Queer Eye 🐶Puppy Makeover | Netflix

Queer Eye 🐶Puppy Makeover | Netflix

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Oh my gosh– You guys, we’re in New York City. We’re in New York City! Oh my God! New York City! This is like the first “Queer Eye!” Oh my God!
Aw, we’re back to where we started! Hey guys, in light of it being
National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, we’re making better a dog! Yay! Okay, her name is Lacey. Lacey– Love it. Oh, we love a blonde. She weighs thirty pounds and she’s three years old. Aw! She sounds so adorable! Tell us more about this dog. Tell us more about Lacey. So, she was rescued from a municipal
shelter in Tennessee where she was facing the possibility of euthanasia. Aww.
No! Don’t kill the doggies! She was nominated by the North Shore
Animal League America because she is an adorable little pupper with
an infectious amount of sweetness. Aww!
That’s so adorable. Alright guys, so our goal this week is to get Lacey ready to be adopted! Oh gosh. I can’t believe we’re doing our first dog today! Yea!
Me either, henny! But, first–
Pero, first– We have got to meet her nominator, Rosie! Yes! Rosie, tell us – why did you nominate Lacey? She sounds gorgeous just the way she is. She’s an angel. She is perfect. But, I think you can make her,
you know, perfect to the max. Wow, ok. She’s a muttigree. She’s a muttigree? She’s a Corgi and a Beagle and we think maybe some Bassett
‘cause her little feet turn out like this. Aww!
Stop! And she– as soon as she meets you she’ll – most of the time, just plops down
and waits for you to hug her. Guys, not only is this the first “dog hero” but it’s also the first time where we’re
actually going to adopt our hero! So, when do we get to meet Lacey? Soon! I would say now. Oh my god, yes!
Lacey! Stop! Stop! Stop! Come here!
Oh my god, Lace. Hi!
Hi, baby girl! Ready? Here’s the plop. There it is. Aww! She has very kind eyes and
the good thing about this is if– whoever rescues her, you’re actually saving two lives because you’re taking her out
of a cage in our facility, so we can rescue another animal. So, if you adopt one, you save two lives. It’s two for one? Yeah, if you adopt two kittens, you save four lives. Aww! I saved four lives this summer! Lacey, are you ready for some help from the
Fab 5 to get you ready for your new home? Ruff! Oh! Yea!
Did she bark? That was a yes.
No, she licked his little nose. Oh, that means yes! Give Bobbers a kiss if you’re ready.
She likes you, Bobby. Give Bobbers a kiss if you’re ready. She loves them. Yea! Yay! Alright, get to work! Come on, angel. I’m gonna miss her. Alright, bye guys! See ya later!
See ya! Have fun baking dog treats!
I’m never coming back. I love dogs. I love small dogs.
I love big dogs. They give me so much joy. They’re the best things
on the face of this earth. I like skinny dogs. I like not-so-skinny dogs. Obsessed with a dog.
I love a puppy. I also love cats. But I love a dog. Old dogs. Young dogs. All dogs. We’re gonna make little snickey-snacks. Oh yeah? What are we making? So we’re actually going to make
delicious little puppy cookies. So, not only for humans – you know how I like to encourage people to try
to make things from scratch whenever they can, but it’s also very good for dogs. Yeah. It’s good for their immune system, and
their weight, and all kinds of things. So, we’re going to make some
nice peanut butter cookies. So, first we have some wheat germ because you already have a beautiful and lush
and full coat and your skin seems gorgeous– Gorgeous– –and we want to make sure that continues. So we put a little bit of that in. Wait – can she eat peanut butter? Okay, so that’s actually a very good question. Peanut butter is actually totally safe for dogs,
as long as you buy the stuff without Xylitol. ‘Cause Xylitol is a sweetener –
it’s very dangerous and poisonous to dogs. Oh my gosh, yeah! You want more!
You liked it! Here, here, here. Here, Tanny, you can feed her a little more.
OK. OK. OK. Here we go baby girl.
And I meant the dog, not me. Yeah. You’re just a pretty little girl. And we’re going to put some crushed peanuts cause
you’re a pupper but you also appreciate texture. She likes texture! She really appreciates texture. She likes texture! And then bananas for potassium ‘cause I assume that dogs can benefit
from potassium just like humans. So I hope you’re paying attention,
Lacey, ‘cause this is how you do it. He’s gonna make you make it later! Lacey, can you please pick out which
mold you would like the cookie in? So, we’re gon– I’m going to put these three or
four here, and you choose. Oh, was it the red? Oh, I think she just touched the white one– Oh, it was the white. She literally just took the white.
