone sweet bone. Oh Bow-wow, you haven’t moved! Yippe! Ring a ding ding! Click subscribe for more What Now Bow Wow. Whoops, broke the subscribe button! You got another button back there Beep? BEEP: I’m on it Bow-wow! If you enjoyed my video, then give me a Like! Go on, click it, you know you love me!

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