Shocking Thing That Happens When A Dog Thinks Of His Owner As A Friend | Kritter Klub

Shocking Thing That Happens When A Dog Thinks Of His Owner As A Friend | Kritter Klub

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The life with a house dog ‘Mongsil’..♡ the road walking together The fresh air breathing together Mongsil’s Mom : Kind~ take off the harness and clothes~ Grrrr He’s not kind at all. Grrrr Mongsil’s Mom : Doesn’t let me touch him / Grrrr My mom can’t even touch me! Next door neighbor helps preparing for a stroll Undressed by other’s Who am I, Where am I now.. My Mongsil.. Hates only mommy / [email protected]#T$S! Hates mom a lot.. Spit Throw away the clothes Mongsil’s Mom : Phew I feel so distressed when he acts like this.. Where did you learn such a doggy thing!! PD : What a kind boy, Mongsil~ let’s get dressed up~ Well-behaved Mongsil’s Mom : A stranger can dress him.. I’m disappointed with such thing :'( With mama’s hand-made meal Full of dog food Trying to attract him Mongsil’s Mom : Let’s eat up~ delicious meal~ My sweety eats well I do knitting just for you The nice and warm scene..♥ Mongsil’s Mom : Let’s measure the size~ just your back length~ Good~just measure the back length↗ Grrrrrrr Suddenly ruined the nice and peaceful vibe.. PD : Let’s dress up, Mongsil~ Wagging a tail lol.. Mongsil’s Mom : That’s fine. I’ll accept in a positive way (But she seems heartbroken..) [Door opening sound] (Daughter appears) Aww Aww Same owner but different feeling Mongsil’s Sis : Mongsil! I’m scurred when you do like this.. Pls don’t bite mommy~ When the Sis is next to him, He becomes so mild. sorry sorry Mongsil’s Mom : Yeah, aww pretty~ Seems his mind changes 12 times a day hahaha Preparing for a joyful stroll When sister dresses him, he’s so gentle Mongsil’s Mom: Shall I put this on you, Mongsil? Dang it!! You made me mad!!! (Spoiled the mood!!!) Mongsil’s Mom : No idea why he acts like this rather than being bitten and hurt.. So I feel heavy Teacher Chanjong(a.k.a. GOD of dogs) shows up charm charm Teacher Chanjong : You’re so mild~ Mongsil’s Mom : Get dressed this and go for a walk~ Growling again.. Is he.. mild? Teacher Chanjong(Shifting attitude) : Hahaha looks so different Mongsil’s Mom : Yeah..ppl say he has two faces Scanning Teacher Chanjong : I figured out a strange thing at the point when the Sis dresses him Mongsil’s Sis : Worried about letting his kneecap hurt cause he often goes hyper So I began to lay him down first when dressing him up Teacher Chanjong : Mongsil has always accepted Sis’ training in a different way Mongsil’s Sis always laid him down first and dressed him To Mongsil, that was the meaning of obedience..! (Mongsil) only feels Sis as a leader When mama tries to dress him, then he thinks “even you try to make me obey?” He growls at mama because he judges “(mama) as a friend” To Mongsil (Sis is a leader) (Mama is a friend) Such a twisted relationship lol Teacher Chanjong : Solution is so simple. If a leader(=sis) compliments and gives him credit when a friend(=mama) takes any action, he begins to accept the friend’s action in a positive way When mommy tries to wear clothes instilling a good memory with tasty treats into him Oh, not that bad? Repeating exercise Mongsil’s Mom: Clothes~ scuffling~ Feel Goood Mongsil’s Mom : Here’s Mongsil’s clothes~Aww well done~ Ahahah Wow! Remarkable change happened to Mongsil..☆ Mongsil’s Mom : He used to feel repulsion But isn’t it very successful so far? Phew~ Ma’am~ It’s a marvelous change ;D

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100 thoughts on “Shocking Thing That Happens When A Dog Thinks Of His Owner As A Friend | Kritter Klub

  • FABIOLA SANCHEZ Post author

    Hmmmm , this dog thinks he is the boss. Mommie discipline pls.

  • Nele Klemm Post author

    Das braucht kein hund sogar ein chuchuaua nicht 😤

  • Ali Abdulaziz Post author

    Thanks to the philanthropists, may God help you and grant you success for more good …….. Greetings from an Egyptian Muslim

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  • khang smile Post author

    I just started doing youtube hope to see you guys on the sidelines supporting 1 like 1 subscribed

  • احمد الاردني Post author

    سبحان الله ربنا ما خلق اللبس للحيوانات مخالف لفطرته لكن صاحبه الكلب حنونه وبتعامل الكلب زي ابن الها

  • วิทยา สงข์ทอง Post author

    ด้วยรักและผูกพันฉันท์เพื่อน คำว่ารักสลักจิต คำว่ามิตรสลักใจคำไหนๆก็ไม่เท่าคำว่าเพื่อน(ป.2)

  • Carol Ann Rompca Post author

    A poodle has a lot of hair and putting warm clothing on him or her in summer is not good for them they will overheat,they may look prett but if they overheat they can collapse,save the clothes for very cold weather…

  • تيتي Titi Post author

    If you are an animal lover, do not hesitate to subscribe to my channel. You will find the strangest and most beautiful animals as well, not an order. Your support for us keeps us continuing to help the animals and take care of them. Thank you.

