Reviving the Blue BIR?️& The Bird Key in Link’s Awakening Switch – 100% Walkthrough 15

Reviving the Blue BIR?️& The Bird Key in Link’s Awakening Switch – 100% Walkthrough 15

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What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world austin jump please here a walk back to Link’s Awakening part number 15
where we’re almost done with the game boys and girls we have a little bit of
backtracking to do at this time now if you’ve been neglecting Dante for a while
now is a good time to come by once again because there’s a few challenges that
you can do up into this point once you clear all this up you get a reward for
fill up your hearts once you clear all three of these which should be available
to you now you open a passageway central opening up passageways central gets you
a piece of heart as far as the three shovel challenges the second one the
hearts storage completing this one gets you a bottle and that makes our third
bottle of the game and there are only three pieces of heart left so here on
the Prairie there is one secret seashell that I’ve actually passed over that we
had access to as soon as we got the flippers there’s no real reason I passed
it I just kind of skipped it / forgot it whatever we dive into the water here and
this piece of plant we weren’t able to get it before but now we can here in a
village let’s go inside of the store yep nothing new
still just chamber stones that are super expensive we’re now at a point that
we’re not gonna be using our rupees for anything so he’s mighty we might as well
start buying these that’s the first one that we’ve had to purchase we’ve earned
two others so you should now be at the point that you have three chamber stones
here at the trendy game we can get ourselves a shy guy the shy guy goes
into the for little boys house right here on the floor and now they only need
one more in here just double-check the training game there should be no
additional key items for you let’s go check on the fisherman
and hopefully we have the opportunity to find the big fish yes there he is right
at the bottom see that big boy down there that’s what we’re gonna be going
after you do need the heavyweight lure for him and as I mentioned a few times I
don’t know the exact required no no get away from that thank you I don’t know
the exact requirements for him to show up although I’ve checked back regularly
and this is the first time that he’s appeared here this guy is not easy to
reel in just for the record just so you know ago before you go into this yeah
nibble nibble nibble bite I’ve actually had this guy appear off or swim off
screen while trying to reel him in the closer you get to the end the more often
I’ve noticed that he likes to turn around and start swimming away one more
time we got this come on link he’s almost out
of the water yep this is it this is it come on come
on yeah look at that bad boy Wow lots of people say they caught old
Baron but you actually did it 58 inches way to reel him in you deserve
at least 100 rupees for that and there’s something calling in his mouth oh it’s a
chamber stone think we have to catch a cheap cheap I don’t think we have yet 19 inches quite a catch is there
something corny in his mouth it’s a secret seashell fantastic and with that
we are forever done with the fishing minigame and while we’re in my village
we can actually take the first step toward completing or entering the the
bird dungeon over here we need the bird key which is located
right there the statue push it is now we’re super strong remember and oh no
there’s a dead bird that magic isn’t strong enough
instead we’re actually going to be using this song that the that mom who taught
us the frogs song of soul this is one of the few times it’s necessary remember
that if you do not have the Frog Saga soul you need to make your way from the
Prairie and you’re gonna head down to this pothole area and you’re gonna
follow those signs around until you get the thing that you need well what’s that what’s that it’s freaking me out man
boom the birds alive wow the roosters were covered he seems very friendly now
this bird has a unique trait as your partner is that when you carry him you
fly not just glide like a regular cool call but instead you completely fly
which is super awesome if you did not get the secret seashell that was behind
these trees with the hook shot now is the time that you can get him with the
Blue Bird you know where you know where we need to make our way to here here
this this entranceway that we’ve had to go to many times already now that we
have the hook shot we can hook shot to that chest and collect the purple Ruby
push that one off and then we can hop back we’re gonna keep going up past
where we entered the big head down there remember remember the chicken house
that’s that’s where we’re going if you know where the chicken house is then you
know you know where we’re going from the chicken house we’re gonna enter this
hole down here and remember this room that we could not access before well now
we can fly and now we get the bird key once my boob now that we have the bird
key there’s a little bit of stuff that I want to do first right here we’re gonna
hook shot across and once again and we uncovered this round piece top down a
bomb right there ignore the enemies go to the right and
we get a peace of heart backtrack back to this large room over here we’re gonna
hop down hook shot over as the chicken just slides flies across like it’s
nothing and now we’re just gonna run if I’m up to the top while dodging the
rocks to the best irritability take care of this guy and under here secret
seashell we’re gonna lift up this rock and there’s a secret staircase head
downstairs and this is the third and final lil devil who’s going to give us
an increase to our arrows which is much needed to be honest with you head back
outside get this very obvious treasure chest with a purple Ruby and
unfortunately that area to the left we’re not going to be able to go to
right now but we can hop down here take out these guys place a bomb right there
but don’t go in there yet instead we’re gonna run to the left for this piece of
art and that is the last piece of heart that
we can get before entering the final dungeon now unfortunately because we
hopped down here there’s there’s no good way back entering here is going to be
the way to the final dungeon that requires us to get the mirror shield so
we can deflect this fire as you see we can’t deflect it properly
so now we’re gonna backtrack and guess where we’re going you should know by now
back here instead of heading up the ladder this time we’re going to go
slightly more to the right into this cave now before we went through this
bombable wall to go get a secret seashell but now we’re going to continue
to the right there was actually no point in us going here before did not mean to
pick him up you see that hole right there it’s important to not jump down
that as that’s gonna bring you to the cave down here which was that pond with
that heart piece in there I think it’s just neat how it kind of all connects run all the way to the end taking care
of only the keys exit enter head down stairs up over now we’re gonna grab our
chicken and we’re gonna flush straight down you could totally hook shot around
I just think the chicken is a lot a lot more fun and right here pull out your shovel and
this is our next to last work point this is Eastern tall tall mountains I mean
technically it’s our second to last although you’re never gonna use one of
them now grab out your bomb this one right there
and this is our final great fairy fountain which is perfect because I
needed a fairy next we’re gonna head through the top rightmost option there’s
a few enemies in this cave nothing really to worry about I mean you’re at
the point in the game that nothing should really worry you if you’ve been
following this guide you have so many hearts all of the power-ups right here
is the burb statue and fantastic this is gonna be wrapping
up this episode number 14 oh I did not mean to hit that button
I lied it was number 15 and to this point we have almost everything in the
game which is 31 heart pieces we’re only missing one which is located in the last
dungeon to secret seeshells one is located in the dungeon we’re about to go
in and one is located immediately after it so there’s nothing that we can do as
far as our inventory we’ve completed the trading sequence we have the magnifying
lens we currently have the blue male we have the upgraded sword we’ve taken care
of all the statues necessary we have all three bottles we’ve
uncovered all three power-ups from the little devil and you should be sitting
pretty right now however this birbs tower right here is
not an easy dungeon not an easy dungeon at all it’s kind of like a puzzle within
puzzles and then there’s a lot of floor switches so this this is the most
confusing of all the dungeons so I recommend definitely checking out the
next episode which is going to be right there on the right if it’s live right
now as well as a playlist and if you haven’t done so be sure that the like
button subscribe if you’re new and we have only a few episodes left of our
walkthrough great until next time Austin John out

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