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– [Narrator] Dogumentary TV. Producing the best breed
documentaries on YouTube. (dog barking) (upbeat country music) – My name is Cindy
Sanders, Tasso Catahoulas, and I’m an owner and breeder
of Catahoula Leopard Dogs. In the late 1970s my husband and I were on own honeymoon and we
met the late Justin Wilson. Not only did I not have any
idea who Justin Wilson was, I didn’t know what Catahoulas were either. But he was a wonderful man. We became very close friends and he introduced us
to the Catahoula breed. His next door neighbor
was Betty Ann Eaves, and her family actually
owns the Catahoula registry, so she knew a lot about
the dogs, of course, as well as Justin. Justin would tease me,
because at that time I had Rottweilers. Living here on a ranch the
Rottweilers were great protection for the family, but they weren’t
great around the livestock. So the Catahoulas really fit the bill for being a wonderful stock dog as well as a family protection dog for the ranch. The Catahoulas originated around
the Catahoula Lakes region in southern Louisiana. They were adopted by the Indians. The Indians used them as stock dogs and to gather food for them. Well hello, Valentino. They originated from the Red Wolf. They do share DNA with the Red Wolf, and the Indians used them
predominantly at that time and help perpetuate the breed. Then when the war dogs came in they mixed with the Red Wolfs. So you had your Mastiff
and your Greyhounds and your Beaucerons and that’s what makes our Catahoula breed today. Historically they were used by the Indians to hunt and to carry things and to help move animals from place to place. Then as the breed was perpetuated and people realized the
importance of having an all-around versatile dog to help them with their everyday
activities they became more of a herding and treeing
and Hogbane expert. That’s really where the dog is today. Because they’re a rare breed
they haven’t been overbred. And they truly have the same instincts that they were intentionally
used and bred for. The Catahoulas originated
in the swamps of Louisiana. Their webbed feet really
gives them an advantage to running through the mud and muck. It also helps them, of course, in modern day in the snow and the desert, anywhere that the footing
is a little uneven. But because they grew up near
the Catahoula Lakes region, that’s really how they
developed their webbed feet and really helped them for
running through the swamps after game or anything that
they were hunting or herding. Catahoulas are so versatile. They are really an incredible breed. They are one of the only
breeds that can air scent and ground trail scent. So they can actually use
their nose in the air and on the ground to track anything that you teach them track. One of the other traits
that really helps them and comes from their originating
in the Catahoula region and in the area of southeastern Louisiana is their short, tight coat. A lot of times it’s
considered a painted on coat. It’s very short and
helps keep the dogs cool in the hot, hot Louisiana weather. Catahoulas have a very
unique herding style. They are baying dogs so
you’ll never see a Catahoula get behind a herd of cattle
and push them from behind like a lot of your
typical herding dogs do. A Catahoula is going to be
constantly circling and baying. If a cow does happen to
get out of the group, it’ll shoot out like a rocket
and bring that lone cow back until it’s rounded up with its herd, and it moves the herd as a whole, constantly moving, constantly baying, constantly keeping that
group of cattle completely under their control. It’s really fun and amazing to watch. It’s a great skill in a dog
that knows what they’re doing. Most of the Catahoulas today
still have those instincts to be able to herd with
that natural baying style. Catahoulas are unique in the way that they will find a hog and bay the hog until the hunter can get there. A lot of dogs are bred to
go out and catch the hog, but Catahoulas are not. That is not their job. Their job is to find the animal
and keep it in one place. They end up dancing with that hog and making sure that
that hog can’t get away. And of course the hog’s
instinct is to run. The dog’s instinct is
to keep it in one spot. So it’s really a battle of the wills, and it’s always nice
when the Catahoulas win. A lot of times they actually do, they’re very, very
intelligent and they can outthink those very smart wild hogs. Catahoulas can be used as
single hunters out baying hogs. But they really work best
in teams of two and three. Because the wild hogs will
take off, like I said, their instinct is to turn and run. The Catahoulas will use
their ability and their mouth to put their mouth on a
hog to stop it and turn it. So a lot of times you’ll see them, if the hog is running,
the Catahoula will be in hot pursuit and will actually grab on to the back of the hog
to get the hog to spin. That’s what the Catahoula wants to do, is it wants to face that hog at all times and have perfect control
by having the hog facing it and the dog right in that hog’s face. Catahoulas can be very aggressive. They can be aggressive
within their own breed, and they can be aggressive
with other breeds, but typically a dog
that is a true Catahoula should be able to get out
and work with any other dog out there when you’re
out working in the woods. A lot of times the dogs, because they become very
territorial on their own property, they have a little bit of an
issue in their own backyard. But once they have a job
to do and you get out in a hunting situation
they forget about that and they’re all about the business. The NALC is the National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas. It was started in October
of 1977 and it was designed to perpetuate the pure-bred
Catahoula by keeping the breed pedigree and keeping track of the pedigrees of all the Catahoula dogs within its registry. In my opinion, the definition
