Rescue Story: Dog Shot and Left in Trash Bag Tied to a Fence (January 2013)

Rescue Story: Dog Shot and Left in Trash Bag Tied to a Fence (January 2013)

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okay well actually my neighbor uh… was
going to the story he was driving by and the dog was sealed inside this bag in
this bag is tied to the sea coast on the ground when he was driving by and i guess he
saw some movement in the bag and he was like what the heck so he stopped in
holdover you realize there was a dog in this bag and fairly here if the bag open and uh… um… there was back to and
um… he got out and he limped out just about to
yards and then he just collapse like right over here the dog and the dog was like bob bloody and um… very lethargic blood side i
can very depressed and on the neighbor didn’t know what to do on the called animal control but they
can get a hold of animal control and so they know that i’m a big animal lover independent rescue erin so they found me
in a told me there just down the dog that was stephanie garbage bag you know could i
come out here so i came out here again i says this is
situation in sab baat and um… i love animals and sadly it was saturday
at twelve noon all the vet clinics are closing and i knew this was going to be
an emergency visit call but uh… we loaded back up in the back of my cv n
off he went to counter emergency clinic and um… he’s been there since
yesterday uh… we thought originally that he was
a big dog uh… based on his injuries there was blood all over safe in his
neck in his legs and sell it first appearance that looked like he was maybe
is a debate dog at a later turned out that he had just
inside my face with um… aside on that had with colbern shot
inside of it and so he has all these bullet all over his face all over his mac all over his shoulders in his mouth in
his guns and sadly in unfortunately in the sides
even and so are back has been getting
supportive care since yesterday they’ve been able to stabilize and he was
extremely anemic and very dehydrated uh… very lethargic uh… wouldn’t move
ya kelso’s limping um… that they’ve been able to
stabilize and he’s parked up today on his lifted his head he’s moving around a
little bit so he’s ready to come back home tonight but he still needs to go to
the back and get x_-rays to have his back legs and hips assessed as to why
he’s not uh… moving accurately and he also needs to get to a specialist
in ophthalmology s can on tech is hours in csr maybe they
can save his eyesight they don’t know what now whether he’s able to see your
not on whether it’s permanent damage for temporary and so and fundraising right now combat levels on face book page called
back needs impacts for his backside injuries and i’m fundraising for his medical
expenses because they’re gonna be several thousand dollars i’ve raised enough right now to cover
his expenses of the emergency clinic but i do need to raise a couple thousand
dollars for the ophthalmologist in his extra isn’t so if he does face that pays unlike etc on you can make a donation therein on
but then i would greatly appreciate that fifty-fifth one victory saying stuff dist available like that today just let looked at it well unfortunately have been doing in
the senate rescue most of my adult life and uh… now with social networking icy
a lot of this stuff on face book and i’m a lot of horrible stories so it doesn’t surprise me um… when i
moved to the country a few months ago i see a lot of apathy out here and not
on a lot of people just don’t care about
their animals they don’t stay here and they let him run free and none of these animals just stay on
uh… you know you dot com in a so that people
that don’t like dogs people that have guns in stuff like this happens i don’t
understand that i don’t understand that at all because dogs love unconditionally you’ll never find anybody or anything
that was it like a dog why would you why would you i would you endure something like that and understand okay doctor first what you mean uh… not money was doctor ron hendrik okay look implicitly sheltered early and is this is the
conroe animal emergency clinic right forget about this one well this is uh… was to say the art
and essentially say they are clinic that’s been here a long time with uh… agree reputations for as i’m concerned
we’re here pre-election on every weekend from friday evening till monday morning and
then during the week from monday evening through friday it’s after our solar when people have
emerged senior doctors available what uh… mean brought me examples of custom use right
back unfortunate we see it more often than
we’d like to see that it is not as often as it ideas could be a bit pablo once a month maybe something like
that you know we we see in jails everyday
we’re here cumulative voting dove books in order to
defraud last night and buck came in uh… with the pretty bad
prognosis initially use hypothermic and uh… comatose situation in likely
regarding times that we could use his future often his letter mice
balanced out his blood pressure a lot of stuff uh… and he’s made a remarkable uh…
recovery his prognosis is very good actually what uh… become injuries well he he was actually shot in the face
with buckshot you know and then uh… left a dying to
see i’m not sure uh… what time it happened in the line
apparently very cold night that and left just abandoned them uh… word plastic bag and left left alive with the local people to vote on the image basically have been which facial
injuries were both eyes are damaged uh… we don’t know if the pressure is
brain but uh… enough that it it severely affected his mentality
apparently so he is he’s got a lot of facial buckshot he
cares a lot of weight right there one of those lines whether they were injured in permanently
hasher and whether he can ultimately see i’m sure you can see someone when they
heal but that only time will tell us how extensive the injuries thirty trade union loizeaux but i wasn’t kosher butcher in them north wiltshire community spots there hundreds what not lately that in their
ticket out of what we normally do on that uh… disney typically a few if you can
get them out nine out of the i i’m not convinced it will take another step to
specialists to too uh… to say if they should be removed
enough but chances are the only then i would think and then uh… mother nature’s
springtime if we can just get them he’ll then we worry about seeing the recall of
coleman issues like that but just those can be okay of is is fairly young i would say probably
three bubbly looks but it’s as though uh… remembers weight uh… you have lived with his charges he’s a
he’s he’s a good size dog sixty cc seventy pounds anyway sweet
disposition to wonderful don nixon i agree do yet all that

