Sad animal scenes vs Human scenes

Sad animal scenes vs Human scenes

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Hey guys Now I watch alot of dramas Both Asian and Western dramas
And a common theme in every drama is Somebody always gets hurts or dies
Or even gets murdered It’s sad
And it sucks But it’s normal in dramas
There’s always a sacrifice But there are never any tears, sad as it is But if you bring a dog into it Or anything with fur and 4 legs I say 4 because fluffy tarantulas do not count But you bring any cute animal into it
And that’s it I’m sobbing away
There’s a mountain of tears Do you know how sad it is to see a dog die?! It doesn’t even have to be a sad scene
Human stuff? Nothing can move me
Oh they’re reunited with their love after 10 years? Good for you
Oh they found their soul mate and got hit by a car the next day? Well that sucks But you bring an animal into it… Here you might need this So I was watching a Japanese prank show where they tested whether the dog would protect
their owners against a bear A bear… More like a human dressed as a bear… And everytime a dog would protect their human
against this bear I’d get all touched and emotional and… However, if a human did that for me I’d tell
them they’re a Grade A Idiot Why? Because the only thing you should be doing
in that situation is running away, not bloody playing hero and getting yourself killed Run, run away! Run! Go! I mean it’s great and sweet that somebody
would risk their lives for you… Only if you live in drama land because in
real life they’d be dead… It’s a goddamn bear
Run! Unless ofcourse they have fur and 4 legs
Then they’re super cute, heroic and deserve all the love in the world Why is it not stupid for a dog not to run away? Funnily enough, out of the 40 or so dogs that
were tested only 3 stayed to protect their owners I guess the rest were smart Cause I’d be running away too
It’s a goddamn bear Hope you guys liked that
And if you did hit the like button and don’t forget to subscribe
Sorry there was no video last week but I was super busy but from now on I’ll try to keep
myself on schedule Don’t forget to leave a comment below with
any stories that make you emotional and things that should make you emotional but you don’t
really give a damn about And I’ll see you guys next time I’m so flowy but I keep getting stuck on doors because of this
So irritating Every bloody handle

28 thoughts on “Sad animal scenes vs Human scenes

  • Inday Charot Adventure Post author

    beautiful video super like

  • LottieBon Post author

    congrats on 200! ❤❤

  • YoAntoNeo Post author

    Wow a kimono!!! 😍

    LMAO!!! "It's a goddamn bear. Run." xDD

  • ImTheDaveman Post author

    I totally agree! Personally I go to pieces when I see human beings being cruel to helpless and defenseless golf balls. They beat the living hell out of em and the poor little dimpled golf balls cant run away – cause they aint got no legs! How unsportsman like is that? I'm going to start an organized movement to protect them. Since golf balls cant cry – I'll paint tears on em and do some video commercials so sad it would make Godzilla break down and weep. Kinda like he did when he saw Jurassic Park.

  • Famous Post author

    "It's a goddamn bear. Run" HAHAHA!! I'm STILL laughing!! … almost made me forget about Marley & Me… How is it that killing someone in a movie makes it Rated R, but killing a pet makes it family entertainment?!?!?!

  • Megan Kohl Post author

    omg you're so right!!!! i can't even watch a movie if an animal dies, gets abused or anything. i loved this so much!! amazing video gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Kangaroo Post author

    I love your sleeping dress, Love the colours !

  • Demen Games Post author

    nice video my friend

  • yllekr123 Post author

    Sure did like your video, and your dress.

  • Philippe Salmon music Post author

    this is cool

  • Kristina CC Post author

    Great video!

  • Takeo Gaming Post author

    This is GREAT!! I love it! Great kimono too! Awesome video 🙂 I left a big like!

  • Farah Asif Post author

    I love this video! You're rocking the Kimono, and I love it cause I have the exact same one XD how cooool ! big like lovely

  • Peter Rossiter Post author

    Haha agreed always run from bears 😂

  • Vivian King Post author

    I love that color on you, great video!

  • Pop Culture Factory Post author

    Wow your hair and Kimano is amazing. I love your personality. Your videos are so fun and informative. I love your channel. So glad I Subscribed a while ago. Now that I have Graduated College I have time to catch up. And your videos are amazing. I just posted some NEW VIDEOS. Feel free to check them out. 🙂

  • Irrri Descence Post author

    isnt that true!!

  • twhippy xox Post author

    Honestly it's so true!!

  • It Starts With A Step... Post author

    Same I get so sad with animals I'm like a fountain. See a bear run! Thumbs up x

  • BarknoorZ Post author

    Hahah you're right about this!!

  • Austin W Studios Post author

    Hahaha! It's so true! Amazing video you're hilarious!

  • Tartarian Empire Post author

    I seriously believe you should consider relocation to Korea to live a youtuber's life or at least make some connections to Korea . Why in the hell I say that? Cuz somehow I found that your passionate and outspoken personality would better fit into Korean culture than into Japanese culture where being outspoken is seen as "aggressive" and thus often avoided or ostracized, while in Korea being straightforward and outspoken is considered a sign of "friendliness" or "being likable" and thus "easily accepted" My conjecture is that in Korea you will draw a lot more viewers quite fast "being just you," whereby I mean you don't need to fake yourself(of course you need to make some efforts to make it happen like learning Korean or hanging out with anyone who can speak Korean, as nothing comes easy. But who knows:))

  • Amazing World Post author

    Good video ~~~

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    Very nice video 😍😍

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    So so true

  • Bajan Treasure Post author

    Haha very funny

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