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hey guys this is Haley from and in today’s video I’m gonna be showing you guys what’s in my
grooming kit so this is my grooming kit it’s in the same container as my
emergency kit the first one I showed you and this is just everything that I use
to groom my bunnies and keep them maintained but obviously it’s very
important for a rabbits health to be groomed to keep away mats so the first
thing I’m gonna show you is the Furminator this is a really good brush I
think it works really great so definitely pick one of these up if you
guys don’t have one already this is the hair Buster this is another really good
brush that I enjoy using some rabbits don’t like it because it can feel like
it pulls a little bit more so you have to be very careful when you’re using it
I also have this brush I don’t remember the name of it but I will leave it down
in the description if you guys want to buy it this is a very gentle brush
compared to the hair Buster and it doesn’t get as much fur out but it is a
lot more gentle and then I just have these two
grooming scissors there are two different lengths and they’re full of
rabbit hair so they just have dulled tips on top which is really good so that
you don’t like stab the rabbit so it’s really good because it’s dull tipped so
that if you’re cutting them and they move it’s not gonna like stab into them
so that’s why I really like these these can be used to trim around their butt
area especially for elderly rabbits who aren’t able to keep themselves clean
down there you can just snip the fur nice and short so that you know it
doesn’t get a whole messy and crazy so then the next thing I also have a
clicker this has nothing to do with grooming but that’s where I keep my
clicker so it’s in there next is q-tips I use q-tips for my
rabbits to clean out their scent glands I don’t think I’ve ever really used it
for anything else but it’s really helpful a lot of people were wondering
in my last video which I’ll leave in the iCard up above they were wondering if
cleaning scent glands is something you have to do and in my opinion it doesn’t
need to be done like every single month but I would say definitely keep an eye
on them look in the scent glands basically next to
the anus you kind of pull it apart and you can look inside if the stuff inside
the scent glands is nice and moist and not really bothering anything I wouldn’t
say you necessarily have to clean them but what can happen is the scent glands
can get really hard and crusty and crusted shut so that is actually hard to
like open the scent glands and in that case yes they do need to be cleaned out
because that means your rabbit isn’t able to clean them out themselves so
yeah I honestly don’t clean them that often but if it’s hard and crusty
definitely needs to be cleaned next I have this brush this people ask me where
I get it all the time when I was like 10 years old I was a part of a book club a
horse book club and I got sent books in the mail once a month and this came with
it it’s like a little horse curry comb but it’s like really soft bristles I
really like it and I think it works really well but they do sell dog brushes
like this just look for anything like rubber bristled and it’s basically the
same thing next our nail clippers these are just like $2 $3 cat nail clippers
basically they just have a curved scissor part there so that it doesn’t
crush the nail so that’s why you should never use human nail clippers on rabbits
because it is flat and it will crush the nail when you clip it these are nice and
curves so it doesn’t damage the nail that’s it for the top I also have some
of these things they’re just binder clips I don’t know why they’re in here
but they are um and on the bottom the only things I have are cotton pads and I
just use cotton pads as well when cleaning out scent glands I just wet them
down and I just find it easier to clean with them I don’t know
so those in q-tips are what I use to clean scent glands but yeah that’s it in
my grooming supplies so that’s kind of it for everything basically there is a
hair oh it’s a reflection or anything like it’s not gonna hurt them like… what am I doing especially is ther is rabbit hair

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