Super angry and crying - No more crying with Santa anymore

Super angry and crying – No more crying with Santa anymore

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42 thoughts on “Super angry and crying – No more crying with Santa anymore

  • Diana Carrizales

    The monkey touched her crap, and now she is touching the ladys face… ?

  • jenny schnell

    Santa wishes she had a penis to suck on

  • Sue Smith

    My God , this poor little thing is psychotic …. WOW ?. So sad to see ….

  • Noel Faber

    So close to her extended family, but so far too.


    Someone should shove a broom handle up this filthy disease ridden sewer rats arse… this sewer rats head ain't on right.. dirty friggin vermin should be left to their own resources and look after themselves!

  • The Sauce

    These morons have absolutely ruined this creature, dying next to her mother's corpse will sound pretty good by the end. Spoiler alert, it won't be pretty.

  • Charles Wong

    Santa wanted cuddles;that was why she was angry. She was hugging herself.She was quiet in her mummy‘s lap’

  • Eli Kinder

    This baby is crazy as a bed bug. She don’t have all it’s marbles. Watch how crazy it is. Lock that thang up. Put it in a straight jacket.

  • Sonja Chakouian

    This monkey is nuts

  • Marina Raygoza

    Esta Monita…muy pesadita demasiado mimada …cae mal…?

  • M Leibs

    Brat. And Yogi Master.

  • Becky J Smith

    It needs a bullet!

  • Steve Blonde

    0:21 spoilt bastard

  • Mark Stephenson

    I feel so sad for her. She doesn't have enough arms or legs to hug herself no matter how hard she tries. I wish one of the VOs wo would stop filming and pick her up and feed her!!

  • shymag4

    I would have left it to die a long time ago. Or stomped it to death

  • Malu Tapioca

    Porq a santa então estressada aff

  • Ellen Turnbull

    Poor little soul

  • Ak Bb

    I think santa neefs attention….its domestic and the behaviour is same as a grumpy kid…..

  • Coracao Formoso 123

    Não deixa dormir no chão. Pega a bebê Santa ?♥️????

  • Sarita Q

    That poor monkey is afraid of itself.

  • Debbie George

    Wow! I wounder if these people noticed how much calmer he was when he was sitting with the woman and being held. You would think a little common sense would tell these stupid people that santa needs love and affection. But I series doubt it.

  • Fernanda Silva

    Ela tá com dor de barriga?

  • malchur

    Why people are playing with food?

  • Terrible Terry

    Can anyone tell me why does this Monkey grab itself its shoulders its ass its legs. It's just weird like something abused it or something.

  • Praeliora T

    STRESS, you have damaged her mind, she's desperate for a mum to comfort her.. Give her to Abigail

  • Ирина Костадинова



    Hi everyone watching this video. My name is John from a country called Kenya. Am currently jobless and am requesting all well wishers from all over the world with something to spare can help me to buy a car to start a cab/taxi business. My whatsup/contact number is +254 795115424. Thanks in advance.

  • Billi Blaze

    This monkey clearly has not got the close socialization it needs. Sad. All the people around it, no ine gives the poor thing attention.

  • Pippa Lee

    Stop filming this animal cruelty! The poor animal was broken. That is ethically unacceptable!

  • keeping it real

    Pls ! have a vet check her bottom something is not right with baby santa- she's in PAIN just look at her !!!! Camera crew shame on you guys for not taking care of Santa …..!!!!!! How can you guys not noticed that there is something wrong with her and just keep on filming! I keep saying this: but remember she's your Money Maker !!!!!!!! The star of your videos

  • Veronique Fornasari

    It’s just tantrums she’s capricious that’s all she doesn’t knows what she wants

  • Missty Kotha

    Nice ????

  • soydebarcelona

    Finally santa gave you the present poop. What a shit maker damn.

  • Go Go Screamer

    Why the hell is Santa always crying and screaming? Search for the reason!!


    you need to put this monkey in the woods your not a good mom

  • Michael Anders

    Dirty bad people. Santa is stressed out from these people and the people are stressed out from Santa.

  • Rick Lopez

    I don't know much about monkeys but here is what I think it'll sove this problem. If she cry put her in the cage with water and something small to eat let her cry as much as she wants and when she stop crying take her out, if she cry do the same over and over than shell think; cry=cage, don't cry= no cage and good food, i can almost guarantee shell stop the crying, because I know she doesn't like being in the cage by herself, give it a try and film that

  • Diana S

    I can't believe reading some comments that there are actually people who wish terribile things upon this family and their little boy over this demonic screeching good for nothing rat.Geez people,you are crazier than this thing!

  • Maria Stathaki

    Wher is DD????

  • Sue Muehlbauer

    That is NOT a person IDIOT!! GET RID OF IT!!!!!!

  • Sue Muehlbauer

    That is not normal behavior for a baby monkey! They NEVER should have taken it in cause they cannot teach it MONKEY behavior!!! Shame on you!!!!

  • Donna Sanders

    Why cuz you found her a loving home. You guys are shitty owners

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