100 thoughts on “Rescue Story: Dog Shot and Left in Trash Bag Tied to a Fence (January 2013)

  • 0 5 Post author

    What kind of evil would do this??

  • Jackie Dennis Post author

    Cruel and unnecessary. Very distressing. Thank you for helping him

  • Diane Vessels Post author

    Why would someone do this to him. Thank goodness you found him and got him medical treatment.

  • Jessica H. Post author

    God Bless this lady and all who are working so hard to nurse him back to health. I am so upset by this horrific act of cruelty. These demons that do such acts should face severe consequences for their actions!! My love goes out to Buck. …as well as a fast recovery. Love you Buck!! I hope you get a home with someone who has a big loving heart.

  • Stacey Walker Post author

    Ive Seen or heard so many stories of animals being found in bags, on sides of roads, in creeks, lakes, ponds, behind abandoned houses, buildings, on freeways, in garbage cans, dumpsters, just EVERYWHERE!! So now if Im driving or walking and I see a bag, I STOP and OPEN it. I could careless what anyone thinks!! And I am pretty shy, thats just how much I LOVE animals, especially dogs.Even in the face of death what do they do? Wag their tails and are so sweet,kind and FORGIVING! My heart breaks to see buck like this. For a dog to look so beat down timid and sad, I could only imagine all that buck went through. The saddest and worst part about this, is its happening all over everywhere daily. ALL of US ANIMAL LOVERS PLEASE lets keep OUR EYES and EARS OPEN for ABUSED DOGS and animals EVERYWHERE!!! IM soooo fricken mad at scumbags that get away with this kind of abuse an killings. I mean I see all these videos an hear stories and alot of these people own these pets. Just cuz someone has a pet doesnt mean their a nice person an or treat their pet well. Hang them ALL!!!

  • Alexis Torres Cruz123 Post author

    I have a question. Tell me who did this, I can make him/her suffer…They will be sorry for being a mother fuckin Bitch

  • Destiny Carrington Post author

    some people are so cruel towards any animals maybe they don't like them but that's no reason to be cruelย  and put them in a bag and tied them up that's my opinion anyway.

  • Scott Perry Post author

    who in the name of fuck would shoot a poor dog in the face with bird shot,should catch the prick that did it and shoot him in the arse at point blank with the same ammo

  • JEEPS_ B21 Post author

    That's so sad heart breaking

  • Donna pothier Post author

    I remember this…What a great dog . He became a Spokesdog for abused Animals. Thank You SO much for taking care of him, and saving his life.

