The Hogwarts Houses as Humans E2: The Cat

The Hogwarts Houses as Humans E2: The Cat

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Hey Slytherin, guess what. What Guess No I found this cat. Ok I love him. He’s a good boy. Bruh, I don’t have time for this. We all have time for cats. You’re just mean. Dude, I’m not mean. That’s just my cat. And you’re holding him wrong. THIS IS YOUR CAT?? Oh my god,,,, I love him Yes, now please put him down and stop picking up random cats that you find, thank you. Wait a minute, since when is Slytherin capable of caring for another creature? I’ll gut you, worm. You’re proving my point, but ok. Cats don’t speak English and generally make obnoxious noises like you do. Cats make lots of noises though. They meow a lot and they knock things over at 3am. Wow, I guess you are a cat then Gryff. Shut the fuck up. If anything I’m a dog, bitch. Y’all are a bunch of furries. Says the furry. Huff is the furry, but go off. There’s nothing wrong with furries. Stop bullying them. The cat says stop bullying. I mean he’s right. There is nothing definitively wrong with furries. They’re cringey. Your face is cringey. Get him Huff! Kill the snake! Gryffindor, please, I’m trying not to have a migraine. Anyway, since when did you have a cat Slytherin? Since forever. We’ve never seen him before though? Um, I don’t talk about him but he’s cool. He’s a cOoL cAt. Wow, did I just make a pun? I think I need to kill myself. hHe’s the light of my life. I would die for him. I would die for you. Gross The migraine. It’s here. Don’t do that Gryffindor! I love you too much! I also love the cat! What’s his name? Um Oh boy He’s hiding something. I feel it in my left pectoral. I’m not 100% certain you know what pectoral means. Do not let that distract you from Slytherin being shady. Tell me his name. I wanna give lovies and pats. It might be,,, Might beeee- It might be Señor Whiskers. Bhahahahahahahahaha That’s great. I love that. This-this is bullying, right here. I love it. Don’t kiss my cat. Please. He needs kisses. He seems very upset right now and I wanna give him kisses. Y’know, he’s kinda big Are you fat shaming my cat? No? I’m just pointing out that cats usually aren’t that large?? That sounds like fat shaming. Leave my boy alone. I think Gryff is saying that your cat is kinda long in comparison to other cats and, therefore, also built bone structure wise a bit wider than other cats. Yeah-yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. That. What he said. Biiig boi get biiig pats. Ok, party time is over. Give me my cat. Noooo, I wanna love my baby. Excuse you, he’s MY baby. Awww, Slytherin is soft. I’ll kill you. No you won’t. I will. Someday. Huff, give him the cat back before I cry. Ok. Just remember he needs three cups of food a day. One wet, two dry cups. And he hate belly rub; don’t give it. He don’t like it. Also he wanna cuddle on bed but like don;t touch belly. He hate it. O-ok, my son. Be free. Um, ok then. Hi baby~ Hi babby boi. I love you, honey- This is the softest I’ve ever seen Slytherin. I think I might have a heart attack. Shut. Awww!! It’s so cute!!!! I will kill you. Shut up softie. I’ll break your collarbones, Gryff. Your threats are a little lackluster when you’re holding a cat, buddy. Let it be known: I hate all of you and that Señor Whiskers is, in fact, my only friend. That is true. Rude. I’m his friend. I mean, I- Don’t reject Huffy or I’ll have to fight. Cat or not. Fine, Señor Whiskers and Huffy are my only two friends. Yeah!!!!! Friendship!!!! That means I can pet the cat right?? I guess so???? I wanna pet. Keep your mufuckin’ grubby hands away from my cinnamon apple, the light of my life, the essence of my happiness. Look at him. Look at him. That’s soft. Shut. You can be soft, Slytherin. It won’t kill you. It might. It just might. It really won’t. You don’t have to be a hardass all the time.Take a chill pill, buddy. Enjoy life. Get your wisdom and logic out of here. You’re upsetting him. No. Damn, you drive a hard bargain, nerd. This little bitch wants to go away so I’m letting him go. Huffy, you better be good. How dare you. You can’t fight Ravenclaw. He always wins. Gryff, are you still mad about monopoly? Yes, yes I am. It’s been three weeks. Let it go, dude. You cheated, motherfucker. Dude, you’re the one that stole money from the bank. I watched you do it with my own two orbs. The lies! They wound me. Shut up and get the cat back. I miss him. Huff, life isn’t just about cats. Wrong, life is only about cats. Your obsession over my baby is concerning, Huff. I love him. We know, Huff. I’m leaving. I need to go feed him. He’s upset because y’all were holding him for too long. Also I think Huff wants to steal him and I’m a little concerned. Maybe I wanna play monopoly again. Let it gooooo, Gryff. I. Want. A rematch. I’m going with Slytherin. Y’all are too much. YOU CAN’T ESCAPE DESTINY Watch me, hoe.