It was the white. Yeah, that was very clear. OK, great. Good choice. Good choice. It was very clear. It’s neutral, it goes with everything.
That’s a very good choice. So, now you press down on this,
Lacey, like this. There you go. Does he think you’re going to make
these afterwards? I’m confused. Uh huh. Of course she’s going to make
them afterwards. She’s a dog, Tanny. She can do anything we can do! She can do everything that we can do! OK, so now we’re going to put
these in the oven at 375 – Don’t have to put a towel on these because
they’re not hot, but the other ones will be. For how long? Um, I would say somewhere
between 15 and 20 minutes. You can’t handle 15 to
20 minutes, that’s insane. You’ll want them chewy in the center
but crunchy on the outside. Look, she wants to eat it from my hand. Okay, what’s our main takeaway, Antoni? Puppers love treats. Puppers deserve love. And you should make treats from
scratch whenever you can because if humans deserve to engage in self care like that, then dogs sure as hell do as well. Yeah! Yeah. You wanna go walk? Come on. I think she does! She smiled again. Let’s go for a walk. So today for me with Lacey – I just feel like she
needs to level up her, um, product game. You know, she just needs some products. So, Johnny, what would you recommend
for a little pupper and her self care? Well, honey, I just gotta say, Lacey, if you look at
yourself in the mirror, you are serving me glamour. You are serving me a calm, regal sophistication that we’ve got to send you
into your new home with, honey. And what every organized lady needs
is a multitude of brushes, honey. I can tell you’ve already been detangling
with this one, which I think is great. So we’re just gonna get in here.
We’re gonna give you a gorgeous little brush. How many times a day does
one recommend to brush? Well, according to Marsha Brady – I think she
said 1000 – but I think that’s a wives’ tale. OK, Jan. Look at this gorgeous box of self
care goodies that we have. Oh my gosh, it’s like, better than The Price is Right,
All Around the World, Showcase Showdown. This, honey Lacey, is a gorgeous
coconut oil based paw cream. So no more dry, cracked paws for this little girl. We’re gonna take our nail
and scrape a liberal amount off. And we’re gonna ask our human
to apply it to our paws and rub it in. It’s a little puppy manicure, henny. She’s gorgeous. Makes your feetsies so soft. I love a medium chain fatty acid
to moisturize my paws. Does it taste good, too, Lacey? Hm? Well, with a gorgeous self care routine like this,
who could ever possibly turn down a stunning girl like you? Honey. She’s looking absolutely
gorgeous. Stunning and ready to slay. Aw, she is ready for her forever home. Let me tell you something. Lacey has been through a lot but she is resilient
and she is ready to find a new home and just give unconditional love and support. So, I really want to talk to you. Because I understand you were
abandoned in New York City! New York City is tough! There’s a lot of stress
and anxiety that’s going on. You probably have a lot of fear of
what’s going to happen in the new home. But you don’t have to have that fear, okay? Because I want you to remind yourself and
your new owners of some things, okay? I want you to tell them that you provide
unconditional love and support especially to people who have
loneliness, anxiety, stress. I want you to tell them that
you’re a great cuddle buddy. You’re a great exercise buddy
because you are active, right? Yes you are. You’re relaxed right now
but you’re really active. And don’t forget – you teach kids
responsibility. You’re a great teacher. And on top of that, there’s nobody
else I’d want to watch my back, especially in the mean streets
of New York. Right? I love you and they’re gonna love you, too. And if you ever feel that stress and anxiety
of “Maybe they’re not gonna love me,” I want you to say this to yourself:
“I’m a good girl and I deserve love.” “I’m a good girl and I deserve love.” Yes you are! Yes you are! Come on, baby. Today, I showed Lacey that
having a nice little place to relax, to get away from
her owners sometimes, is great. Everyone needs a little
bed, a little nap spot, a little place just to go away
and have their alone time. Very, very important when you have
a new little family member like Lacey to make her feel at home.
And to get her toys and a little bed. ‘Cause everyone should feel like they’re at home, right?
