SABATON – Devil Dogs (Official Lyric Video)

SABATON – Devil Dogs (Official Lyric Video)

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100 thoughts on “SABATON – Devil Dogs (Official Lyric Video)

  • Sabaton Post author

    What do you think of the new lyric video for Devil Dogs?

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  • Coenraad Noorloos Post author

    Please don't take this badly, i love the video's, the pictures and info. I may just be an old fart, but the text is quite hard to see sometimes, an only lasts briefly. Would really like the lyrics to be a bit easer to read in a dedicated lyrics video.
    I am going to hell for this ain't i? 😛 In my defence i was blasting Devil Dogs full bore at 05:45 on my way to work this morning haha

  • DaBase333 Post author

    Glorious deads instead of deeds? I guess both.

  • symon.mercury Post author

    This song reminds me "smoking snakes", and I LOVE IT

  • Krähen an die Macht Post author

    Me when Sabaton release a new album:

    First time played -> nice!
    second time played -> Earworm!
    third to endless – Legendary essential metal playlist

  • Mykhailo Redka Post author

    What can i say, music is awesome and i enjoy it a lot.
    But hats off to the people who was doing these lyric videos. Amazing job was done

  • Joze Butinar Post author

    Well you should do about the soča front

  • Anthony Berecek Post author

    Other than the “soldier” and “USA Marines” parts, the song kicks ass. As a Marine veteran, I understand these 2 “errors” since you are from Sweden. No big deal. The lyrics are amazing. Thank you Sabaton for a great song dedicated to us, the U.S. Marines. I will come see you in LA along Judas Priest. Again, thank you so much. Semper Fidelis!!!!

  • Detskalldaltas Post author


  • Евгений Погорелый Post author


  • Nicolas o viking mais rapido do oeste Post author

    KILL FIGHT DIE, no surrender, heroes of our… wait, wrong song

  • Cornelius Post author

    this is the first ever sabaton song I have ever heard that has a curse word

  • Jack Duggan Post author

    1:57 Me when I play paint ball.

  • Commander Neyo Post author

    Personally this is my least favorite song of the album. Not a bad song by any measure but there were sooo many better stories to tell than another US story. What about Africa, Japan, more Ottoman stuff, Greece with the troops at Salonica, etc. To me it was a huge missed oppurtunity to tell stories that aren't told. As an American we know about the battle of Beleau and such, tell us things we don't know.

  • copsondonuts Post author

    Im going to sound silly here but…belleau wood was a legendary fight.

    Imperial germany and America, 2 great armies going at it with no holds barred.

    Hoo ahhh Marines, you became legends.

  • Liam thomas Post author

    Here come shiver 1:30😜

  • winni199 Post author


  • Stabsgefreiter Post author

    When this video is posted the day after Attack of the Dead Men
    Wasnt expecting that but thats ok

  • Leland Hardy Post author

    This should replace the marines' song in the Armed Forces Medley.

  • Lothair the Commie Monarch Post author

    1:35 to 1:55 gives me "Smoking snakes" vibes

  • Bono Giamboni Post author

    All the song in this album are great and all, but you should get a better spell checker for the lyric videos. Soldiers should charge through the lead (pronounced the same way as before), not led, and the devil dogs perform glorious deeds and not deads. I don't want to be a grammar nazi since the songs are so awesome, but if the actual lyric video is wrong, not just some venezuelan guy in the comments, then it's more noticeable.

  • Hans Strudel Post author

    Literally everyone in 1917: wheezing on life support

  • proponent of ancient wisdom Post author


  • Chez645 Post author

    I dunno why I cry every time I listen to this song….. it's not even that sad…

  • Diogo melo Post author

    1:38 shouldn't it be glorious deeds instead glorious deads?

  • Arne Post author


  • Captain Rex Post author


  • NooblyHunter 203 Post author


    Germans: "Why do I hear boss music?!"

  • Death Metal Promotion Post author

    I listened this to my Dog

    Now its a Devil Dog

  • Kartman Post author


  • spartan 117 Post author

    Marines may be the single most hardheaded, stubborn, unmovable object kind of military force to exist since the ancient Spartans. I'm not knocking other militaries or branches, many of them are amazing, but there's something about Marines.

  • Jackie Wilson Post author

    Simper Fi!!!!

