The boxer dog did not expect me at home

The boxer dog did not expect me at home

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Dilon Good dog

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38 thoughts on “The boxer dog did not expect me at home

  • K.l.a.r T.e.x.t Post author


  • princeumar20.09 Post author

    i like your content oBNn

  • Vanora Moon Post author

    xoxo for Dilon

  • Giussano Post author


  • ret ket Post author

    ❤️ love 😀

  • Dog Mastiff Post author

    Hey Poland's friend..! Very good the vídeo…l liked..😁🐶✌…thank you and be safe…

  • Kay burger Post author

    Who is the intruder knocking at the door? Oooh! It's you, dad. You're playing with me. Ha ha. So glad to see you, thought you were never coming home. Shame. Animals get so attached to their owners. Love you, Dilon. ☺🙏💝💝💝💋💋💋

  • Lisa Godin Post author

    Dilon was sleeping so soundly and then sees you and goes ooops! Barked at the wrong person, love me, daddy! So sorry I yelled at you.

    House and baby sitting is tiring! Dilon may next talk to his union boss for a raise so he'll pay attention on who sneaks in.

  • AmyF Faranso Post author

    The happiest most joyful breed! Nothing compares to a Boxer.
    Are you living in Poland?

  • m tracy Post author

    0:31 giving a curious sniff at the bag of shopping?❣️

  • Archie & Alfie Post author

    😂😂 Best welcome home ever 🐶❤️

  • Paula Morrison Post author

    Aw that's so bad😂

  • Paula Morrison Post author

    Poor Dilon Lol💙🤣

  • Sue Johnson Post author

    Dillon is one happy doggy my dog max bless him use to go absolutely bonkers when my husband and I came home we miss him so much he was a black labrador

  • Yayoi Sakura Post author

    Daddy!!! Don't do that!! 😆 He is a good guard baby! 🐾💕🐾

  • Susie Arndt Post author

    Typical Boxer soooo excited to see their master 🐕🐾

  • Els-KB Post author

    Dilon is the heroe. And very clever and beautiful😘😍🐾🐾

  • Cristina Palermo Post author

    This is boxer love in action ❤️💖

  • Bogdan Okuniewski Post author

    Pięknie wyrósł.

  • DENNIS DANIEL Post author

    Love the way Dilon jumping up and down and sniffing the shopping bag.

  • Heidi Buse-Bing Post author

    Boxer fever!!! Have 3 nothing better!

  • Eli Post author

    Dilonek passed the knocking test 😊 He s a brave housekeeper and little baby sister security guard. 🐕🍼👨‍👩‍👧

  • Csilla Tóth Post author

    Nagyon aranyos,nekünk is van boxerünk,nagyon hasonlit Dilonra.Őt Igornak hivják💖💖🐾💋

  • Алексей Алексеев Post author

    Боксеры делают нашу жизнь лучше, ярче и веселей! 😀👍

  • rosanne Post author

    You can't fool me Human… Lucky you're not an intruder

  • Ruby Post author

    Dilon was so happy to see it was you! 😊 And I was so happy to see his cute face again!!
    😘 Kisses and hugs to Dilon!!! Good boy Dilon! ❣️❣️.

  • Kathleen Post author

    Looks like he's 90% happy to see you and 10% mad that you tricked him!!! I love it. And the famous Boxer bodily noises…sounds like the snorting and grunting of the line-up on a football field after the ball is hiked!

  • Going Crazy Post author

    Boxers have so much love to offer

  • Er. Ashutosh Dash Post author

    By the way you from which country ??

  • Anthony D. Post author

    Protector & Lover !!!! Beautiful!

  • Karolina Post author

    Dilon jesteś cudownym boksiem😘 Tak samo jak moja Masza cieszysz się cały sobą. 5 minut nie widzicie właściciela a cieszycie się jakbyście nie widzieli go wieczność. I te miny bokserów są najcudowniejsze. Kochane, urocze i przepełnione miłością. Bo chyba nie ma rasy, która by tak kochała człowieka jak bokser. Dilon jest tego przykładem😍💗

  • Usta Befast Post author

    This is actually a good exercise to help teach him not to get too excited when someone knocks on your door. I think he'd react a little harder("Look at my muscles 'cuz I'm gonna punch u in da throat" kinda reaction u want to see when your not right there.
    Another fun vid guys!!

  • CRYSTAL CONNER Post author

    What a good boy Dilon 💕💕

  • kd8poi Post author

    Hi, I love your videos. My father was Polish, and he worked in a beautiful town called Jelenia Gora. When he was there, he and my mother bought a beautiful Boxer they named Kasia. I visited there in the mid-1990's and I noticed in some of your videos that the town you live in looks familiar. Am I right? Both the dog and my father have passed away. But, when I see you speaking Polish to Dillion, it reminds me so much of the two of them, its really heartwarming. My mother loves your videos too, very nice memories for her.

  • Famiglia Carlucci Post author

    Stupendo dolcezza infinita anche quando abbaia

  • Ko-kun Post author

    1:07 woah, 100% uwagi, chcialabym tez tak u mojego Rufuska 😮

  • Blink Pink Post author

    No creature on this planet shows the depth of their love quite like a Boxer.

  • Cricri Cricri Post author

    Good boy Dilon 😍😍💙💙💋💋👍👍

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