of a cur dog is a mixed breed. Catahoulas are definitely
not a mixed breed. We have had a registry
for them since 1977. They are truly a pure-bred
dog in today’s world. They are often confused as a mixed breed because a lot of people just
don’t know what they are. But they are truly pure-bred American dog. Today the NALC holds Dog
Trials and Baying Competitions. It holds Cow Dog Trials and
Conformation Shows also. So they have competitions in
Texas, Louisiana, Florida, California, and Oregon. They typically have one show a year in all of those different venues. They start out their year
with the national show in Louisiana and they keep track of all the high point scores for
all the different shows and they have a Top 10 Bay
Off, and Top 10 Cow Dog Trial, and they also have Obedience
and it’s really a lot of fun. The NALC tries very hard
to perpetuate the breed to educate the breeders and exhibitors and just make sure that
Catahoulas in general are in good homes where they’re being used for what they were bred to do. A Catahoula can make a great
pet in the right environment. A Catahoula, because
they’re very independent, because they are incredible thinkers, because they can be very stubborn, they can be good pets but they
can also be your worst enemy. If they don’t have the right environment you will not be happy and
neither will your Catahoula. You Catahoula will make sure that you know that they aren’t happy. They’re not a dog that
thrives in isolation. They’re very much a pack-oriented dog. They love their family. They love to be with you. If you’re an active family
with an active lifestyle, if you like to run, mountain
bike ride, skateboard, then yes, they can absolutely be a pet. They can also make a great service dog. But it really depends on the dog, and it depends on the environment, and making sure that the
owners are smart enough to outsmart the dog
and know what the needs are for that dog both
mentally and physically. I would say the right
environment for a Catahoula to be a pet would be to
have plenty of room to run, to have exercise daily, and
to be part of the family. Don’t think you’re going to
be putting that Catahoula out in the backyard and
it’s going to be happy. It’s not to, it wants to
be with you all the time. The Catahoula breed
standard varies slightly between the males and the females. The males are between 22 and
25 inches at the withers, and the females are a little shorter, 22, 23, 24 inches high. They are a medium-sized
dog, medium to large. They’re to be well muscled. They’re not supposed to be real bulldoggy, and they’re not supposed
to look like a Greyhoud. They should be real evenly balanced, well-muscled, athletic looking animal. They come in all sorts
of different coat colors. They come in different eye colors. It really doesn’t matter
what the coat color or the eye color is. What really matters is that
the dog has the instincts to do what the dog was
bred for, which is to hunt. The males typically are
right around 70 pounds, the females about 55 pounds. They have a very long life expectancy for a medium to large breed dog. A lot of Catahoulas live to
be an average of 13 years old. Some even 14 and 15. They don’t have a lot of
health problems per say. They can have hip issues just like any medium to large breed dog. So it’s important that
adult dogs are cleared from any hip issues before
they’re used for breeding. I recommend LFA or
PennHIP for those tests. Typically those are done when
the dogs are two years old. Other than that they don’t
have a lot of issues. They can have some skin
issues, eye issues, and hearing issues if you
double up the merle gene. So you have to be careful about that too and make sure that your
dogs are BAER tested for their hearing and CERF
tested for their eyesight. Doubling up the merle gene is what happens when you breed a merle
Catahoula to a merle Catahoula. You will have a certain
amount of the litter that has a double merle, some
that are single merle, and you can even have
some solids in the mix. But when you double up the merle gene, it sometimes can give you
excessive white puppies. Those are puppies that
have too much white on them over their body. Catahoulas should not have more than 70% of white on their body. They should not have an all white head, and if they don’t have
any pigment on their ears, a lot of times they can be deaf. So you have to be very, very careful. There are many ways to
keep a Catahoula active if you’re going to have a
Catahoula in your home as a pet. Mental stimulation, you can
do nose work with the dog. You can do trailing with the dog. You can, as long you getting them out and mentally stimulating
them they will be happy. There’s a lot of physical
activities you can do. Walking, running,
bicycling, skateboarding. A lot of dogs like to go to dog parks. I don’t recommend Catahoulas for dog parks because it may not be
your dog that’s the issue, but a lot of people don’t have
a good handle on their dogs, and they’ll come up and
get in the Catahoulas face, and the Catahoula will not tolerate that. So if you’re out walking your Catahoula, or just out in public in
general, you have to be aware. You need to make sure that
you’re thinking for your dog, because if you’re not
thinking for your dog, the dog will definitely think for you. They’re very, very intelligent that way. It’s pretty easy to keep them occupied. Like I said, don’t think that
you’re going isolate the dog, because the dog will be miserable. Even if you’re home all day
and the dog is with you, and you go out and you throw
the ball in the backyard, as long as that dog has
plenty of room to run and at least an hour a day for
some good physical exercise, the dog can make a very happy pet. At Tasso Catahoulas we are blessed to have some amazing dogs. The first dog I want to talk
about is Tasso’s Zydeco Duke. He has a very long title. He is a multi Best In
