Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Cat Stories

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Seasons greetings feeble human creatures. Present your loved ones with the extraordinary gifts of the Rooster Teeth store, and may you have the happiest of holidays. Gavin: Every time I wear a headset at home it costs me thirty dollars, because my cat jumps on my lap, takes one bite out of the wire and it’s completely in half. So every time I’m playing Destiny or doing the raid or something, I’m always like keeping an eye out for the cat. I’ll put the controller down, maybe go and pee, I’ll come back and it’s in half. I’ve lost two of the full stereo headsets and I’ve lost probably seven of the cheap. Burnie: My cat, Joe, the worst thing by far that he does is he hates one thing, and he pees on one thing. What do you think that one thing is? Gus: If past experience has taught me anything, it’s lighting kits. Burnie: So what would that equalivate in my home?
Gus: A suitcase? Burnie: He pisses in suitcases!
[Laughter] Burnie: All the fucking time. It’s like, if I leave a suitcase sitting on the ground, it’s gonna get pissed on. And it’s like- I think it’s his way of him expressing that he doesn’t want me to leave and travel places. And I’m just like, you fucking cat. Barbara: It’s a sweet sentiment. Gus: When I was a kid we had this cat, we had it for three or four years. One day it was just gone. I was like, “alright, cat’s dead, whatever.” [Laughter] Bruce: Cat’s dead, whatever. Gus: Literally, like six years later, it showed up at our house again, and I was like “what the fuck, I thought this cat was dead.” I was like “alright, cool, the cat’s back.” It died that night. [Laughter] James: He grabbed your shirt and was like “save me.” Gus: “Avenge me. It was Mendoza.” I was like “oh cool, I always thought this cat was cool.” Died that night. I was like “cool, thanks asshole.” Gus: If you like this Animated Adventure, subscribe to watch a new one every week. Check out our merch, and watch our other videos. You wanna stare at my cleavage? Oh I’m not girl Gus? Fuck.

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