This little rebel!!

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100 thoughts on “The Hogwarts Houses as Humans E2: The Cat

  • No Idea Post author

    Ravenclaw: Thats soft
    Slytherin: sHuT
    Ravenclaw: You can be soft Slytherin , it won't kill you
    Slytherin: iT mIgHt

    And after this moment , I understood that I am a Slytherin for real

  • uchiha clan Post author

    Ravenclaw: You can be soft Slytherin, it won't kill you

    Slytherin: It might it just might.

    Me: Well if your a death eater and you're soft you might have to kill, Or you will get killed… by Voldemort himself

  • Neon Storm Post author

    As a hufflepuff, I can confirm this is accurate

  • Rouge Pastels Post author

    Omg i am such a Hufflepuff-

  • Gaby Perez Post author

    I love this video thank you for making it

  • Kriss is Kross Post author

    I’m a Gryffindor, but was almost put in Slytherin, and yeah I am totally the Slytherin in this! 🙈😂

  • Kermit Post author

    Still a bit concerned that I'm a Hufflepuff with all these personalities put together except Ravenclaw but I won't judge my weirdness ヾ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)ノ♪

  • ᴘʀɪꜱᴄɪʟʟᴀ ᴍᴀ Post author


  • naly202 Post author

    That cat is definitely Slytherin ! I . He almost shouts: put me down, you weirdos! Leave me alone!

  • Kate Legends Post author

    Why is this giving me Sanders Sides vibes… XD

  • a big stupid pile of gay Post author

    im a slytherin but cattos need pattos, people
    especially the fatto cattos
    patto your fatto catto

  • Просто Киря Post author

    Ребят, я вам отвечаю, этот видос можно использовать как практику для перевода английских диалогов х)

  • That One Ducktales Fan Post author

    "I'll gut you, worm" dang bro

  • That One Ducktales Fan Post author

    What? I'm not a furry? Who said I'm a furry? What did yall hear?

  • shouto todoroki Post author

    I am a slytherin

  • Anna Agarunov Post author

    bro does anybody realize what the cat might be thinking throughout the hole process of this video

  • Bethany Bunny Post author

    Fact: Hufflepuffs love their Slytherin friends and every single animal they come across. Yes, including spiders. Even though they may scare us, we still love them

  • casteil??? Post author

    sanders side

  • 707 Post author

    Proof I'm a true Slytherin: I always win at monopoly.

  • 雨滴バラUTEKI BARA Post author

    I would die for the cat

  • Hallowed Lamb Post author

    Ravenclaws: Very susceptible to migraines.

