The dog always welcomes you, the owner, with a smile.

The dog always welcomes you, the owner, with a smile.

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Yes! This is Ralf, the dog groomer. What I ’ll tell you today is Your dog recognizes you all, Will accept all of you. Please hear the story. I am happy if you can see it to the end. Even if I get tired from work and come home, Also, even if I smell sake and come home The dog will always welcome you with a smile. It makes me very happy to come home. And, for example, … It’s not about me Even if you come back from outside The dog is very pleased with his father’s return. Also, I think that there are people with high incomes and people with low incomes. Even people with low income, The dog smiles when the owner returns home. Also, even if you are not good at studying, dogs will be happy to smile when you return home. And … When a solitary child returns home in a school classroom, the dog smiles and makes him happy. The beauty of dogs is … In any situation The owner will return home with a smile and make me happy. Like this It accepts all the owners and accepts all the owners. I think this kind of thing is quite difficult for us human beings. How about me? I will think. About the person who is right in front of me Do you accept 100%, accept 100%, love 100% pure feelings? I can’t do it every time. Dogs Every time It makes me happy with a smile. I think this is amazing. This is also my goal. About the person who is right in front of me Keep loving with 100% pure feeling. I want to be that kind of person. Would you like to have the same goals? I think that would lead to a peaceful world. Let’s aim together. And another great thing about dogs Don’t judge the owner. We humans For example, the annual income is high or low, smart or bad 、、、 Do you tend to judge people in various ways? You shouldn’t judge a person with that kind of thing in your head, and even if you don’t want to judge it, There are times when you judge someone, right? Dogs never judge such owners. I will summarize what I told you today. With a pure feeling for the person in front of you Accept 100%, accept 100%, love 100%. And Do not judge people. Let’s do it together. How was your YouTube today? in this way The person who saw the dog smiled, and the person who saw that smile also smiled It made me smile, and I made a chain of smiles This area Japan, the world If you smile I think it will be a peaceful and harmonious world. I am doing this YouTube aiming at such a world. So I want many people to see it. Press the share there. I got a lot of people to know that I convey peace and love. Thank you for watching until the end.

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