The Dogs Were on TV !

The Dogs Were on TV !

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Good, wonderful, beautiful, morning Pawdiance Memphis, how come your not up here on the couch with Shelby? Shelby seems to like the couch the most of everybody I keep finding her here in the corner. Is this your new favorite spot? You look really cute on it too. So Memphis and I are currently heading down to WBKB Which is our local TV station because they wanted to interview us About our YouTube channel they were gonna come here and do it and then things got a little crazy, so I’m like well What if I just bring one dog and we go there and make it a little easier, so I’m gonna take Memphis with me We’re gonna go down there and get interviewed I don’t know if I’ll film much while I’m there, but maybe we’ll see. How about- How about you? You ready? You ready go, yeah? Yeah, Oakley’s like “Can I just have a cookie?” Yeah you can have a cookie. You guys are getting cookies and you can come with me. Deal? Deal. Let’s go *Memphis Whining* When Memphis is alone in the car- No, you have to stay in your seat. You know the rule She likes to- Do this… *Memphis Whining* A lot. She only really does this when she’s by herself though. Who are you talking to? You talking to all the other people in cars? Yeah, yeah Yeah Yeah Is it driving you crazy? No, get in your seat. It drives her crazy because she can see other people Anyways, we are going to the news station. So we are down at WBKB And we just did an interview with the guys at WBKB Memphis and I are gonna be on TV. And I thought I’d show you guys some behind the scenes that everybody doesn’t always get to see. Memphis is like “I just came for the pets” You go everywhere for the pets. Don’t ya? So yeah, I will share all the stuff with you guys so that you guys can watch it as well once it- When is it going up do we know? WBKB Guy: It will be for the 6 o’clock tonight Okay Alright, well Michael make sure to share me a link, and then I’ll share with you guys, so you can watch it as well Memphis is just gonna hang out here all the rest of today. She’s like I’ll do the news She does “I’ll do it all!” So back from the news, and I did I get to film a little bit there for you guys And I will put a link down in the video description to the story so you guys can go watch it. That was fun, Jamie They wanted me to stay there, and I was gonna like do fun things and stuff, but I decided I better come home It was fun. I had a lot of fun; that was fun I can’t even see you looking at you right here cuz of the snow. You’re like invisible. No, no, nope no, no. Wait I got to do this way. Can I see you yet? Oh hi Jamie good morning. Alright, I better let the dogs back inside. We’re on TV! Memphis is like “Wait! That’s me!” They made her sit in the chair. So That was like super cool and super fun. That was- So it- it’s so cool So the guy that actually wanted to interview with us with WBKB Which is our local news station was the same person who did The story when we had all the pumpkins and stuff super super nice guy’s name is Mike and He’s been wanting to do this story with us for so long about the dogs in the YouTube channel and the problem is like We had it scheduled, and then we found out about Shelby’s cancer And then she had surgery and then Oakley had surgery, and it’s been one thing after another has been absolutely insane So we were finally able to get together and do this story, and that was so cool. I was so excited That was so much fun I’m glad that we were finally able to do that if you guys want to see the story in full I’m gonna have links up in the cards and down in the video description below So you should definitely go check it out leave a comment on the video over there So they know that you guys saw it And they know that you watched it and now go check out the video and let us know what you think that was I- I Know it’s- it’s I don’t know if I think it seems silly or I don’t know if silly is the right word I don’t know. I just thought it was really cool. I love it when people Really like enjoy what we do and want to learn more about it I’m always willing to talk about like what we do and how we do it and educating people I’m a lot of you know that I do run like a YouTube group where I help fellow YouTube creators and things like that so When were able to like talk about what we do and bring the not awareness, but tell more people our story I don’t know. I just think it’s really cool, so. We got to be on TV! We got to be on TV! We got to be on television, we got to be on- You guys know what that’s from? So we got to be on TV, and I thought that was pretty cool And we wanted to share that with you guys, so you should definitely go check that out. Oh, and if you want to Hear about a little bit of the stuff that I’ve been going to meetings for all week So I know I kind of sort of like threw it out there that I’ve been like I have a meetings. And I have to go here and do a meeting, but I haven’t really been able to say a lot about what’s going on well There’s a news clip that, you can watch that is also on that page, and it’s about the Huron Humane Society I’ll put a link to that one down below It’s about the Humane Society and some of the stuff going on there and that’s actually what I’ve been Going and talking with people about and trying to figure out what’s going on with our local animal shelter It’s sad like all the way around. It’s sad There’s things happening and people pulling support, which we don’t want we don’t want the shelter to lose support so we’re trying to figure out what’s going on and help and save the shelter basically I’ll be able to talk to you guys more about it soon and about what I think should happen but right now I just don’t want to say too much because like I said I don’t know who all from our own town actually watches these and I don’t want people to think that I’m Biased on one side and want to do this, and I don’t want it to because we do live in a very small town But yeah, those are the things I’ve been doing anyway. Go check that stuff out It’ll be super fun, and you should totally go check it out I’m gonna get back to just chilling with these crazy girls cuz look at these look at these crazy girls look at her What are you doing? Memphis you’re upside down Do you know you’re upside down? Are you stuck upside down? Are you- Memphis? She’s like “I’m upside down guys. I’m just gonna stay this way because I love it.” So I’m pretty sure that Memphis likes the couch she keeps jumping up here on the chaise lounge part of it like this whole section is mine Oakley’s like curled up in the corner here I think she really likes this and then Shelby, she’s just happy she got a pillow Think the couch is a win guys So we did pretty good on the news. What do you think that was super fun. Like I said again, I will put the link up in the cards and down in the video description below so you guys can see the Interview and everything in full if you want to see it we had a lot of fun doing it. I would definitely Share that with you guys We’re kind of just chillin the rest of the night I think. Are we chillin? Waiting for the news to come on again because I want to watch the information on the Humane Society of Alpena See what happens there. We’re just hanging out I think we might play some video games for a little bit while waiting for the news to come on This just makes me so happy look at all my girls, all my girls. This is actually being recorded on Wednesday January 17th which is the five year? five years since Shiloh passed away, which also means that after today the tree can come down I Don’t know if I’ll take it down right away though, so had a very interesting day had a good day had fun but then I found out that a Friend of Mines dog passed away today from cancer and that kind of send me sent me spiraling down the sadness hole so We’ve kind of been chilling, but these girls are making me feel better Are making me feel better? Yeah, you are. Your making me feel better Anyway, I’m gonna play some video games. That’s what’s gonna happen right now Girls just got there Good night treats. You notice Shelby hasn’t had her Bell collar on all day She’s actually done really good today, and she gets her stitches out tomorrow, so I figured she didn’t have to wear it today All right you guys. We’re gonna go ahead and call it a night. I gotta get up early. And take Miss Shelby to the vet to get her stitches out we’re gonna go ahead and go to bed They’re still looking for cookies. All right you guys as always if you are new to this channel, and you like what you saw Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button, like this video, share with your friends to help us grow the Pawdience. And as always, Thanks for watching. Thanks for subscribing. Stay positive, Dream big and I will see you again soon What do you girls Think? Alright, Memphis is like “I’ll go to bed” Wanna go to bed? Let’s go to bed. Good night Pawdience

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