  • Sheryl Courtney Post author

    The Germans in WW1 called them "Tuffle Hunds" Devil Dogs

  • Robert Crouch Post author


  • mbabist01 Post author

    Uncle Steve USMC (1917 – 1919). Love ya, Uncle Steve!

  • ALRIGHTY THEN Post author

    Cool song, but USA Marines sounds very foreign.

  • Maverick Williams Post author

    This reminds my of halo

  • Kenichi Otaku Post author

    2:28 The deadliest weapon on Earth is a marine and his rifle… better remember that while playing StarCraft 2

  • Maxwell Harris Post author

    They say the road to heaven is guarded only by US Marines

  • Dumgi Post author

    Is this song also about Dan Daly? Not just the USMC?

  • NODA_Republic Post author

    If I had one qualm about this song, it's that we generally don't care to be called soldiers. But I don't expect every friggin' civilian to know that, especially people from countries that aren't the US. That would be ridiculous to expect. As such, I appreciate the fuck out of this tribute.

  • POTIS1 Post author


  • nicky Bull Post author

    C R A Y O N E A T I N G I N T E N S I F I E S

  • Darth Revan Post author

    But wernt the marines started in 1945

  • Thiên Phong Phạm Hữu Post author

    01:30 🎶🎶

  • Ob Mcloob Post author

    Germany: uses toxic gas
    Marines: loads trench sweeper with malicious intent

  • Francesco Turcato Post author

    Good but of you want see something about the 1 st Mondial war come in Veneto Vicenza Italia Pasubio mountains Papa tunnels Ortigara Asiago here thers The Story Thanks

  • Nick Post author

    "Come on you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?"

    Now that is one hell of a motivator.

  • Visiden Visidane Post author

    I too am inspired to glorious DEADS.

  • Warren Bearden Post author

    good for the crayon eaters they get a song too

  • Fandawa Post author

    Belleau is something like 5km from where I live, the region is very linked to them, and every year, we can see marines here in France.

  • MarvinT Post author

    Belleau Wood was Germany's Vietnam, when the tree spoke trenchgun and Marine

  • Tiger Olson Post author


  • Oscar Alarcón Post author


  • Quasi Stellar Primate Post author

    I served alongside the Marine Corp for eight years (U.S. Navy). Their name is earned. No unit in the world can storm and overtake an enemy position better.

  • Quasi Stellar Primate Post author

    184 enemies of the U.S. down-voted this. They don't matter.

  • Darryl Draven Post author

    Best recruitment video ever

  • Seccond Cake of lies Post author

    Germans: Can you not use shotguns?
    U.S.: Can you stop using gas?
    Germans: What, no way.
    U.S.: OK then. release the hounds.

  • Erik Cyprich Post author

    Amazing battle od Belleau🤘🤘🤘🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️

  • Naþan Ø Post author

    "Inspire the lost into glorious deads"

    I feel like they should probably have a native English speaker check their spelling. And grammar.

  • Duc Canard Post author

    Unless you're being sardonic,I think you meant to print "glorious deeds" not deads…….

  • Grace Von Post author

    I love how y’all are bringing history to people who normally wouldn’t know about these events. I love history and I love your band’s music. I always learn something knew but in a fun way.

  • Uncle Billy Post author

    Germans: Shotguns are a war crime!


  • Игорь Зверев Post author


  • Игорь Зверев Post author

    Надеюсь на оборонку хватеи крутая банда слезы теккут подьем лежачие, и те о ком не думали , подем время пришло

  • Opalescence MoonLight Post author

    So I just learned that for some reason “crayon eater” is an insult for marines

    I am laughing my ass off.

    That’s just a pathetic insult.

    If the marines were ever in a situation where they had to rely on crayons as a food source,
    I find that pretty badass

    Hell if a marine ever ate a crayon on. BET that’s badass.

  • Aumann04 Post author

    The songs isn't too bad, but the lyrics kinda suck. It sounds like they didn't had enough time to really get creative like they usually do.

  • Charlie Hartness Post author

    1917 in France…..
    🇬🇧, 🇫🇷: Where’s the damn Yanks?!
    🇺🇸: Hey guys, we’re here! What did we miss?
    🇬🇧, 🇫🇷: We’re bloody naked here, where have you been?!?!?!
    🇺🇸: ……, eating breakfast.

