The Fixies ★ The Armor and The Dog ★ Fixies English 2017 | Cartoon For Kids

The Fixies ★ The Armor and The Dog ★ Fixies English 2017 | Cartoon For Kids

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Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Armor …-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five! Ready or not, here we come! I heard him! He ran into the hallway! You check the kitchen, Nolik,
and I’ll check the living room. Well? I just don’t get it! Where could he be hiding? The office! We forget to check in there! There’s nowhere in here for him to hide. Inside the shark! Nolik, Tom Thomas couldn’t even fit
half of himself inside of that shark. Yeah? Then in that huge vase! Uh-huh! He’s all scrunched up in there
and laughing at us. Simka! There! Did you hear that? He IS in there! There’s no one! But I know that I heard a “hee-hee”! You imagined it. Let’s go take a look in the bathroom. I imagined it. It’s so stuffy inside this armor. The arms got stuck! Where else could he be?! Who is that?! Simka, the knight, he came to life!! Well, how much longer
are you going to look for me? Armor is very hard clothing worn by warriors
to protect them against swords and arrows. People started making armor in ancient times but the full body armor that knights wore
didn’t start until the Middle Ages. The armor worn by knights on horses was heavy. It could weigh a hundred pounds! And if a knight fell off of his horse, he’d need help to get back up again. By the way, the knights’ horses, they wore their own
heavy set of armor for protection. Hey! Did you turn into statues?! Tom Thomas? Is that you in there? Who else?! Lift up this visor. I can barely breath! And how come we should do it? Cause I can’t. Don’t you see? My arms got stuck! We see. You look funny! Funny to you, but now I’m stuck
and I can’t get out of here. Come on, help me out please! Great! Chewsocka is just
what we need right now. Chewsocka, what’s wrong with you?! It’s me! Hey! Stop it! Help! I can’t get up! Come on, let’s undo
the latches, Nolik. Quickly! Thanks for helping me! It was nothing! I couldn’t have done it without you. Let’s put the knight back together. Uh-huh! Before Dad gets back. Protective clothing isn’t just
for people who are fighting in battles. Travellers put on special nets
to protect themselves against mosquitos and gnats. And beekeepers wear protective clothes too. If they had nothing to protect them
from bee stings, their job would be quite painful. Without their protective clothing it would be impossible for firefighters
to go into burning buildings and save people. And how could astronauts go into
outer space without special clothing? It’s freezing up there
and there’s no air to breath at all. And that’s why they wear a special costume
called a space suit when they travel. The space suit not only protects
astronauts from the cold, but supplies them with air so they can breath. By the way, the Fixies also wear
protective clothing so they can stay safe while they work. Well, there. Did we get it right? It looks like we got it right. Only, where’s the helmet? Nolik went to get it. Tom Thomas! Helmet delivery! Thanks there, Chewsocka. Whoa there, war horse! Calm yourself down! There we go. It’s all back in place again. Too bad that your knight
looks like a ballerina twirling around. You see, his arm… I can’t move it, it’s stuck. Here’s what we’ll do.
Give him something to hold. Well, how’s that look? Perfect. Now he can paddle into battle! Fixies have a special sign
I happened to discover. They hold three fingers in the air
And flash it to each other. They send their greetings to you,
They sing them and they shout, But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Dog It’s about me! Fixies?! It’s Chewsocka. It sounds like she’s angry with us. I wish I knew what that mad dog
was thinking about. I’m thinking about you. You’d better hide, or people will see you! I’m leaving! See you later. It’s going to rain! Chewsocka! I have no time to play right now! I’m not playing. His feet are going to get soaked! Tom Thomas, I’m off. Don’t be late! Chewsocka, that’s enough! No! I need to go to school! He’s got his math class today,
and he’s leaving his math book! I’m trying to serve like a good dog, but no one understands me. Dogs have been serving people
since ancient times along with cows, horses,
chickens and other domestic animals. But of all of these animals
the dog was the very first. In the beginning,
domesticated dogs looked like wolves. Over time they started changing and were developed into dogs
of many different breeds from big Shepherds to tiny Chihuahuas. So, a dog is not only a human’s best friend, but his very first friend as well! What is that smell? Simka, come on out! I see you. Nolik! Jump down! Oh no, we’re trapped in here! Alert! Something’s burning over there! Why won’t they listen? I think she’s going to eat us! Together with the box! We’re done for. Come on, look! The outlet is sparking! Oh no! Something must have broken in there. Are we going to fix it? Kids should never touch outlets!
And you know it, too! It’s forbidden! Then how do we fix it? Go find Papus, and I’ll stay here and wait for you. But where’s Papus? I know where he is! I don’t know what she’s barking about, but I think Chewsocka wants to help us. Then come on, Chewsocka, help us! He’s in there! Papus! Papus! Nolik, is that you? There’s an outlet sparking over there,
and it smells like it’s burning! Are you sure? Yeah! Chewsocka found it! Really?! Great job! There are many kinds of service dogs – dogs that help people by carrying out
a wide variety of different jobs. Like protecting a house, or a flock of sheep if the dogs are shepherds. Some working dogs help guards
protect their borders, while others work for the police. There are sled dogs that transport
people and loads in the North where there’s only snow and no roads. Some service dogs help blind people by helping them get
to the places they need to go. And there are dogs
that save people trapped on mountains. And that’s not all! Dogs went up into space before humans! But don’t think that dogs
are just given these jobs. Oh, no! Like humans, dogs study for a long time before they are allowed
to take on serious work. That’s all! There won’t be a fire. Not today. Hurrah! Well done, Chewsocka! You’re a real service dog, no doubt about it! Yeah! I’m working! I’m a real service dog! Oh, Chewsocka, go away! I’ve had enough of you already today. Don’t say that. Because this working dog
just saved your house from burning down. What do you mean? She smelled smell coming from the outlet. It could be that Chewsocka means well
and wants to do the right thing, but nobody understands her! That’s a bit hard to believe. Then what’s this book? Oh, my math book! That’s where I left it. Remember how Chewsocka wanted
to make you take it to school this morning? You’re right! That a girl, Chewsocka! Well done! What a rain! My feet got wet to the bone. But this morning, Chewsocka tried to get you
to wear a different pair of shoes. That’s something. I should listen more closely
to this smart little dog of ours. Finally! They understand me!

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