puppy training for good manners

puppy training for good manners

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Good Puppy Manners – Hi, I’m Jim Burwell. I wanted to share an
easy way for you to train your puppy for good
manners around the family and especially the kids. All you really need is a food-motivated and hungry puppy and
his food in a Ziploc bag or treat pouch. Sitting and laying down
or even going to his place reinforces a basic concept. If you do something for me first, I’ll do something for you, and that’s feeding your dog. Now the kids can have their
own Ziploc bag as well, and they can reinforce
commands that you ask your dog to do. Evening time is an excitable
time for your puppy because everybody’s home
from school and work and all he wants to do is run around and play with everybody
and oftentimes that means getting into trouble. So what a better time to
teach your puppy good manners that you prefer and also involve the kids in rewarding those acceptable,
good manners in the home. And he’s also earning his meal by doing much, much more than just a simple sit. If you don’t have time to
finish his food in training and good manners, all you have to do is put the remaining
food in his food bowl, make him do a quick sit and
give him the rest of his food. You can reinforce the same
concept outside the home, that is, get me something first, and you get something from me. In this case, with Kiefer, it’s sit, and then you get to go to day camp. He loves day camp, so
he’s more than willing to do his part. So there you have it, folks. Getting good manners in your
puppy is really that easy. All you have to do is remember to do it on a regular, daily basis. The more you involve the kids, and all they have to
do is sit on the couch and treat the dog, and
occasionally give him a command under parental supervision,
that’s even better. So you guys take care, try it out. I’m Jim Burwell. Kiefer and I can still be
found at petiquettedog.com.

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