  • Ryan McCallum Post author

    I'm not, nor have I ever been a Marine (or in the military for that matter), but this really Sempers my Fidelis. On that note, OORAH!

    Edit: Got a Marine Corps ad before the video, there's no way in Hell that's a coincidence.

  • Carefulrogue Post author

    Funny, it's such a great song, but it really lacks much of the detail I found in another podcast elsewhere. Tales of Valor Ep 16: Daniel Daly, covering one of these heroes, and the man behind the phrase "Come on you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?" Since most folks here also like war stories, I do recommend checking out this episode at least. Daly was one helluva soldier. God bless him.

  • Matthew Smith Post author

    Everyone is gangsta…..until the US marines roll in.

  • Mast3r of cring3 Post author


  • tothedome566 Post author

    Not just any marine and a gun, a marine and a shotgun

  • Marie S Post author

    Other than calling *US Marines soldiers( they're Marines, Soldier is used for Army) and the USA Marines, it's a great song. 🥰 I can understand how those not affiliated with the Corps could misunderstand.
    To explain why: USA Stands for United States of America. The official title of the corps is The United States Marine Corps (USMC); Their abbreviations are US Marines, Marines, or USMC. Not United States of America Marine Corps.

    Simply prefer accuracy. They earned that title through blood, sweat, and tears.

    Shared it with my dad- 23 year Marine Vet. He loved it.

    Thank you, Sabaton!! As my dad said," Semper Fi."

  • Andrew Post author

    *glorious deeds

  • diagnosed sociopath Post author

    Imagine Sabaton being drill sargeants

  • SpittingTruth Post author

    (0311, 2007-2011, OEF x2)

  • STUKA 87 Post author

    I would rather fight something from hell then a US marine. Holy power can save you from hell. When a marine has you as their text target, nothing can or will want to save you

  • Animus Vox Post author

    Devil Toads of war should be more correct =)

  • Austin Hughes Post author

    I’d feel really bad for someone who had to feel the wrath of a U.S. Marine.

  • Robert Stefanik Post author

    WW1 germans: vhy do I hear boss music

  • Justice Cannon Post author

    God Bless our brothers and Sisters of the United States Marine Corps. Continue the fight devil dogs, you've made us all proud for over 200 years, and no way in hell your going to stop now! OOH-RAH!

  • Madhatter Gaming Post author

    Germans : * Exist *

    Americans : Those germans are no match for our shotguns

  • Bismarck Post author

    Never have I been so patriotic from a fucking metal song. Best song ever.

  • Monsieur QC Post author

    Make a song about Léo Major pls

  • Richard Wagner Post author

    This Devil Dog, loves Devil Dogs! Semper Fi my Brother!

  • El mayoneso Post author

    There are only two things you cannot have.

    The time

    And United States Marines

  • insaneweasel1 Post author

    Best song from the new album, hands down. And theres a ton of competition.

  • Ponian YouTube Post author


  • Chase Cook Post author

    listening to this as their channel sits at 666k subscribers….

  • Zachary Durocher Post author

    1:51 “into glorious deads”

  • Devyx Post author

    2 ways to trigger a Marine:
    – Don't give crayons
    – Call them soldiers

  • Retard The Retard Post author

    Con-strict Eat that's what a snake should do

  • Stephan Boy Post author

    I believe they are called "US-Marines" (United States Marines) and not "USA Marines". Please correct me if im wrong.

  • Halt O'Carrick Post author

    Wow, this song is amazing! Keep up the good work Sabaton.

  • Secret Area Post author

    This song is amazing.

  • DerpyGamer0013 Post author

    Americans: Kill, fight, and then die.
    Russians: Kill, fight, die, get the hell back up, and fight again, and then you can die

  • Gamers United Forever Post author

    Pepole depressed after getting rejected after valentienes day : NOTHING CAN FIX THIS


    Pepole depressed after getting rejected after valentienes day : Ok that imediatly fixed absoultly every thing

  • Kyaw Thu Post author

    Armymen stuck behind barbed wire: fumbles to get their wirecutters

    Marines down the line: Tears apart the barbed wire with their teeth

    Also Marines: 1:57

  • Luka Stanojevic Post author

    Devil Dogs vs Osowietz Fortress = Deadliest Weapon on Earth vs Least Killable Men on Earth

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