The Birds (11/11) Movie CLIP – Unending Terror (1963) HD

The Birds (11/11) Movie CLIP – Unending Terror (1963) HD

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Did you hear anything
on the radio ? It’s-It’s all right.
Come on.[ Turning Doorknob ][ Gull Crying ]No. No ! Shh. Shh. – Mitch ?
– Shh ! Stay there. Can I bring
the lovebirds, Mitch ? They haven’t harmed anyone. A-All right.
Bring them.[ Shutting Door ][ Starts Motor ][ Car Driving Away,
Bird Squawking Intensifies ]

100 thoughts on “The Birds (11/11) Movie CLIP – Unending Terror (1963) HD

  • Dennis Esposti Post author

    The family is leaving their home hoping to find a safe haven in San Francisco. I read that Hitchcock wanted to extend this ending to show the car driving up to the San Francisco bridge only to find that birds were perched all along the bridge. For whatever reason, the director settled on this ending.

  • alvaro masis ramirez Post author

    Este gordito, no es un desgraciado, ¡Es un Genio que aprovecho los temores del ser humano de forma magistral y perfecta!.

  • Shaina Mathey Post author

    …MINE! mine mine mine mine mine!!

  • hcm9999 Post author

    That is scary movie!

  • The One Galen Post author

    This is the moment that makes the entire movie worth it. Absolutely terrifying.

  • wolf2966 Post author

    My class had began to judge this movie because of its age but at the end one person said they would never look at a bird the same way agian

  • Ryan Marte Post author

    Why are the birds attacking?

  • Marcus Sanchez Post author

    Stupid ending

  • Nadia Woźniak Post author

    It depends what kind of movies scare you, like for ne this is more scary than the ring… and this ending is absolutely thrilling – leaving the city with no one but birds. Very good movie

  • Nadia Woźniak Post author

    I guess that Hitchcock wanted to show that even if you survived, you didn't win and things that happened left a sign on your life… I mean even they got out of this place the fear will stay though (;

  • Rafa Souza Post author

    The birds were trying to rescue the love birds. They tried to take the love birds out of the cage, I guess

  • FuranDuron Post author

    Just nuke the whole damn planet. No point letting animals inherit the earth

  • Chloe B Post author

    2:11 it sounds like he closed the door on one of the birds.

  • Jose Cortes Post author

    Yep. Then there is a silent fade to the Universal Pictures logo and the movie is over. It's funny about Hitchcock, a wildly ambitious filmmaker who by 1963 was trying to change audiences perception of what film is. As such, you have to see "The Birds" with an audience in a movie theater: he has terrified us for two hours and the last thing we see is that shot with the car sliding into an ambiguously lit landscape (that could easily represent either night or day), No fireworks, No music. The lights go up, you get off your seat and walk out to an eerie, unexpectedly threatening world outside: Hitchcock's perverse little game all along. And in those years he WAS at the very top of his game, making four dreamlike (or nightmare) masterpieces one after the other: "Vertigo", "North by Northwest", "Psycho", and "The Birds", cinema at its crystal-clear purest.

  • William Grove Post author

    Hitchcock decided against putting a "The End" on the film because he wanted the viewer  to be aware that this wasnt the ending for Melanie, Mitch and his family. They drove off into a uncertain future. Did they ultimately survive or not? Have loved this movie since childhood and never get tired of watching it.

  • Sammy Perez Post author

    I like that scene on 2:00 when Jessica Tandy have her arms around Tippi Hedren, in the beginning Jessica Tandy's character don't even like her

  • Richard Brimson Post author

    love the use of lighting! where is the door? lol

  • wiisalute Post author

    You do know the daughter is from Alien?

  • sean ceasar Post author

    Love this movie! They brought it back to theaters a couple of years ago and it was cool seeing it on the big screen with people's reactions. I remember after this ending, they forgot to turn the lights on and the screen was just black. Scary going down the steps but made it all the more thrilling.

  • Nouran Post author

    The short story is much better

  • victoria tran Post author

    "Look at all those chickens."

  • ImJustAngela Post author

    A classic moment in the history of "NOPE"

  • The Poke'Saurus Post author

    Those Darn Bird! O-O

  • santaunplugged Post author

    And now 50+ years later –

  • William Grove Post author

    The reason why the birds dont attack is explained in the movie where it is said that the birds attack and there are lulls in between( rest periods where the birds perch and do nothing.

  • Starman 101 Post author

    Cathy.So where are we going?
    Melanie.Lets go live with my parents in their mansion.
    Mitch.Okay let's go.
    Alfred.The end or is it? It is what did you want screw you guys i'm going home (walks out the door)

  • Matthew Gates Post author

    Can anyone answer if these scenes are in order? from start of film to end?