Multi-Breed Show winner. He’s a multi Reserve Best
In Multi-Breed Show winner. He has his Grand Champion in UKC. He has his Lure Coursing title in UKC. He is also a quad Grand Champion in NALC, which means he has his Hogbane title, his Raccoon Treeing title,
his Conformation title, and he is also a registered service dog. Tasso’s Zydeco Duke is a blue merle. He’s a patchwork and he
has what would be called marble eyes because his eyes
are half blue and half brown. Duke is nine years old. So with all that being said he
is a beautiful representation of the breed with his
Conformation and his work ethic. He has a go that will go all day. He has a great stop. When you tell him to
stop he’s very respectful when he is out in the trials, and that’s one of the biggest
issues of having a dog that will work is being able
to find that off switch. Sometimes it’s hard to find. In the show ring he’s a big showoff. He absolutely loves it. There’s nothing that the
dog won’t do to please you. He just has a great temperament. As far as his size, he’s
right in the average for Catahoula, maybe a little
bit on the larger side. He’s about 24 1/2 inches at the shoulder and weighs about 75 pounds. He’s very athletic, very
intelligent, loves to run, but he also really enjoys being
our daughter’s service dog. He has traveled extensively with her, and he’s just a very
good dog as far as having a level head and just being
there whenever you need him. He’ll do just about anything in the world you could ask him to do. At Tasso Catahoulas we also
Tasso’s King of Hearts. We call him Valentino. He’s an absolute love. He also has done very
well in the UKC show ring. He is a Grand Champion. He has his Lure Coursing title, and he has his first Nose Work title. He also has won several
multi Best In Breed shows, Best In Show wins and he
also has several Reserve Best In Show wins. He is about 24 inches at the shoulder, and he weighs about 72 pounds. He also has a great work ethic. He has a little bit of a
quieter demeanor however. He’s a little easier to travel with. When we’re going to be going
somewhere he’s our go-to dog. He loves to travel in the RV,
loves to fly on airplanes, and he’s everybody’s friend. Unless you’re on the outside
of the fence, however. If you’re on the outside of the fence and trying to come over
I would recommend it, because he turns into a
rabid crazed watch dog. He also has a good off switch though, and he knows when to use his athleticism. He’s done very well at
the NALC trials also. He’s a tri champion so he has his Hogbane title, his Conformation title, and he’s also a registered service dog. Valentino is a red patchwork. Red is actually a dilute of black. So you don’t see as many reds
as you do the blue merles. But he is considered a red patchwork and he has double-glass eyes. Tasso’s King of Hearts,
otherwise known as Valentino, is six years old. Tasso’s Lady Tarra has
done quite well in NALC. She is my go-to hog dog,
my go-to treeing dog. She loves to bay, she’s
extremely athletic. She has done very, very
well at the trials, winning several high points. She has her Conformation title as well. She’s very correct. She’s a little on the smaller side, but she is a female so
she’s supposed to be a little bit smaller. She probably weighs about 55 pounds, which is the average size
for a Catahoula female. She’s a black and tan. She is seven years old. She also has done will in the UKC ring, although she’s not much of a show girl. It’s not her favorite thing to do, but she has earned her
Grand Champion title. She’d much rather be
out treeing something, or baying something though. Or actually working cattle. She’s also a very good little herding dog. She gets around real quick,
and she has a lot of stamina. She can go all day. Tasso’s Heartbreak Lexie
is a red patchwork. She has double glass eyes
and she is four years old. She is a Grand Champion in UKC. She is our daughter’s
predominant service dog. Bethany travels with Lexie
just about wherever she goes. Lexie does a good job
of taking care of her, and giving her the confidence
to be out in the world. She’s a great little dog. She does like to be in the show ring. She hasn’t been shown as much in NALC yet, but we’re looking forward
to adding some titles to her in the near future. Bitter Brush’s Babette is six months old. She is a typical Catahoula puppy. She’s has a lot of energy. She is red leopard and
she has the hazel eyes that are common in the
red leopard coat color. It’s not very often that
you see the blue eyes in the red leopard. A lot of times you see the yellow eyes, or what we call hazel eyes. She’s a lot of fun. I think she’s going to
be a great working dog, and a great show dog also. That’s my goal as a breeder is to produce Catahoulas that have a great work ethic and that look great in the show ring, and look really good in your backyard. The Catahoula Leopard Dog is a great dog. They can be a wonderful family dog. They can be your best friend, and an incredible companion and watch dog. But with that being said, they can also make your
life absolutely miserable if they don’t receive the adequate mental and physical stimulation
that this breed requires. There’s a lot of responsibility that goes into the breeding of these dogs. They have to be healthy
and you have to make sure that you go to a breeder that
does testing, health testing. The other thing that you need to do is make sure that the breeder
is willing to help you and be there if you have
problems with your puppy or with your grown dog. We don’t want our dogs to
end up in the shelters. We don’t want our Catahoulas miserable and creating a bad image for the breed. They are first and foremost a hunting dog. They are very intelligent
and with that being said they can just be your
ultimate best friend, but they can also make
your life a living hell if they don’t have the
correct stimulation, both mentally and physically.