  • Marsha Becraft Post author

    I feel bad

  • Petit White Post author

    Disgusting people who ever did this cruelty to the dog

  • JinxedNova Draws Post author

    Who in there right mind does this to a sweet loving dog! Any one who even thinks about doing this to anything! Should rot in hell.

  • Charles Pomeroy Post author

    I hope that the person that shot that dog dies a hard death cuz that's messed up no dog deserves that

  • Riichi Himura Post author

    I know buck… he's famous now

  • Ginger Derrick Post author

    OMG This makes my heart hurt! I hope GOD punish the person that did this! Thank You to the people that saved him!

  • Theo from Wii Sports Post author

    Some day, dogs just might become extinct. Ppl take SUCH POOR CARE OF HARMLESS, LOVING ANIMALS IT MAKES ME CRY. โ˜น๏ธ

  • Ssj Ultimate Naglot Post author

    You inspire me to help animals in needs so i want to be like you

  • Ssj Ultimate Naglot Post author

    I also love the name buck (buck the superman dog) ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kim Bradbury Post author

    Good luck with helping poor Buck, he's extremely lucky you came along and I truly hope his eyesight is saved and you manage to find and remove all the buckshot(birdshot) pellets.

    Luckily, I can understand American English, but obviously some can't. I am not sure who put the subtitles in this video, but the writer has translated the subtitles so inaccurately that they read as though this is a report on a fake, rigged election result or something weird like that. The words appear to have nothing to do with the poor dog. I thought I should mention this, the subtitles make a mockery of the seriousness and tragedy of the video.

  • Kristen Zayn Post author

    For Buck's shooter, I don't know you but I will find you and I will kill you. If I don't succeed, I hope you die and go to hell.

  • Alan Kelly-Hamm Post author

    ISIS members and animal abusers ought to be shipped to a deserted island and left to fight it out til they are no more.

  • Michelle C Post author

    Poor baby the shooters should pay for the cruelty they inflicted on this poor sweet baby.

  • Chembur Chemz Post author

    Maybe we should tie whoever did this to a electrical fence, put them in a burning trash bag, and put them in tempartures of over 200 degrees. Ok 200 degrees isn't a lot, 2000 degrees. Not harsh enough?

  • anna Last Post author


  • Zara Hodges Post author

    As you guys are such dog lovers, I'm sure you already know this but I just want to share this: Dogs are the only thing that loves you more than it loves itself. THE ONLY THING ON EARTH!!!!!

  • Zara Hodges Post author

    Therefore it doesn't deserve abuse!

  • David Smith Post author

    I like how Buck reacted when the lady massaged his front paws. I did the same to a dog and the puppy started licking me. Now the puppy always expects paw massages.

  • Rebekah Samuels Post author

    Did anyone else have problems hearing the audio on this video?

  • julie pillay Post author

    which cunts did this must die a painful death …would they leave their children to die like this

  • TheRosepetal33 Post author

    She's an angel…๐Ÿ’Œ

  • Regina Chamberlain Post author

    Bless your kind heart lady. Thank you for helping the helpless. ๐Ÿ˜˜

  • Regina Chamberlain Post author

    They don't do anything to the people who hurt animals. They need to be held accountable. Tough penalties

  • Anthropomorphic facsimile Post author

    hope they caught that evil son of a bitch

  • Gabriele Ruth Post author

    What sort of person would do this

  • Jingle bells Post author

    Why are dogs being abused like this??!??!!!!?? Dogs are animals we are animals too! If there gonna get shot the that guy/girl should too! I'm not cursing her/him but I just can't take it who who would do this?!??!?!? Please stop were all animals every single on of us are animals so idk these people are terrible/sick all things that describes a "criminal"

  • ุฒู‡ุฑุฉ ุงู„ุบูุฑุงู† Post author

    so sad… why doing this ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข

  • MASOON TV Post author

    Why in the hell wud any ignorant useless waste of space do such a god awful thing????)???)!???!!!