  • Malcolm George Post author

    The love Birds are the cause of this, they really the dangerous ones!

  • matt Walter Post author

    the ending to this scared the shit out of me when I was like 8

  • silverbird58 Post author

    what kind of car is that ?

  • Gunne619 Post author

    Easily the worst movie, I ever had to see.

  • sam rizzardi Post author

    I know Hitchcock probably didn't know this, but birds are technically dinosaurs. This movie is basically about dinosaurs reclaiming the earth.

  • Alix Jamieson Post author

    It's almost like they're applauding the characters leaving. I don't think there ever was a reason for the birds to attack, since unexplained events happen in nature all the time, but in this case it looked like it was something to do with Melanie and the lovebirds. Watch Hitchcock's trailer for this film and he drops a lot of hints that the birds may attack because of the treatment from man.

  • Dylanj2104 Post author

    Turns key Car turns on "We need to be quiet very very quiet" Radio come on with very loud Mexican music

  • Armera Sarmiento Post author


  • Johanna Carrasquillo Post author

    If you get in this situation you just Have ti bring a freaking flametrhower

  • Skyrevan Valor Deathsaber Post author

    make big robots with 7 flamethrowers 14 mini guns and 21 swords and your good to go…

  • Chris Amon Post author

    Are the all birds dead?

  • Lets AnimateIt Post author

    point 1: why they didn't attack like in the entire fucking film?
    point 2: really!? WHAT APPEND NEXT!?WHAT THE F*** MAN!!!

  • PaperCup Post author

    It never seemed to occur to any of them to put on some sort of head and eye protection when they went outside. Oh well, rational people always spoil a good horror movie.

  • Kevin Swan Lake Post author

    One of the worst movie endings!

  • Kevin Swan Lake Post author

    Why only Seagulls, Crows and Sparrows? In this scene they all sounded like pigeons.

  • Bluu Bandette Post author

    Does anybody kno y the birds were attacking in the first place??

  • Nessi Post author

    I personally think after this the lovebirds started attacking them. Maybe they were pretending to be quiet the whole time (birds are quite intelligent creatures, so this would make sense), but when they had the perfect chance, they started to attack them.

  • William James Post author

    I always believed the camera showed them leaving US, the viewers, behind. Showing that even if they get away. The problem has never been resolved.

  • Valer Williger Post author

    To anyone who sees +Poochie Collins post. Don't bother debating with him. He's too immature and obnoxious to argue with.

  • Lilith Silveira Post author

    The original Angry Birds movie.

  • yazri cat production Post author

    i like the angry bird 2016 more than this

  • towringer Post author

    Always loved the part at 0:37 when her eyes move, she realizes where she is and says "No, No…"

  • Ryne Green Post author

    This ending always got to me when I was a kid. Just how all of those birds were gathered there and left unexplained why they were attacking everyone

  • TOMAS DEMETER Post author

    alfrred is genius

  • Martina Murray Post author

    they don,t attack during the night do they? what about owls?

  • IDDGAF Post author

    welcome to europe with the migrants

  • Harmie ?? Post author

    Whether this movie as a whole is a classic or stupid, scary or not, this ending is really intense. When i watched it i was praying that they would make it to the car and escape. I am glad they do, even though Annie dies (the school teacher, she was my favorite character). But 2:33–2:56 is very creepy. It such a perfect shot, with the sun covered by clouds but slightly shining through. It is dark but has the perfect amout of lighting. I found those last 20 seconds to be the scariest part of the movie.

  • geldan1997 Post author

    How strange ONLY lovebirds didn't act like the other birds?????….

  • Josiah Brown Post author

    Seriously? why the hell would that girl bring her love birds aftrrall that?! at the same time, if they never harmed them i guess it makes sense

  • Florian Lokaj Post author

    What can be scary about it

  • Florian Lokaj Post author

    Every bird is killing people

  • Durrie McKnew Post author

    2:46 that's so my alarm clock right there!

  • Red _Rec Post author


  • See -3pio Post author

    The cinematography in that last shot, brilliant!

  • Trajoan Mayberry Post author

    The Great Movie with shitty Ending

  • Trajoan Mayberry Post author

    The Great Movie with shitty Ending

  • Trajoan Mayberry Post author

    The Great Movie with shitty Ending

  • Άννα Θεοδωρή Post author

    Η. Ταινια. Τα. Σπαει

  • Adrian Negrete Post author

    This is the end of the world

  • Eveline De Boer Post author

    I think it is the mother in law.She sends the birds.The former love interest from mitch annie hayworth got killed by the birds because she could not accept her .Melanie is very brave and she decides i can not kill her .In the car she accepts her and she allowes them to become a couple (the lovebirds are a symbol)thats my opinion ?