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  • Dark Tiramisu Post author

    i own one youtube k n o w s

  • kenny powerz Post author


  • Marc R Post author

    Her catahoulas are beautiful

  • Matt Hayes Post author

    Shity dogs they don't even actually bite Hogs they just track them

  • JAMES FINELY Post author

    looks like we have another elizabeth warren here lol

  • Sue Hulbert Post author

    We got our Maya from an animal shelter in NW Indiana as a puppy, thinking she was likely a german short haired pointer mix. However, after she started growing we were wondering what she really was. After having a couple people in campgrounds tell us that she looked like a catahoula it got us wondering. Of course, it's hard to tell without an expert. Having researched them she seems to fit the personality traits of one and to us has the looks. Unfortunately she had to have both acls fixed in her knees so weight gain has been an issue but, that is starting to improve. She is stocky and was all muscle before the surgery and loved jumping down the stairs from the half way point, thus the torn ACL's. So protective of her property.What you just said about other dogs approaching it, boy is that true! We have had issues with her and our daughters dog, she has no sense of personal space and really angers our Maya. However, she is crazy about her mixed breed younger sister. She looooves our grand kids and is so good with the little ones. Sloppy kisses all the time but, God help the person that threatened me in any way! I am becoming more convinced that she is a Catahoula, not a mixed breed.