  • Esin Mert Post author

    yaş çok tatlişşşş ❤

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  • Oumou Sy Post author

    Speek French and English My speek French you speek French English

  • Marcella Carrera Post author

    I love this trainer! He is the best

  • Quietstorm7 Post author

    Total brat

  • Cheeto Lane Post author


  • Face Ester Mardoqueu Post author

    Fofurinha linda 🐕❤️😂😂braveza. Chanjong terapeuta benção. Saludos desde Brazil 🇧🇷💕

  • ANDY López Post author


  • Maria Holmberg Post author

    El pequeño hermoso no nació para modelo la abuela tendrá que tejer para niños no para el caniche

  • ALAS_K CHANNEL Post author

    Waow nice …….

  • Cindy Beatty Post author

    Maybe the dog has some "fashion sense"and the dog and her owner don't see eye 2 eye on the outfits.

  • Mastyllie Post author

    Personally if my dog was aggressive like that to me, I would take him to a shelter. I don't have time to deal with that behaviour. No I don't hate animals, it's just what I would do.

  • Bambi Flowers Post author

    Poodles and Pikingese are bad at being temperamental.

  • 호랭이하늘이 뱅갈고양이 Double Bengal Cats Post author

    DOG is the BOSS haha

  • Sam P Post author

    amazing transformation…love it

  • Michael Brown Post author

    It thinks it’s going to be dinner… The dog senses the fear and hesitation so it reacts. Totally hates the sweaters.

  • Minh Quang Vo Post author

    Or more accurately, not a friend.

  • syalala dubidu damdam Post author

    Waaaa…. gemassss, tp sy lbh sukak kuciiing 😘😘

  • diah ercha Post author

    Good mongsil

  • MO JOE Post author

    I wish my dog would attack me.

  • Vik Vik Post author

    Teacher chanjong is the best… 👍

  • Andrey Kolobikhin Post author

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🎮🗿🎮🗿🎮🗿🎮🗿 Animals here are so naive. All. 😁

    But their God is dog… What can you do? They care about it and live correspondingly. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • İlknur Demirkök Post author


  • CPR TO THE RESCUE Post author

    The trainer is Brilliant

  • Jesse Post author

    Enough with the clothes already, for crying out loud.

  • Mex brother Post author

    Los perros no piensan idiotas!!
    Solo se guían por instinto,
    Ese animal es muy agresivo 👹

  • Rhonda Post author

    I don’t think so sweety, not in my house, I’m the alpha

  • Rocio Bobadilla Post author

    In general, dogs don't like to wear clothes as if they were human beings. It has been told and demonstrated this truth. They don't feel comfortable and respected.

  • friendoftherese1 Post author

    That man is a genius!

  • Sandra Regina Rodrigues de Sousa Post author

    Que fofura!!!😍😍😍

  • adrielly cordeiro Post author


  • J.K Fitz Post author

    Chan Jong is AMAZING with dogs !!! I admire him !!! Great job!!

  • diario da juju lima Post author


  • Tommy Baker Post author

    With dogs, you have to be the Alpha. If you aren't, THEY will be!!!

  • Gaming With moss Post author

    Knitter can u push me through I just lost my dog ;(

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    Céus olha o Nível de Ciúmes que chega pra esse pequeno bebêzinho 😅😂

  • Mahabba TV للطبخ والوصفات Post author

    I love cats and dogs since I was young and now I am big and I have grandchildren and I help them eat home if you help them eat cats and dogs Thank you I am from Morocco

  • Mahabba TV للطبخ والوصفات Post author

    I have been following you for 8 years

  • Cris Post author

    Yo lo hubiera pateado por gruñirme.

  • Aaa Lll Post author

    It's good he bites only clothes…

  • Regina Kasakevics Post author

    Hmmmm maybe somebody who’s brown and curly needs a good ole fashioned ass whoopin.

  • Luiz Azevedo Post author

    O cão tem algum problema com a dona.É dócil com todo mundo.

  • Luiz Azevedo Post author

    lindo cãozinho.parece com o meu.kkkk

  • Shirlei Gomes Post author

    Gente vá entender esses bichinhos a senhora tão boa com ele fazendo roupinhas linda pra ele dando amor 😍 comida e carinho e ele tentando atacar ela ainda bem que o Dr Pet ajudou a solucionar o problema

  • שרה סיתון Post author

    מסכן הכלב חם לו מלא פרווה פשוט התעללות זה לא בן אדם כל תגעו אותו

  • Sunny CxL Post author

    Whenever I see Teacher Chanjong shows up, I know that all problem is going to be solved 😀

  • Виктория Гончаревич Post author

    Пожалуйста подпишитесь на меня скоро я начну снимать клевые видео такие как влоги, челенджи, поездки, рум туры и многое другое♡

  • kiksone Reyes Post author

    Oooh why like this.. the dog is very angry to owner.. my god it's very angry

  • Anna Prim Post author

    Странное поведение для пуделя. Все всегда решается для собак через вкусняшки.