  • jillian jenkins-niendorf Post author


  • Rebecca Berland Post author


  • Jeremy Rossi Post author

    5:12 – 5:22 me when someone tries to eat my favorite food without permission

  • Sara Aquino Marques Post author

    Ravenclaw: give him the cat back before I cry 😂

  • mia squade Post author

    They were people the founders

  • mia squade Post author

    Part 2 please

  • Robyn Corson Post author

    Slytherins are the stereotypical cat types…this seems so backwards

  • Evelynn Brannon Post author

    B E E G. B O Y G E T. B E E G. P A T S

  • Dipper Pines Post author

    Slytherin is my whole mood

  • Shanice Guevarra Post author

    im ravenclaw at 5:24 to 5:35 whenever a guy refuse to wear pink cuz its gAeY

  • Potato Watermelon Post author

    My best and only friend is a slytherin and I’m a hufflepuff she is amazing

  • CocoaPlayzGacha Post author

    Slytherin: also I think Hufflepuff wants to steal my cat
    Hufflepuff: maaaayyybe
    Me: this is why I'm in Hufflepuff. Literally as long as your a close friend, if you have food or something I want, I'ma try to take it, playfully. If it's money I won't actually take it though, but if it's food, prepare to get it snatched.

  • Just brocoli Post author

    I love you

  • David Hel Post author

    Why you made ravenclaw being so boring and sort of annoying? And hufflepuff sounds and acts like a stereotypical gay or somth . Gryffindor is like a dumbie , but not as terrible as huff and rav, and slytherin is that stereotypical teenage , and actually is the most “not annoying” among the four

  • Will Fulkerson Post author

    I want more of this series

  • Vive Les Histoires Post author

    As a… Huffleclaw? Is that what you call it? Basically, I’m a Ravenclaw with strong Hufflepuff tendencies.
    So yeah, as a Huffleclaw, I can confirm I would say everything the Ravenclaw said, but with a « Hufflepuff tone ». Like, imagine the Hufflepuff of this video saying « You can be soft, Slytherin, it won’t kill you! » in a very Hufflepuff ‘’accent’’. That’s me! X)
    This video is too accurate it hurts…

  • diamond dolphin101 Post author

    S h u t

  • Andrianna SparkyWolf Post author

    Lmao if we put Virgil in Slytherin, Roman in Gryffindor, Logan in Ravenclaw, and Patton in Hufflepuff, this could very well be a Sander Sides episode 😂😂😂😂 this is a great video and I LOVE IT

  • Wolfie Cat Gacha Post author

    At 2:56 the cat was like NOPE XD


  • Kaitlin R Post author

    Does anyone else know that headcanon that's like "where are all the cats at hogwarts?" . I HAVE TJE ANSWER: the Hufflepuffs stole them all

  • Ana Luiza Suzin Seifert Post author

    Oh my god.

    I am a Slytherin.

  • Lemon POP Vlogz Post author

    Me: watches video

    Also me: screen records and sends to every single one of my friends even the ones that dont know what HP is

  • Pat Samsungj4 Post author

    " are you fat shaming my cat?!"

  • Lynn da slytherin :3 Post author

    Lol " im going with slytherin you all are to much"
    Me: .w. can i come my brother is annyoing .w.

  • Kamila Antyananda Post author

    "I want a REMATCH "

    Yep,i'm gryffindor xD

  • not bad Post author

    I'm a Slytherin, yet I always win monopoly

  • Delaney Myers Post author

    this is so funny lmao

  • Hufflepufflez :3 Post author

    This has the same chaotic vibes as Sanders sides and I want to see Griff and slytho go do w n

  • Moonlight Mythology Post author

    I knew I was a slytherin
    Giving stupid names to cats
    Threats to everyone else
    Cats are my only friends
    Being soft may kill me
    My cat being FaT
    Being with everyone but gyffindors

  • Kandise Bird Post author

    Slytherin: "are you fat shaming my cat"

  • Anime Intuition Post author

    me a ravenclaw: give me ___ or i'll cry
    my hufflepuff brother: okay

    This is how you get stuff from hufflepuffs.

    don't try this at home

  • a really gay bitch Post author

    This is way too similar to sander sides and I high key love it

  • Missis enot Post author

    After this video I ship Hufflepufs (чорт, я не знаю как правильно( ) and Slytherin …

  • {Oppisites} Post author

    "watch me ho-"
    ad plays

  • Dragon Potions Post author

    As a Hufflepuff I agree very much with this

  • Airica Starwall Post author

    As a Slytherin, I will gladly hold that cat, grin and stroke it evily while planning their demise

  • Angel Martinez Post author

    “Give him back the cat before I cry.”

