Puppy Dog Pals | Special Delivery Episode 5 – Kyle Farrell

Puppy Dog Pals | Special Delivery Episode 5 – Kyle Farrell

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Thanks you very much! That’s a sound that always makes me happy mom’s gonna be so happy when she sees in her mailbox mom’s name Bob on the floor If you did that Right there This is a fire station, hey you wanna ride with us you look faced with the flag in front of the wall we do Rug time hurry up call the jail everybody in town We were going to a fire we were going to lunch. Okay? We’re still looking for a place with a flat. Do you see what oh Man, why are they practically everywhere we go, chill. Maybe you should hold it for you. No, that’s for Bob’s mom Because I don’t think this is Bob’s mom’s house So we better get out of here before these kids Now it’s going side this place for fire bombs mom and when we do I don’t think she lives here I think this is the place where they figure out wind Bluffs It’s not the flag on the envelope that says where it goes. Maybe it’s the wedding I couldn’t have to tell me drop it when you yelled lowly. Wait, Rolly. Yes Just gone Oh Now we just need to wait for the truck to stop so we can But our mission is to get this car into her mailbox and make sure extra super happy But you knew what we were delivering the mail HiSeq mostly is which just wouldn’t stop running I Don’t know how that happened sure you want to talk to them. Hi mom Aren’t they funny they just go ruff. Happy Mother’s Day mom

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small dogs have always big hearts of ❤️".
- small dogs at Kenel Pole.

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“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras 🥰 #dogs #dogslovers #dogsfriends #DogsareIncredible #dogsarelove #love #family

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