  • 써니 Post author

    음악소리가 너무커요, 대화하는소리가 잘 않들려요, 담부턴 잘게해주시고ㅡ 대화소리를 더 잘 들리게 해주세요

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    Haha cute

  • Beauty Bb Post author

    Guru Chanjong 😍

  • dunjak111 Post author

    Well, he solved the dressing problem, but what about their relationship?

  • yuko yuri Post author


  • Fernando Hernandez Post author

    The old lady hits the dog when the daughter isnt there. Thats why she attacks her and no one else.

  • ANGELINA VISIONS Post author


  • Anjali Kashyap Post author

    Thanks for saving this angel ❤️ 🙏

  • Mel Wyz Post author

    Always look forward to this trainer in the videos❤️. He is the best!!! I love him

  • Evey Bean Post author

    It's pretty clear the poodle is too spoiled. There definitely needs to be some training and discipline from the owner. It's great to see the owner understanding this and bringing on a trainer.

  • Hana Winasis Post author

    Hahahahahsha …… 😅 .. 😆 … Lol …… galak,ee ……

  • Louane Labastie Post author

    J’adore vos vidéo I love you vidéo

  • павел никифоров Post author


  • Phyllis Steging Post author

    Well you can keep giving him treats but he hates those clothes you put on him. He does not want to wear them. Poor dog.

  • Crazy Cat Lady Post author

    I'm glad it all worked out!🤗

  • games and softweres Post author

    #regelshine (cute cat video)

  • Em. bole Post author

    The bed is too high to jump…he is going to have legs problem or mitt getting hurt… he is cute, hope they get along now.

  • Oanh Hoang Post author


  • Marika Waldraff Post author

    It's a dog and he doen't need this horrible clothes. The dog can smell and feel the danger from the owner.

  • a battaini Post author

    Poor dog ! he is desperately trying to make you understand that he does not want to wear clothes. Dogs should not wear clothes, their fur is sufficient to protect them when it is cold. Why do you want to dress your dog like a doll? If you love your dog you respect him you don't dress him. Many people have not understood this.

  • Lara Sori Post author

    Thank you

  • Maura Braga Kanno Post author

    Amei os anjinhos São muito inteligente👍💝💞😔😁😉👋👏💯❤️👼

  • Doggo Packo Post author

    Nice training!

  • ADVENTURE GAMING Post author

    This vet is so intelligent I saw him in previous videos 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Panda Post author

    it has no sense to dress up a dog 🤨

  • Santa María Post author

    That dog owns more clothes than me!!! Such a cutie.

  • 이영숙 Post author

    I think some viewers of this video didn't quite catch the whole situation the mother was in. When the daughter dressed the dog, the whole belly of the dog was exposed. It made the daughter the dog's boss as it usually recognizes only one person as its boss. As a consequence, the mother automatically became the dog's peer, not the boss. That is why the dog was so mean to the mother.

  • sherine Post author

    1. Stop with the clothes. They're not accustomed to wearing clothes, you're just trying to humanize the dog by treating it like a baby (laying it down and putting clothes on it)
    2. You don't back out if a dog attacks you because it feels superior, especially such a small dog. You can handle one or two bite, if you don't back out the dog will not be that cheeky. A human should never be on the same level or even lower than the dog in its mind. You and your daughter should've been the leader, not just your daughter

  • cherag Post author

    The dog do not like human cloths. stop making him wear human baby cloths. he has already got fur to protect himself.

  • taymika taymika Post author

    Lil bad ass need time out and no treats

  • Nancy Brouse Post author

    Dog needs training/discipline. Thinks he is the pack leader, i.e. BRAT.

  • Kritter Klub Post author

    Stay updated with us on Kritter Klub SNS channels 🙂




  • Mary Del Post author

    Sooo mean little doggie!

  • Ghislaine Porte Post author

    Un chien n est pas fait pour être habillé c est évident qu il ne vx pas mettre ces habits ridicules il les met en pièces. Et vu que c est sa maîtresse qu il tricote le chien à horreur de sa maîtresse et il le fait savoir. Ya pas besoin de sortir de l Ena pour voir et comprendre.

  • J NotinNYCanymore Post author

    Dog: "Of course I get angry. I told her before I don't like that color sweater".

  • Надежда Маврина Post author

    Разбалованная собака!

  • Amini Naya Post author

    This is out of the blue but… It’s CALLED CROCHET DAMMIT.

  • 아름 Post author

    한글 뎃이 없다면 좋아요을 눌러라

  • Maria Peralta Post author

    So cute ❤❤❤❤❤

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