  • K Post author

    1:51 I am both of those

  • Animal_Gal _Adventures Post author

    "What me hoe!" Then the video just ends

  • Blue Lemon Crybaby Post author

    As a ravenpuff, I would be hugging that cat so much. (Even if it bites me)

  • Brightbloosom Kitty Post author

    Oh I’m a Slytherin and a furry I will also only show my good side to gain allies so I know everything about everyone so if you talk about my fam I can put poison in your milk

  • QBananaQ 723 Post author


  • fred and george can step on me and say thank you Post author

    My 4 personality at 3 am talking to each other be like:

  • •Totally Violet• Post author

    M o r e

  • Cassie's Creations Post author

    Slytherin mates?

  • Makenna Whitworth Post author

    That's miss.noris

  • Brittany Spears Post author

    This vid reminded me that the meaning of my life is to get my slytherin cathole of a cat to like me so if that means i have to be hissed at and claud at to do so then atleaste ill die trying

  • ni-shaat fataar Post author

    Its true we are only soft with our pets

  • Cora Theran Post author

    k but why is this my friend group

  • *RiseUpStepChickens* Post author

    Slytherin and hufflepuff remind me of jade and cat.

  • ex_ angle13 Post author


  • frenchy vlogs Post author

    Me: "HELL YEAH"

  • Random Roses Post author

    Me to my slytheren friend
    you can be soft it wont kill you uwu
    my slytheren friend

  • NightFluff Post author

    Making death threats whilst holding a cat 👌👌👌 just yes

  • Bianca Martin Post author

    My cat just jumped over me

  • Tainá Cesar Almeida Post author

    I was really confused about what house i would be in, but now i know i'm definitely a ravenclaw lol

  • Gabi Lupin Post author

    This is perfect

  • Cornflakes :3 Post author

    My best friend is a slytherin and I’m a Hufflepuff and she has 2 cats which she is obsessed with and to be honest I prefer dogs, even tho cats are hella cute!!!

  • Julia Post author

    Sandersides 2.0

  • Ark MinizZ Post author

    What hhouse am I in


    I know it’s easy but it’s to see r u a real potterhead if u get it wrong ur fake

  • Morgan White Post author

    Gryffindor: you can't escape destiny!!!
    Ravenclaw: watch me hoe

  • Morgan White Post author


  • Liam Hayward Post author

    aRe YoU fAt ShAmInG mY cAt?

  • Ellie B Post author

    Was this whole señior whiskers thing just a reference to señior woofers (Aka the bitchass dog)?


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  • Evangeline Heiliger Post author

    6:53 XD

  • Juliet Dove Post author

    The accuracy…. It burnss ussss 🐍

  • Kaylee Girard Post author

    How am I all of them

  • edgelady mel Post author

    this is a very accurate representation of me as a slytherin

  • Jacie Bell Post author

    Ravenclaw: I'm not 100% sure you know what pectoral means
    Me (speaking as a ravenclaw: I don't even know what the fuck a pectoral is, I didn't even know that was a thing

  • Alexis R. Post author

    This has to be how you determine what house you’re in…

    Already took the potter more quiz, but now it is certain:
    I am Hufflepuff

  • Queen Helga Hufflepuff Post author

    Slytherin: They're cringey

    Hufflepuff: Your face is cringey

    Definitely my mood rn HAHAHAHAHA

  • Matilyn Bryant Post author

    1:53 mood as a Slytherin

  • Nadia Zahid Post author


  • Julia McLearn Post author

    As a Hufflepuff, I concur: life is only about cats

  • Katherine Van Dellen Post author



  • zewdae Post author

    lmao imagine acting all this out and still maintaining the perfect character 😩👌couldn't be me

  • my fluffykawaiillama Post author


  • Mara S Post author

    “Huff might just steal my cat”

    Peeks from behind the cat “maybe”

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