Resident Evil 3 Remake Switch? Nintendo Crushes Sony’s Dreams & Animal Crossing New Horizons!

Resident Evil 3 Remake Switch? Nintendo Crushes Sony’s Dreams & Animal Crossing New Horizons!

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What’s everybody OJ here welcome
back to another video today we’ve got some awesome information for you guys so
let’s go ahead and get right into it and we’re starting off with a little bit of
a weird thing that is happening with Resident Evil three remake now we know
that the game is coming the PlayStation 4 Xbox one and also the PC this April
but there’s some rumors with some data mining going on that it potentially be
coming to the Nintendo switch because of what those data miners have found so
this is people that are browsing the source files of the demo browsing and
looking around to see what is written within the text and the code and a
couple different references to the Nintendo switch have popped up so the
first thing that we’re gonna talk about here within the demo is some prompts and
in menu text with the notification about an autosave feature not alongside the
PlayStation 4 Xbox one and PC there is text for the Nintendo switch for some
reason as you guys can see right here now it doesn’t just stop right there
though there’s actually another thing that prompted people to say wait a
minute maybe this could be coming to the Nintendo switch as well because there is
a switch reference to the eShop so as you guys can see right here you see
PlayStation 4 Microsoft Store online store and to the Nintendo eShop
all the with question marks at the end there now there’s a lot of speculation
going around obviously there’s speculation of about a Nintendo Direct
which could be announced by the time that you guys are even watching this
video which of course I’ll be covering that if there is one but there’s also
speculation about maybe Capcom is going to wait for that maybe it’s coming later
in the year maybe it’s coming at an announcement III direct who knows what’s
going on here because the re engine currently that we know of at this point
is on the Nintendo switch there are no re engine games now there are empty
framework games so stuff like Resident Evil Revelations the Monster Hunter game
as well so they’ve got some of their stuff on there but they don’t have the
re engine as of yet and famously was years ago before the switch launch
Nintendo to Capcom and Capcom we’re the ones who
convinced Nintendo to put more RAM into the Nintendo switch so people have been
saying it well wait a minute here you ask them to put more RAM why isn’t there
a certain re engine games but I think that that was just from a general like
hey you need to put some more because this is what third-party developers are
thinking about or even to get games like for example like Revelations to getting
the places from for an Xbox one versions of those games to come over to the
switch pretty much looking identical and running better than what it would have
ran if it didn’t have that so I think that’s where that came from not that it
was necessarily going to be the re engine on the Nintendo switch or maybe
they’re thinking maybe we can get it done if there was just a bit more we
just haven’t been able to do it at this point but it is what it is they could
just be toying around with the idea of it or it could be a cloud version of the
game because we do have Resident Evil 7 in Japan at least that is the cloud
version of the game so it could be that – for the Japanese launch so we just
don’t know at this point but it is in there in terms of the files and I think
that if Resident Evil 3 came over that’d be cool but what about Resident Evil 2
remake what about that one maybe both of them would come over because we didn’t
see that with Resident Evil 2 remake in terms of people data mining there was
nothing there about the Nintendo switch but this one was definitely put in there
for a reason otherwise that wouldn’t have been in there just like in Resident
Evil 2 remake there was nothing in there so something’s going on there has to be
some fire to this smoke but we just don’t know how much fire there is at
this point but we’re gonna have to wait and see so what do you guys think about
this resident evil 3 data mining do you guys think Resident Evil three remake or
even Resident Evil 2 remake could come over to Nintendo’s switch in some way
shape or form let me know your thoughts in the comment section below alright and
moving on to the next topic here guys it looks like Sony is not only gonna be
pulling Mario related I pee as we’ve already talked about on this channel but
Sony’s also working to pull a wide range of Nintendo related IP from the game
dreams following that Mario content removal
so recently Sony confirmed to game industry that they are working to pull
various different Nintendo IP from dreams at Nintendo’s requests now
certain contents being removed or not given
would be expected stuff like you’re seeing right here with this picture of
lunk I’m pretty sure this is not linked this is lunk will probably be removed
from dreams let’s go in and get right into the quotations here so many
interactive entertainment is notifying the affected users that an IP
infringement notice has been received from Nintendo and that the content will
be removed we cannot comment on volume of concert to be removed this is done on
an individual case-by-case basis so this has went pretty much both ways so far
when it comes to what content creators think what the general consumers think
there’s always been this invisible war between I would say like the fan gamers
out there that want to be able to play fan Nintendo games and people who think
that no it’s IP you have to protect it and then people that are kind of like a
gray area some people that are really strong on one side or the other and I’ve
always held the opinion that it would be cool if Nintendo would allow some of
these things here and there but at the same time you also have to kind of
protect your IP so things don’t get too crazy in the future and people making
money off of what your likeness is because I don’t think anybody would want
that like if somebody was using your likeness of a business that you ran you
probably wouldn’t like that too so I kind of see it on both sides to be
honest and I think that there really is no right or wrong answer the only answer
would be what is the law what is the copyright law and the law says a certain
thing and that’s what Nintendo is doing they are enacting their law too much
