Proof That Your Dog Loves You

Proof That Your Dog Loves You

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– [Man] What if I told you dogs
don’t care about us at all? – That would make me so sad. What? (upbeat music) – Before I got Murphy, I
talked about getting a dog for two years straight. – I decided to just walk into
the animal shelter one day. – Louis was the only one next to the mom so I could tell he was the
youngest and the shyest. – And within five minutes we saw Marty and we signed the papers. – I think I remember one
time I just had a breakdown and she just walked
over and kissed my face and I was like, “You know, this is okay.” (laughs) – We call him the joy of our lives. – I was in a wheel chair for a little bit and having her sit with
me in my bed every day when I was in recovery
was the greatest comfort. – Everyone I was really close with started moving away one by one. I never had a chance to be really lonely because I always had Louis with me. – [Man] So would you say
that you love Murphy? – Yeah. – Yes. I love Ella. – [Man] And do you feel
like Ella loves you? – Yeah definitely. – I think Louis loves me, yeah. – [Man] What if I told
you that there was a lot of scientific thought that dogs don’t actually care about us at all? – Uh. – What? What are the details? – [Man] Well we can get to those. (upbeat music) – They’re little bone shaped. Bad news comes in cute
packages, apparently. (laughs) – So it says in the 19th century, naturalist Charles
Darwin traveled the world on the HMS Beagle,
leading to the formulation of his theory of evolution. – Darwin leader wrote
extensively about the possibility that dogs have rich emotional
lives, but couldn’t prove it. – The true modern era
of dog research began with scientist, Ivan Pavlov. Pavlov is most famous for his discovery that dogs who had heard a
bell and were given food eventually began to salivate
merely at the sound of the bell even when no food was present. – This gave rise to behaviorism – And the belief among
the scientific community that dogs are merely robotic creatures – Who give us affection
not because they love us but because they know it will
lead us to giving them food. – Marty, do you love me? Looks away. – And so for a century, this view held. Dogs were not our best friends, they were just what one
science writer called, “Con artist at the very
top of profession.” Simply put, dogs did not
and could not love us. That makes me really sad
because I love you so much. – Murphy you’re a liar? – I’m hoping this is not true though. – I feel like something is coming. (upbeat music) (clicks) – Hi this is Dr. Gregory
Berns, I’m a neuroscientist in Atlanta, Georgia and
I always wanted to know whether dogs love us like
the way we love them. But of course they can’t tell us so I had to figure out a
different way to do it. I used MRI and trained
my dog to go in an MRI so I could look at her brain
and see what she’s thinking and feeling while she interacted with me. And pretty soon we had a group
of a dozen dogs doing MRI’s. And one of the things that we found was that the reward
center of a dog’s brain responds to the sound of the human’s voice praising them as much and in many cases more than food itself. And what this shows is
that dogs really do care about the social bond as much and in many cases more than
just the provision of food. I think like many dog owners realize is that they’re amazing
creatures with kind of the depth of emotion that goes beyond what scientists used to think in that they are very
much capable of love. It’s certainly in their
way and very much like we humans love each other too. – Awe. I’m gonna cry. – Oh. You do love me Murph? – Marty, did you hear that? – That makes me really happy. – I feel like I can
sort of more freely say that she is also my best friend now. I’m sorry boyfriend but
my best friend’s my dog. (laughing) – I’m really glad that
our feelings are mutual and I hope Louis loves me forever. (happy music plays) (whooshing)

87 thoughts on “Proof That Your Dog Loves You

  • Your Daily Dose Of Trolls Post author

    Let me tell you a REAL LIFE story that my aunt just had..One day,my aunt and her two dogs were on a usual everyday walk. (My aunt feeds two fully grown girl doggos in her house and she lives in an apartment.YES AN APARTMENT)Soo a random doy jsut popped out and started attacking my aunt-NOPE one of the girls strawberry stood up and got bitten to protect my aunt and then the weak one (peanut) tried to get their back but shes got bitten in the neck,and then Strawberry just came up and bit that dog so hard that the dog fainted. At that time my aunt was in total shook,she just nearly had a heart attack (btw both of the dogs are 6-7 years old.) aunt IMMEDIETLY ran to the vet and healed the gurlz and hen happy end,they both ended up with non-permanet scars and a lil bit of bit mark but they are totally healty and energized as ever been.thanks for reading.leave a gud like if ya like ya dog/pet or animelz

  • Chyann Rachel Post author

    The dogs tongue in the beginning was moving to the beat

  • Quynh Anh Nguyen Post author

    My dog doesn’t love me LOL

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  • F S Post author

    4:16 His tongue at the end πŸ˜‚πŸ’—

  • PugPerson Post author

    Oh course my dog loves me and I love my dog! But oh my gosh the pug is adorable!

  • Bieberxahs Post author

    Crying in the club

  • Crystalee Mejia Post author

    i am CRYING

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    My dogs name is Louie ! Louie , Louis whatever <33

  • Unwanted Oxygen Post author


  • Ronces C Post author

    the question is… do cats care about us????

  • Aleksandar Denkovski Post author

    Louis is like the sun to that woman

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    Lois was cute

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    I love pugs . Do you ?