  • MASOON TV Post author

    You know.. people and not animals are destroying our world

  • MASOON TV Post author

    How sad does he look?

  • Habeebah Post author

    Aww poor dog๐Ÿ˜ฃ.Who cud hav dun something like dis to dis beautiful baby.Whoevr dun dis to this cutie may they rot! ๐ŸคNo animal shud be treated in this way they shud be treated the same as how humans r treated becuz they r no different.Help save livesโœŠโœŠโœ‹โœ‹โœ‹๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • Donovan Teal Post author

    there are sick sick scum out there that think cruelty to animals is fine. thank god he was saved x

  • SlideRulePirate Post author

    A peculiar combination of cruelty, laziness, callousness and incompetence. As an atheist I am kinda disappointed there's no special hell for whoever is responsible for this. But that said, despite not being a fan of violence, if I were to be allowed five minutes alone with them I'd be more than happy to make them one. I doubt if I'm on my own in this.

  • Miki Miyazaki Post author

    a friend of mine threw my cat so i punched him.. hard left hook to the liver, he went down in the fetal position for minutes lol, i actually would beat a complete stranger within an inch of his life if i could get at him.

  • Drew Vrecar Post author

    god bless you and damn the culprits of this truly sick behavior

  • Stacey Walker Post author

    If you love dogs an want to help a few who are saving dogs, an some animals…….Marc Ching and Animal Aid Unlimited are 2really great rescues, there are soooo many to choose from. Another thing……if anyone can foster a pet, where you only take care of the pet, till they are adopted…..they ALWAYS need people…..everywhere. Thanks/peace

  • Trish St.Clair Post author

    Such a shame the trash who did that got away with it

  • Good for me I love dogs Post author

    let's do that to the ASS that did it to the dog.

  • orlandotj1 Post author

    most likely a republican did that to him

  • Fruity Bunny Post author

    who would do this to a dog seriously!!!

  • My Experience Post author

    for a innocent 3 yr much suffering ๐Ÿ˜ข

  • Joe surfer Post author

    The wench in this video = "people that don't like dogs orย people that have gun's and stuff like this happens".

  • Jasmin Tries Post author

    why the fuck do people do these thing

  • Bedogg Post author

    I couldn't hear anything

  • Gingersplash Animations Post author

    The monster who did this should die slowly and suffer horribly the entire time, only to experience extreme pain afterwards, and then thrown into a fire miles away from humanity, so that noone can hear their screams as they suffer.

  • Robert Torres Post author

    Who ever did this karma mother fucker

  • Lisa Dianne Miller Banta Jackson fka Earles Post author

    (904)425-0005 Zoonotic Diseases?

  • Paco Gaucho Post author

    I hope that the person who did this rots in hell

  • Laura Pierce Post author

    Thank God you saved his life

  • supernovafan Galexy Post author

    horrid how people would do this people are crude and desserver hell

  • Anna Coban Post author

    Poor Dogy he was treated so badly

  • Julia S. Post author

    He looks so sad ๐Ÿ™ I wanna give him a big Hug!โค๏ธ

  • roadsonboard Post author

    People who do this stuff to defenceless animals should be shot to death.

  • me e Post author

    Whoever did this to him I hope you burn in hell .I'd love to choke you out with my two hands you vermin.

  • christie m Post author

    U should put a link to his Facebook page..Thank you for rescuing him! You are a hero!

  • Prateek Tripathi Post author

    Is that dog already owned? Because I want that!

  • Holly Biegel Post author

    God bless

  • no name Post author

    what a evil peace of scum this is a sad story how can anyone do this evil scum hope u rot in hell u nasty person korma will catch up with you

  • Montana Harley Post author

    How's he doin now?

  • John Jones Post author

    ok this is seriously fucked up

  • Sarah Larner Post author

    Thanks for looking after him

  • Simon Mather Post author

    This is when we should get away with kidnapping and torturing the people who shot him

  • Sarah Burke Post author

    what fucking moran shoots a dog

  • Michelle Saavedra Post author

    I swear, I would have no hesitation of shooting down an animal or child abuser. No questions asked.