that they copyright and protect their IP and I think that if it was the other way
around when it comes to Sony and there was a game that maybe Nintendo made from
a first-party development and create all these different Sony looking IPs
accurately or somewhat accurately I think Sony probably wouldn’t like that
either right so I think that would probably create an issue too – were they
that asked Nintendo like hey man can you like not have that because Sony does
protect their IP – with like Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank and stuff like
that so I think that it’s a delicate situation for sure but it’s one of those
things that’s like an age-old war the age-old Invisible War of fan gamers and
people creating stuff based off of Nintendo’s IP and Nintendo’s saying no
you can’t this has been going on for years and
years and years this has been going on for decades at this point we’ve had this
so much and it comes to the points where I’m just kind of like hey look this is
what they’re gonna do every single time you can’t make fan games and creations
and stuff like that you just can’t do it Nintendo is gonna be ruthless with this
type of stuff they’ve been like that before the whole actually to remake
thing the armor that was like ten years they didn’t care how long he was
developing it they just knew that they wanted it not up and people were like
well they’re not making that chewy – or remaking it and then it was funny
because the Nintendo announced the back story too Savas returns right for the
Nintendo 3ds so everyone’s like oh wait a minute
you know so I think that’s kind of where it comes down to guys and Nintendo’s not
gonna really budge on this matter so it is what it is at this point so what do
you guys think about Sony removing these Nintendo related IP on Nintendo’s
requests from dreams let me know your thoughts in the comment section below
alright and moving on to the final topic here we have something that just kind of
goes to show you the amount of dedication and time but Animal Crossing
developers have put into Animal Crossing new horizons on the Nintendo switch so
according to the developers of the game Animal Crossing New Horizons has been in
development shortly after new leaf released on the
Nintendo 3ds wait a minute after new leaf released on the Nintendo 3ds that
was well before the Nintendo switch even came up to be a thought because new leaf
released in 2012 2012 in Japan that’s crazy to know that that game was in
development or this game ever plan at this point eight years seven eight years
or so that’s just nuts so it’s pretty cool to see that and as I’m playing
through the game and I think that I’m gonna talk about Animal Crossing new
horizons just a little bit because this game is just so magical in some respects
you can see that there was years of care and love and crafting and things put
into this but it’s interesting because since the game was in development a
little bit actor in terms of like the process like planning and all that actor
new leaf they didn’t even know what hardware that they were gonna be on
right they didn’t know what the switch was and all that there wasn’t deaf kids
probably for internal developers until what may be 2015 if we’re lucky with
that so in 2015 when Tegra x1 was out right so
we have no idea what they are even doing maybe they were simulating or using Wii
U hardware to kind of think of concepts and ideas in 2015-2016 before they
actually got a good dev kit for the Nintendo switch so that’s just nuts to
see and that’s just dedication to the craft because Animal Crossing has so
many little things put in there you can tell that hey wait a minute
this isn’t a game that was made in like a year or two years or even three years
this is a game that has been in planning for a very long time because of how
polished and because of how much stuff is in the game and because of all little
things the nuances the different I would just say stuff in the game like you
don’t see that normally in games I’ve never played a game outside of the
Animal Crossing franchise that is like this one we have games that have
crafting designing your room and everything like that but the way that it
works in terms of with synching with the real-time and the way that you can craft
and build and how the villagers react to you and what you can do the nuke miles
and all this they’ve put into this one in particular I can see why I took as
long as it did despite its simplistic look to the game it’s actually very
in-depth with a lot of various different mechanics that you can do to kind of I
would say enhance the experience right or get more materials or take advantage
of a certain situation going to the different islands right so just stuff
like that to me just kind of goes to show you kind of
the time and love that they put into this one and who knows when the next
Animal Crossing game is coming this might be the last one ever no I’m pretty
sure they’re gonna make another one but this one’s gonna be around for a long
time because this is the first time that Nintendo can really have a basis for
distributing content in a better way cuz they skip the Wii U right they said 3u
with that 3ds online was it was there and you can get stuff in terms of new
leaf and all that but it was a little bit janky er whereas with this it’s much
easier to update the switch much easier to add downloadable content and even for
the first time ever for the Nintendo switch the Nintendo switch online app
with the game is actually cool and used in a great way when it comes down to
it’s the best usage of the Nintendo switch online app ever
I love scanning and QR codes and putting in different outfits that people have
made you can dress yourself up and the 4th hokage or other outfit stands
you know there’s all sorts of cool stuff akitsuki cloaks it’s great so I’m very
impressed with what they’ve done when it comes to the game from a gameplay
standpoint and everything they’ve put in because I’m not a huge Animal Crossing
fan before this game but the nuke vials and everything they put in made me a fan
of it going forward so what are you guys’s thoughts from all
the different topics that we discussed here let me know in the comment section
below alright guys that wraps it up for this video here check out the links in
description we’ve got Twitter you’re going to give us a follow on there stay
up to date on all the latest gaming news and information also make sure you like
comment and subscribe and share this video if you can thank you guys so much
for watching and we’ll catch you for the next one