  • Otaku Beginner Post author

    She traumatized pretty bad…the fear is real though

  • Carlos Vences Taibo Post author

    El plano final quita el aliento… impresionante

  • Leo Antonio Post author

    birdie yum yum.

  • ysh Post author

    Honestly I respect most of AH's movies but wtf is this film. Was he on heroin while he was writing this? Idk maybe I'm expecting too much, but he is one of the best directors of all time. I really wish I never saw this movie.

  • OnlyAwesomely Post author

    2:11. Mitch must've crushed a bird in the door.

  • Spongeboy Ahoy! Post author

    Poor Melanie she went threw hell in this movie

  • A B Post author

    One of the Greatest Endings in the History of Cinema. So hopeless, horrifying, terrifying, dark, horrible, filled with anxiety, uneasiness, eeriness, suspense, undescribable horror and absolute dread. Suggesting to the viewer that The Birds have only just begun with the human species and are going to exterminate it from the face of the earth. LOVECRAFT would've *Loved* this Ending. Just Absolute Perfection.

  • Ankit pal Post author

    At that there were no CGI then how they managed to gather this many birds. Fantastic work by the crew

  • Avon Pendragon Post author

    2:25 – Birds "BEGONE HUMANS! Deliver our message! This World Is ours!"

  • Gacha girl 1230 Post author

    0:34 SEAGULLS

  • A. Ericsson Mantilla Post author

    “Dakota Johnson is Tippi Hedren’s Fucking Granddaughter.”
    Me: 0:43

  • Bird Up Post author

    This movie makes a lot more sense if you look at it as a dream, which is a theme Hitchcock used quite often.

    The only place where the logic of this film would make sense is in a dream.

  • Darskul Post author

    This is such a good movie, that door opening and that shot, geez, so good.

  • WonderFox Post author

    The world is their roost now.

  • Vita Lova Post author

    Ternyata manusia klu udah diserang hewan juga ampe segitunya tapi kebanyakkan manusia pada sombong nyakiti hewan sak enaknya

  • Godzi Eva Post author

    Roots of Dawn of the dead ?

  • tall32guy Post author

    Ay least they only squawked a little and mostly stayed quiet. Lol. If I saw all those birds I wouldn't turned around and tried to climb out the window instead lol

  • BTC Post author

    THE END?

  • P PA Post author

    Felt so bad for Melanie at the end, but finally Mitch's mom being compassionate to her. Really disliked that hysterical lady at the diner who blamed Melanie for it all, just because the birds started to attack when she arrived in town. It wasn't her fault at all.

    Most tragic death was Annie the school teacher. She kept the kids calm as possible and saved Kathy, getting attacked by the birds and killed, but saving the little girl.

    Always felt the two love birds should have been set free from the cage at the end.

  • Michael Song Post author

    I forgot how this movie goes. How does the birds take over the planet? Do they spread some kind of avian flu?

  • I'm That Guy That Makes Dumb Videos Post author

    Just 1 shotgun blast should do the trick, send them flying out of there

  • Michael Phillips Post author

    Any of us would be traumatized too if we were in Melanie's position.

  • Michael Phillips Post author

    This ending sort of leaves us with ominous questions. What became of the survivors, did the birds go back to normal, did the people find out what made the birds attack and what was left after the survivors escaped and the damages left by the birds?

  • Mad Maxwell Post author

    Well Hitch, I didn't want to sleep anyway!

  • Gamer kid for life Post author

    This move is scarier than IT

  • Hazar the meme brain Post author

    2:55 it sonded lile he ran over a bird

  • Lastdaysofspring Post author

    weren't they dolphins?

  • Nicholas Williams Post author

    I wish there was some sort of resolution.

  • kopa_leko Post author

    So is there a bird's 2 movie i wanna know me and my mom want to know? we first though we didn't record or do whatever that thing is save the movie fully I guess we thought we didn't save the whole thing we were mad about it

  • Dinah Kyle Post author


    Birds: Going somewhere?

  • Omar Videos Post author

    There r only crows and seagulls

  • dariusworld, soon to be closed World Post author

    Fact: half of the bird u see on the roof and ground were fakes, this was because the birds that attacked the people were killed due to being unsafe if let free in the wild, the birds were used to human skin, which concerned the film producers

  • Juice9512 Post author

    Something about those lovebirds got me thinking…

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