Yes – you instantly feel at home. You want to make sure that
she feels like it’s her place, too. Why is it important to have
all the dog toys in baskets? Because that way she understands that’s where
they go and they’re her space. Just like a kid. So you’re saying dogs can practice self care too? I think so. I think so. I always like to make sure I have
the same place to keep the leash so that way when she’s gotta go out,
and she’s gotta go out in a hurry, you don’t have to look for the leash. And how do you keep a dog pillow clean like that? With dog pillows, I always like to make
sure I get ones with removable covers. So that way you can take it off and wash it. At the end of the day, we get to go out into the
whole world but she just has her little spot here. So you should make her as
comfortable as possible, right? I also like to make sure I put
a bed in, like, my bedroom, and the living room so that way she
always knows she has her place. Bobby, I think there’s only one way to figure
out if the bed is comfortable enough. I think you should test it out. Woo! Aww. So cute! I think she’s like,
“Get outta my bed, man.” No, I think she likes it! Yeah. Aww. What I love about Lacey
is that she’s so calm. She’s the most
lovable dog. She smells really good.
She hasn’t got bad breath. She looks gorgeous.
I can’t find a bad point to Lacey. Antoni Porowski– Oh, hey, Tanny! I didn’t notice you there!
Thank you so much for joining– Well, I brought you here for two reasons. I know you’re incredibly fashionable and stylish,
so I need your help, please. My angel. And then, secondly – more honestly – I need your
help holding her down as we put clothes on her. However, not actual clothes. We do
not appreciate clothes on dogs. No, we don’t. That’s not okay. I know you’re a girl but that does
not mean you need to wear pink. Let’s not do pink. We’re not here for boxes, Tan. Exactly. We’re not imposing that on her. I want to go for black. Can
we make her a rock chick? Okay. I know that I could go for
a scarf, but basic, right? Bark. Basic. I know. Basic? Wearing a scarf around
your neck is basic? For a dog, like it’s so expected like– Oh my god, are you
going to get up and choose? Okay, she sniffed that – great, ‘cause
that’s what I wanted to put you in.
Great. Oh, oh hello! Are you a fashionista? We don’t stand on tables. Are you gonna start your
own puppy empire? Oh my gosh. Is there anything
you’re gravitating towards? I’m seeing a lot of rope. You like
texture this season? That’s cute! When she was whispering sweet nothings earlier,
she was talking about how much loves CBGB and early New York punk in the 80’s
so I feel like this is a right fit. I could tell that she was into that kinda stuff. Okay, you’re gonna feel great now. And you’re a New York
dog right now. They love black. Okay. Here we go. This is good for Paris, too. Oh my gosh. It travels so well, this look. You are such a city girl! You are such a cute city girl! Okay. Are you ready to model walk for us? Are you ready to model? Okay. Do you want to model walk with her? I’d love to. And now! Antoni Porowski
and his bitch: Lacey! Work! Work! Work! Work! Work! Oh, look at that little girl. Oh! Do you feel cute? Did we do well? Did we do well? Are you ready to take on
the world in your new home? She is. She loves what you picked out.
We’re going to find you a home, baby girl. Oh, you guys what a way to celebrate
National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! I know!
You know what, guys, it really just goes to show that if you’re gonna
adopt a pet, you should adopt a shelter pet. Yeah!
Seriously – everybody deserves a good home, especially
this beautiful baby right here. Lacey! Do you see a change? Oh my gosh! She looks– You are so comfortable! I know! You are so comfortable! They just helped you secure
your forever home, right! Yeah! Aw! What I’m most excited about with this
is that not only are you going to get a home, but everybody’s going to be so
inspired to get all your friends, as well! Yeah.
Absolutely. So, we wanted to make things even easier and make sure that this little,
special angel is a freebie pupperoni. So, we actually chipped in and the Fab 5 are
going to donate all the costs involved for adoption and getting her ready to have a new home. So all she literally needs is love. Awww! I know you’re going to find it. They helped you. You know what I think is really
important for people to know? Is that it’s not the person that rescues the
pet, it’s the pet that rescues the person. Yeah, Lacey! Well, we’re about to say our goodbyes now. I think you got a lot of lessons from us and we love you so much. And we got lessons from you, too. Here you go, queen. Thank you. We love you two queens!
She will never forget you. You ready to go? Yeah! You ready to go? She doesn’t want to leave us.
Okay, let’s go! Bye baby! Hey, listen, Lacey’s new adoptive family:
you got a gift there, alright? Cherish it. Love it. Support it. She is such a good dog.
She’s gonna make you such a great companion. Please show dear, sweet angel
Lacey the love she deserves. The second I saw her, we fell in love. And this is my baby now. Thank you so much! We’re so happy with her.

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