  • Tachibana the service dog Post author

    Looks like a lab but bad ass

  • School Bus Post author

    I have one. His name is Jax. He can jump higher than my door

  • The Boring Case files Post author

    I think my dog is a catahoula leopard dog, beagle and a Jack Russel Terrier.

  • shift intohigh Post author


  • Denise View Post author

    Do they all have blue eyes? I would love to see them work cattle.

  • ethan brekke Post author

    I have teo two*

  • Janelle C Post author

    Breeders suck

  • Anna Grace Scoggins Post author

    My Catahoula is sitting in my lap she is a very very good dog. A very smart dog I love her so much

  • Mike RV Post author

    We have a golden retriever/catahoula. He’s completely useless. Cute though.

  • Daniel Malone Post author

    I have two catahoola dogs

  • mike webster Post author

    Rottweilers were cattle drovers in the old days. The butcher's dog

  • Donald Heine Post author

    Both my mother in law and I got bit by one. Person was on vacation in Louisiana thought they looked cool and bought one without doing any research. No thank you.

  • Anna Coolman Post author

    There's no such thing as a "registered" service dog in the United States..

  • Ken Kramer Post author

    We rescued our Catahoula 2 months ago. He became the center of our home right away. Needs a little discipline, as he constantly eats things he shouldn’t. All my socks are missing the heel. LOL! But, we absolutely love
    our Gryffindor!

  • Caller ID Post author

    Amazing breed. Almost people smart.

  • Paddy Ohara Post author

    Looks like a big fox hound

  • Morgan Fix Post author

    I have a Catahoula/Aussie and he is the BEST dog! He is crazy smart. Knows English, Spanish, and hand commands. He's scared of cattle and horses though lol.

  • Bezerkur a6e Post author

    My catahoula saved me. He is my best buddy. He keeps me active and he has some peculiar quirks. He loves thunderstorms. When it's thundering and he's outside he just runs non stop barking. If he sees a reflection of light, whether it's something off a pan or a flash light, he will bark and want to catch the light spot. I've only seen cats react like that. I take him to the dog park every day. Some dogs he allows to do the greetings, some he gives them a little quick nudge to back off. Ones who are very timid and show submission he sometimes will go in Bay mode. Only a couple times in 3 years has there been real incidents. He has never drew blood. I've had dogs all my life but I don't consider him a dog. He's so darn smart and loyal. I love him like a child. And will do anything for him. I'm glad they have long life spans. Not sure his age, he was a rescue.

  • T G Post author

    I love my catahoula!! Very beautiful and loyal breed!!

  • Flugschüler Fluglehrer Post author

    Air sent and ground sent are no problem for German shorthair.

  • DeezHandzTho! Post author

    I am trying so hard to finish this video, but I dont know why this lady is annoying me. Im sorry lady. But I love these dogs tho

  • Ashley Gardner Post author

    I got a catahoula leopard dog and her name is Luna she is 2 years old and is taller than me and I am 11!!

  • Kassy Valdez Post author

    *Native Americans

  • jeanne griffin Post author

    The multicolored coats are stunning!

  • Kurt Baker Post author

    Native Americans **

  • Aaron Evans Post author

    I have a blonde bobtail. Was a shelter rescue. She can be loving but she can turn and gets absolutely vicious over anything she claims hers. We have all been bitten and I've almost had her put down. I love Dog's but we also have a coy dog who is ten years who she bullies as well. She nipps and bites him and pushes him around with her rear. What they say about them being ranch / farm dogs is true. They need to work are extremely protective and are destructive if not excersised. These are not house dogs although they can be. They are very smart and can be trained. But make no mistake do not underestimate there power. This Dog is a concealed ak-47 and is fully loaded. Pits are nothing I'm sorry. These Dog's are well known here in Missouri and are widely used for hunting hoggs. Any animal that can take down a 400lb hog needs avid respect. They are wonderful animals for what they are bred to do but are not for your average homeowner.

  • Rebel1Sniper Post author

    I have a catahoula pitbull mix and she’s black and white she’s the best dog I could ever ask for

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