The Battle of the Birds | Australia’s Deadly Monsters

The Battle of the Birds | Australia’s Deadly Monsters

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NARRATOR: All the commotion has
drawn other unwanted attention. Raptors begin to gather. Falcons and kites
watch on with keen eyes and carnivorous intent. And then it begins– a spectacular aerial
battle of life and death, the hunter and the hunted. Black falcons
swoop to the chase, attempting to single
out stragglers within the heaving mass. With dazzling effect, the
flock moves as a single entity, disorientating their
agile pursuers. The parakeets defensive
strategy holds for all but the weak and weary. Amidst the onslaught, the
parakeets must risk a drink. Now, whistling
kites join the fray. Using a different strategy,
they target distracted parakeets on the water’s edge. For the raptors, it’s a
feast in the midst of famine. The patience of the
perentie is also rewarded. He slinks in to capitalize
on fallen casualties. His adaptable diet
greatly increases his chances of survival. Like a passing desert
storm, the parakeets move on to the next watering hole. Peace returns to
the vast open land.

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