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    Every thing and everyone can love

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    When I get home from school, my dog opens the door with her paws and runs outside to greet me. Dude, she lives for me

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    I recently was learning about Charles Darwin in school

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    The truth is to us humans a dog is just a part of ur life but to dogs u r their life

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  • Gracy Toy Schultz Post author

    If I even look at my dog back home he'll wag his tail and I can see love in his eyes but it's always sad to leave and go back to my own house and see into his eyes just the look of pure sadness and heart break. Hope he makes it another year he's old for a lab at 11 years old.

  • Wayne Splatlink Post author

    I love dogs but I HATE CATS

  • Hope Park Post author

    I cried.

  • Hope Park Post author

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    Omg I have that pillow that was on the couch!!!

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    I was petting my dog one time on the couch and he feel asleep on my shoulder❀❀

  • Gabriella Nieva Post author

    Every time I see people with dogs and when there happy and playing with the puppies it makes me really sad because ever since I was little I have wish for a dog but my mom and dad would say no and when it’s was my birthday I would alway wish to have a puppy before blowing the candles but I’m 11 years old and my wish have not come true and I don’t remember but I have a little teddy dog that I had since I was 1 year old and it’s makes me really happy to have a dog even if it’s not real. Not having a dog makes me want to cry I would feed him bath him and even go on walks with him. I really want a dog even I dream that my mom got me a dog and I was so happy. For the people who have dog please take care of them. And please love them.😭❀️

  • Saurav Suman Post author

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    First line: dogs don't care about us

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    Ps I love you and miss you baby girl

    I like my comment because no one else will

  • I’m super Awesome Post author

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  • Sophie Francis Post author

    Ian Pavlov's theory is called Classical Conditioning and it even relates to humans. I've learnt this through studying child development.

  • Sophie Francis Post author

    What about that story of a dog who went to his owners grave everyday? BTW I've just realised through a typo that dog is god spelt backwards.

  • Meercatzz Post author

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    not that it matters xD

  • Meena Khanna Post author

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  • McKenzie Miller Post author

    If my mom rang a bell for me every time she prepared a meal and I started to salivate and get hungry, but the one time she does it and doesn't give me food doesn't mean I don't love her.

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    Why am I crying REEEEE

  • Xx_ JJanneplayz _xX Post author

    I asked my dog if he loved me and then he came up to me and licked me, I gave him a cuddle and when I stopped he kept licking me ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️😒

  • Sophia Lieskovan Post author

    I love dogs and I am getting one soon. I have been with enough dogs to know that they love us.

  • Jennie Kim Post author

    708 cat persons lol

  • Arnold Agrees Post author

    Cats are cruel !!

  • furdedezee Post author

    β€œYour dog doesn’t love you!”

  • Kris10 Post author

    So dogs can pick up on our emotions based on subtle things like changes in our scent, and of course they’re gonna figure things out like β€œoh if I lick your nose you get super happy and give me a belly rub” – but I could argue that’s naturally how even humans learn positive relationships. I tell a joke & you laugh, my β€œreward” in the relationship is that you’re happy & positive connection is strengthened. Animals can definitely make connections, even if their version of β€œlove” is different than ours, their bonds can be just as strong. Not to mention the longer you spend with any animal, it’s only natural that that bond would only grow stronger.

  • Lana Lorenzen Post author

    Two f*cking ads before it plays! Give me a break!

  • Fellow Comment Scroller. Post author

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    murphy 1:14 – β€œi’ve been caught”

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  • ben butler-henderson Post author

    Our dog died cause it missed our dad


    Dog owners are disgusting people

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    Tell me how a dog suffers a lot when it loses a special owner just sad 😒

  • 3RACHA's squirrel Post author

    colde already told me that ny dog loves me

  • Coral Dimayuga Post author

    Ofcourse they love us.. they are actually too pure for this earth ..

  • Roman gaming_official Post author

    My dog always protects me… but now he has a new owner… there is a reason for that;(

  • RL - 07GD - Camilla Road Sr PS (1353) Post author

    Title: Proof that your dog loves you

    Video: What if I told you that your dog doesn’t like you

    Me: ……………… WhAt?????!πŸ˜…

  • Sauce Post author

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  • Miranda Zhang Post author

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  • Orange Giraffe Post author

    Dog news: what if I told you your human dosent love you?

  • Aprajeeta Kushal Post author

    This research was sick because some bastards at science and medical industries wanted to keep dogs away from humans .. to make their exploitation in army in experiments look OK ..

  • Popeye Thesailorman Post author

    omg….They're doing lab tests

  • Vedant Naik Post author

    I remember one time I was feeling lonely/depressed (I had just been dumped and my ex had moved out) and I was just sitting on the bed in something of a daze and my dog came and just jumped on the bed and lay down next to me. It was the smallest thing but I was just sobbing my eyes out because she was just there.

    No one could ever convince me she doesn't love me.

  • angela c Cook Post author

    I'm not crying. You're crying

  • Chey but WHY? Post author

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    𝕄π•ͺ π•™π•¦π•€π•œπ•ͺ 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖𝕀 𝕖𝕧𝕣𝕖π•ͺπ• π•Ÿπ•– π• π•Ÿπ•”π•– 𝕙𝕖 𝕀𝕖𝕖𝕀 π•₯π•™π•–π•ž
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    This was a really good video! I actually made a similar one on my channel, featuring my Labradoodle Winston!

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