The Most Unusual DOGS in The World

The Most Unusual DOGS in The World

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if all dogs were the same the world
would be a boring boring place luckily for the world there are all sorts of
dogs out there and they come in all shapes sizes colors and temperaments you
are definitely familiar with the Most common dog breeds but today you’ll learn
about the ten most unusual dogs in the world want to know more about the dog
with one of the strongest and most aggressive bites in the world then make
sure to check out our number one pick before we move on I’ve got a little
challenge for y’all that’ll take 5 seconds to complete so here’s the deal
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really works Doberman Pinscher this dogs purpose was
initially to assist the 19th century German dog breeder and taxman Louie
Doberman during his tax collecting appointments why well because people
weren’t too fond of giving their money to the government of course and having a
large pooch by his side helped protect him the Doberman Pinscher eventually got
a reputation as an excellent addition to police and military forces they reach
heights of 24 to 28 inches at the shoulder and can weigh up to 100 pounds
considering their origin it isn’t surprising that the Doberman is a
powerful breed they learn quickly but can pose problems to owners that aren’t
prepared to train them properly Dobermans should be socialized when
they’re puppies to avoid potential dangerous outcomes wolf dog as you might have guessed already wolf
dog is a crossbreed of domestic dogs and wild wolves due to the traits that it
gained from both parents this breed has some pretty good qualities and some that
could be very dangerous to humans if they manifest themselves the pack
mentality is very much a predominant trait of this breed as a result these
beasts have protective instincts which can go good for the family that it
considers to be its pack and bad news to anyone or anything that it considers a
threat in this video you can see wolf dog named Yuki which is a mix of 80 7.5%
gray wolf 8.6% Siberian Husky and 3.9% German Shepherd now weighing a hundred
and twenty pounds Yuki was rescued from a shelter where he was abandoned and
left for dead as a puppy by his previous owners because of the wolf like rather
than dog tendencies he displayed Tibetan Mastiff Tibetan Mastiffs is not only one of the
world’s rarest dogs but also one of the biggest this impossibly fluffy breed can
tip the scales at 250 pounds which is why it’s used by Tibetans to protect
their livestock from predators such as wolves leopards bears and tigers for
thousands of years Tibetan Mastiffs lived among the mountains and
monasteries and the untamed unforgiving terrain of Central Asia protecting
people and livestock from danger this reason combined with its historical
importance makes the Tibetan Mastiffs a revered breed in many countries however
because of its geographic isolation the Tibetan Mastiff was only known to the
Western world as a gift for royalty it wasn’t until the 1980s when the breed
began to show up in households around the world in fact 2008 was the first
year that a Tibetan Mastiff was competing in the Westminster Dog Show
Tibetan Mastiff is also a very prized dog breed especially in China certain
purebred pups are sold to Chinese aristocrats for as much as 2 million
dollars which is considered the highest price ever paid for a dog a la vie
Central Asian shepherd dog alibi is an ancient livestock Guardian dog breed
yeah you guessed it from the Central Asian region this breed presents a
robust dog of greater than average size with great strength and power they’re
independent curious and alert yet in Pirtle they can reach a height of up to
37 inches and can weigh up to 220 pounds they’re large and muscular bodies ensure
that they are well equipped for their job traditionally used to guard
livestock and fight off predators this dog has will recently been used for
guarding by the governments and the military Kangal dog a dog strength can
be measured in various ways including its body and bite is therefore difficult
to single out a specific breed as the world’s most powerful but combining the
factors of weight and size with bite it was concluded that Kangol is the
strongest dog breed in the world Kangol is a Turkish breed descending
from the Mastiff and weighs up to 150 pounds the Kangol is one of the oldest
known livestock Guardian breeds for countless generations this rugged
herding dog has protected herds from walls and other invaders giving the
breed naturally high pain tolerance with proper training and socialization the
Kangol can be gentle with livestock and children and then aggressive towards
predators caucasian shepherd also known as the caucasian of chaka the caucasian
Shepherd can grow very large weighing around 110 pounds in the minimum they
can also reach an average of 12 years of age this breed originated from Russia
and other European countries it was originally used as a guard dog for
protecting livestock in mountain regions they became so good at their job that
they’re even feared by some popular wild predators such as wolves yeah you heard
well it scares even the wolves world’s biggest dog this video entitled world’s
biggest dog shows us what’s apparently well the world’s biggest dog is it
though I don’t know we’ve covered some pretty big dogs on this list alone so I
wouldn’t be so sure that the good boy in this video is the biggest one there is
first we see the dog in a cage with a giant chain around his neck now that’s a
rather disturbing sight and then you see the same dog hugging its owner and you
realize this dog is not that dangerous I mean look at him vision to your dorable
if your dog big boy oh gee I’m sorry I’m going to my dog talking sorry Zeus Zeus
the Great Dane with a slobbery mouth and a big heart who held the record for
world’s tallest dog Great Danes are famously large dogs already but like
with us humans there will always be someone who will stand out from the rest
in this case this Great Dane stood head and shoulders above those of the same
breed named after the Greek god of lightning Zeus was a marvel to behold on
all fours he stood 44 inches tall standing on his hind legs he stood a
towering and feet four inches he was a 165-pound
gentle giant who achieved international fame after he took the Guinness world
record for being the tallest dog in the entire world
his owners Kevin and Denise told Guinness that he devoured a 30 pound bag
of food every two weeks break water straight out of the sink faucet with all
four paws on the ground and required a van for transportation yes a van Zeus
was also a local celebrity as he served as a therapy dog visiting area schools
and hospitals no unfortunately Zeus did die a few years ago at the age of five
but he will always be remembered not only for his size but for his gentleness
and kindness poor boy he’s gonna be missed sorry doing the dog
voice again greyhounds Greyhound is one of the world’s most ancient dog breeds
they’ve been around for millennia and were written about as early as the late
1st century BC by the Roman poet Ovid the greyhound has changed very little
over time and became one of the American Kennel Club’s earliest recognized breeds
in 1885 it’s the world’s fastest dog running up to 45 miles per hour in short
Sprint’s greyhounds can even outrun a horse in a sprint when they’re not
racing greyhounds spend most of their time lounging around and doing a lot of
nothing they just lay there on the floor Dean eggnog did it again Dogo Argentino
dough goes argentinos have a name that’s almost cute and silly but don’t let that
fool you they can and will fight if they need to
this dog is known to have one of the strongest most aggressive bites in the
world it might be small when compared to the sizes of other aggressive dogs but
it still packs a punch and not just with its bite it’s been known to take down
large animals without issues they are big scary and dangerous and if you’re on
the receiving end of this dog’s bite well good luck this dog is so aggressive
and poses such a threat that it’s even banned in a few countries which should
tell you everything you need to know about it
which one of these good boys did you find the most amazing can’t stop well
let me know in the comments below and I’ll handpick and feature your comment
in the next video look out for your comment now it’s time for the featured
comment from one of our previous videos this one’s from the most unusual people
with the strangest talents episode Zaid VIN ro says the weirdest one I have
seen was the dude with the milk in his eye oh yes you’re talking about our boy
Youngblood I agree that one’s truly weird and not
very comfortable to watch I might add

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