  • NANI ? Post author

    who would do such a thing!!

  • Stacey Walker Post author

    This poor pup looks just devastated….like he doesn't want to even live. He wants to trust her, but doesn't know if he should… is she going to hurt him. I think alot of owners (dont call them pet owners)get mad at the animal, for doing a bad deed, like chewing on their stupid shoe or eating a chair, they might think the animal is doing things on PURPOSE, trying to make them mad or disobey!! I have heard people say the weirdest stuff in my life….some have alot of the same excuses for babies an kids too. Thank this beautiful lady for taking care of him an the person who stopped an did SOMETHING!!

  • Stacey Walker Post author

    Poor pup, she is either sooo sad or maybe shes on meds, im hoping. I don't get why people rush dogs like this, can they not take just a little extra bit of time with them….considering most aren't like this!!??? I get they have things to do, an want to get on with stuff they need to do…..just an extra 5min or so.

  • Janelle Sutton Post author

    I hate when people are just waiting when they can go and do something

  • TheWildbill242 Post author

    I don't understand why some people can mistreat animals.

  • Chris T Post author

    find who did that and give him the same

  • Sarah Barelaja, Post author

    my gosh… god bless you

  • Sarah Barelaja, Post author

    my gosh, again this is to much to watch. hope when its all done. he gets the best home. I pray!!!

  • George Fox Post author

    Awesome Lady!

  • FOXBODY 351W Post author

    Your going to Heaven lady

  • Al, Orange Park, FL Post author

    people with hate in their hearts will do this to a innocent animal cats, dogs heck anything that they "have power over" their lives suck to put it mildly and react evil towards anything the can destroy

  • Omar Raymundo Post author

    Yet were told that pit bulls are the dangerous killers !!! ๐Ÿค”

  • VictoriA M Post author

    What ever happened to Buck?

  • RaggsNation Post author

    SICK & DEPRAVED SOB's do this to helpless animals!
    Our laws need to be changed to FELONY'S, for animal abuse!
    If anyone knows how Buck is today, would you please post?
    I don't do FB or any of that social media stuff.
    Thank you for rescuing that beautiful boy! And for all you do to help those who are at merciless man's hands.

  • Maritza Post author

    Anyone who is capable of doing this heinous act are criminals! Throw them in a maximum security prison filled with huge angry animal loving inmates. Justice will be served.

  • Michelle Denby Post author

    i dont understand why. or how could someone do this to one of gods beautiful creations.get well soon im praying for major you buck

  • Patti Ellsworth Post author

    Thank-you for saving Buck so far. I had a dog that was shot in the back with buck shot, she of did well because when we got home we found right her right away. This angers me so much, I share your feelings, evil people do these things. I read a quote I forget the author but it said "The only way for evil to succeed is that good people do nothing." I will visit your Facebook page, I would love to adopt him as well. Hang tough Buck, they can't keep the fighters down. Blessings and prayers for a good life. Patti ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ…๐Ÿค—

  • Lee Aasen Post author

    I would shoot at the person who did this and put them in a garbage bag and tie is hands and feet together see how they like it

  • Rena Smith Post author

    Update please.

  • La Femme Post author

    what's wrong with people, what kind of scumbag would do this?

  • Eunice Jury Post author

    shoot this thing who did this. I will pull the trigger

  • Gulam Vira Post author

    Who the bastard did this to poor dog if you get him empty the double barrel shot gun into his assh and throw him at the garbage yard to get the test of his own reccipy

  • Prashanth Kumar Post author

    how is he now? any update?

  • rusty nuts Post author

    looks like a pitbull cross…who cares. next time the guy should use actual buckshot and it might kill the thing.

  • Kuuipo Jones Post author

    Thank you for saving Buck ๐Ÿ’•

  • LM Edwards Post author

    It make me sick to see an animal abused . Why would anyone want to hurt such a beautiful dog. Someone has lost all their natural humane feelings and must be mentally disturbed.

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