Shelby the Husky Does Not Want a Bath | Grooming a Husky  | Bath Time Challenge

Shelby the Husky Does Not Want a Bath | Grooming a Husky | Bath Time Challenge

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Alright Shelby! Is your turn! Time to get a bath! – Why are you staring at me?
I’m not gonna save you. – Come on! let’s take a bath! She’s like, [dog speaks]
“No! They are coming in, from all sides!” – Come on! Come on!
You can’t hide! Come on! – She’s like [dog speaks]
“Dang it!” We’re getting a bath!
It only happens once in a while thought! That’s a good thing! Right? Alright!
– Take a bath? – Let’s do this! – Take a bath? – Come on! You are really good at bath this time
if not a joke! Come on! In the bathroom! Come on! Let’s go! Go! Go! She’s getting past you! [laughs] Come on Shelby!
Ahhh! Okay! Time to catch the dog! Come on! Let’s go and take a bath! Let’s go! Go! Go! Go!
Jamie’s got you! Over here! Over here!
– Come on! Alright! Time for treats! – Yeah! – This is where the bath happens! Turn around! – Showing the door? The door is right here! – Turn it… Get in the bathtub!
– Yep! – I know you have to do this! – Get in there!
– In the bathtub! – Get in the tub! – In the bath! It’s super exciting!
Won’t take a few minutes! – Get in the bathtub! It’s super fun! Come! In the bath…
[laughter] – We’re not going to give you a bath right there, Shelby!
– Really? It’s just a bath! It won’t take long! It won’t hurt! – Alright! Get in there! Hurry up! – Let’s get in the bathtub!
– Hey! [laughter] – Even around this big, she won’t escape! – She’s like [dog speaks]
“Nope! I won’t go you guys!” – Are you ready?
– She’s not yet! – Here we go! She’s like [dog speaks]
“Nooo!” – Sometimes you shake!
– Shelby shakes a lot! – Hi Shelby! – Never pick a pair with that dork!
– Yep! About mind the curtain to throw…
– Ahhhh! – Gosh! One second?
[laughter] She really doesn’t like to be wet… I mean, she likes to be just sweet stuff… Yeah! – Shake! Shake! Shake! [laughter] – This… Towel thing got pretty wet! May have to put that one to dry… – It’s got to shine on you… – Got her… – Hey! Gotta keep your head up. Really works… She’s like, [dog speaks]
“Works fine for me!” [dog speaks]
– “Oh pets! I like pets!” – Pet’s aren’t so bad!
That’s what happens when you get a bath! The bad part is, you get wet! [laughs] Rinse it off and you’re almost done in the tub! Now, we get to squeeze it off. No! No! No!
[repeats] [dog speaks]
– “Why are you getting my neck wet?” – I know! She’s like, [dog speaks]
“I know what to do!” – She’s rinsed… Okay… – Huh! Now for the fun part!
– Yeah! Ready? – Towel… Ohhh! That kind of work! – Kind of blocked you! Ready? Set? Here goes! What you think? You got a bath? You feel better? Here we go! There you go! What you think? She’s like [dog speaks]
“I think I still want, out of this dang tub!” Hold on! Let me dry you out so! That’s the fun part? A wet rat? [dog speaks]
– “Can I go outside?” Oakley’s like… “Whoa! Hey! Hey!”
– “But I want…” [laughs] Maybe I didn’t paid attention… Shelby! Get over here!
– Come on Shelby! – Hey! Come on! No! Not here… Dang you! Got that one… Shelby! She’s in the living room…
– Arrg! Come on! Outside! NO! – She wants to play again now too? – Come on, let’s go outside!
Outside! Go! Outside! [laughs] – Get out there! – Alright! We got the wide nozzle on. This is best for drying the dogs. The round tiny one is to remove the hair off. We’re going ahead and dry this dog! [blower sounds] ♪ [background music begins] ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ [background music ends] ♪ – And after about an hour and a half of blowing,
and she still not fully done. We have a super fluffy, shiny Shelby. Hold on! You have to let me on that side,
so they can see how shiny you look towards the sun. See? Super fluffy, shiny Shelby! Shelby’s fur is a lot fluffier than Memphis’es. It actually took me longer to get her
completely dry. She still definitively going to need
some work, but her eyeballs needs a good break. [laughter] Aww! She looks pretty dang good! Alright Oakley, I think is your turn next! I don’t know, how much of you will be filming thought? Oakley takes a long time to do. We really take it slow with her. Alright you guys!
If you missed Memphis’es grooming video, I’ll put a link to it, in the cards above. Let us know if you like this video of Shelby
getting all groom-mified. You had like a Spa Day and now, you can see
all fluffy and pretty she is. [laughter] Alright you guys! As always… If you are new to this channel and you liked what
you saw, don’t forget to hit that ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button. Like this video and share it with friends,
to help us grown ‘The Pawdience!’ As always… Thanks so much for watching!
Thanks for subscribing! Stay positive and dream big!
We will see you again soon! You’re beautiful! Now we just need for your fur
to grown back and cover your spot. It’s growing back pretty good!
Her guard hair is starting to cover it. Slowly but surely!
Good bye ‘Pawdience!’

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