30 thoughts on “Resident Evil 3 Remake Switch? Nintendo Crushes Sony’s Dreams & Animal Crossing New Horizons!

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    Switch is easily going to sell over 100 million units at this rate, go Nintendo!

  • ignigma Post author

    Ps1 was a beast. The ps4 can't even handle the full FFVII and RE3 looked great on ps1

  • Enrique Pinero Post author

    I would be completely floored and buy RE3 on the Switch day 1; if this happened. Maybe they will utilize cross save between the steam version. If that's true then I will buy the Steam version the same day as the Switch version. That would be the smartest thing Capcom could do and I would shell out money for that.

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    Am I dreaming, guys?

    Will it have DLC like REmake 2 did?

    OMG, I can barely contain my excitement…

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    I don't see a problem, just people having fun making games in dreams… They are not making money off of it = there's nothing wrong or nothing to sue about.

  • SpiceYourLife Post author

    You are. Such a sensationalist with this news. You honestly think we getti g reside t evil 3 remake on the switch? Re7 and Re2 remake didn't make it, you honestly think this is an exception… You are delusional. Most likely this will get the Re7, streaming game.

  • Joe Munger Post author

    I wouldn’t be surprised if both RE Remakes make their to Switch. They are very well optimized games that run well on low end PCs. I have an old i7 3770 and a 1050ti and I can run the game at 1080p 60fps. I think these games could come to Switch at 720p 30fps no problem.

    Pretty much anything that can run on PS4 can run on Switch because the Jaguar CPUs in those console are so bad. The Switch CPU cores actually have better performance per clock than the Jaguar cores. The Jaguar CPU just has more cores.

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