48 thoughts on “The Origin of Four-Legged Animals — HHMI BioInteractive Video

  • cortlinux Post author

    thank you

  • Noah McNamara Post author

    he says we stand upright but the irony is we are all sitting down.

  • Jesse Tate Post author

    Can we please depict Darwin as a more attractive person!? I can't stand to look at the character you guys created. 😛

  • beatssu 4 Post author

    Neil Shubin! MA MAN NEIL!

  • legendre007 Post author

    Beautiful! The mutant legged fish coming onto land is a symbol of ventures into new (geographic and psychological) territories. And when the legged fish crossed the border from water to land, it didn't even get a visa first. 😉

  • Roedy Green Post author

    Shubin is so enthusiastic, and it is contagious.

  • Pali Aha Post author

    Wow, I'm slowly understanding. Dr Shubin HiT the JACKPOT of Paleontology.

  • TooMuchFreeTime Post author

    This was a highly educational video! I've been looking for ages on how a dig site is actually found and excavated and I finally have the info that I've been looking for!

  • Hayden the eeeeeeeeeeevil male eukaryotic organism Post author

    Evolution is a lie created by Satan" is a lie created by creationists. Oops, I forgot to put the opening quotation mark.

  • Águila701 Post author


  • J.29 Post author


  • Ale_divairus Post author

    so, we are all fish….my dog is a fish, myself is a fish, my chickens in the backyard are fish….dang lol

  • Fraser Henderson Post author

    Kenn Borek Air, the "Mighty Worker" of high latitude flying services!

  • Rakesh Mohan Post author

    His book, Your Inner Fish, was excellent.

  • Denise Thasder Post author


  • Person 1864308244 Post author

    Headlines… but this video gets less than 100,000 views. If it were Jake Paul, there would be millions! People just don't care as much.

  • Guy Johnson Post author


  • uwe in Hamburg Post author

    So much effort when you just have to pick up an old book and find out whatever is necessary to know.. 😉

  • Sir Meow The Library Cat Post author

    😡 Each SPECIES of animal . . . ! Correct vocabulary is essential in scientific presentations, as elsewhere. Deduct ten marks for carelessness.

  • Jeanette York Post author

    Dr Shubin had made a monumental discovery…he's contributed a great deal toward a full understanding of the origins of tetrapods, among other forms. Thank you! Great video!

  • Kael Richmond Post author


  • Russ Paxman Post author

    the enthusiasm is infectious.

  • Field short cut Post author

    I hate or like

  • Danielle Wilson Post author

    Birds are dinosaurs

  • C Elizabeth Post author

    this insanely important video that sheds lights how our biology came to be has only 96k views while a jake paul video has over 20 million views…

  • Jascha Bull Post author

    Tiktaalik sure looks like a happy go-lucky li'l water critter. Kind of like a mata mata with that big grin.

  • Blk Woman is god 1st human Carbon Post author

    All life land animals come from fish

  • Warren Fahy Post author


  • roger mcmillen Post author

    brilliant video keep it up!

  • CauseAndEffect Post author

    Macroevolution is make-believe.

  • the cool shark Post author

    Re piola el video

  • Andrew Heffel Post author

    Great video. I can see from the evidence around me that the universe is old and species evolve from one to another. Christians can evolve as well. Science is not a threat, it is the way we find out the nature of this beautiful and organized universe. But as a Christian I believe this universe was created by God, and the laws these brilliant scientists have discovered are his laws. The more they find out, the closer they get us to the truth. I have a friend at church that is an actual scientist, and it in the area of what began this universe, and the origin of life itself, that he and I disagree with those who maintain creation was by natural laws only. Anyway, very good video.

  • Yusef Endure Post author

    …and this is why I love science. Thank you. This is vital information for us all.

  • John Riley Post author

    Jason who ?

  • 2fast2block Post author

    Basically, it comes down to a pattern. From the start, for those that believe the creation of the universe came about by natural means have set their pattern. Their pattern to believe in the impossible. They set their pattern for no matter how illogical and unscientific it is, they'll still accept it. We all do stupid things. Hopefully, we admit them and learn from them. It's not a matter of who's smarter; it's a matter of who loves truth more. For those that don't love truth, you can find reasons to believe anything; you'll find excuses for what you want to believe. For others though, like myself, I don't care what I want to believe. I care about what I should believe and why. It's easier said than done, but in the end well worth it. I just don't want to remain stupid.

  • reality bites Post author

    So we come from a sort of salamander

  • Stu Pidas Post author

    How fortunate that the find was led by such a personable and likeable guy! So full of joy of the world and all it's treasures.

  • jonas jensen Post author

    Good that we don´t have two mouths…and only one ear… WHYYYY do you not see the Designer behind the design??

  • jonas jensen Post author

    fossils fit into the history we know as the flood of noa

  • Thumbsdown Bandit Post author

    Ok, but where are the transitional fossils?

  • Roger Dennison Post author

    Interesting and well presented with a pleasant and knowledgeable narrator

  • Rock Anderson Post author

    Outstanding video. Thanks. Almost fell out of my chair when I saw the bear protection. Hahaha. Everybody is so PC anymore. Good job.

  • Ramune Addict Post author

    I send this to all the creationists I debate and they can never counter it

  • Ro Lo Post author

    How do you explain the Cambrian period then when many groups of animals suddenly appeared full formed out of nowhere? There was no transitioning from anything that had gone before. So it is not true to say that evolution accounts for how animals evolved in small incremental changes and steps since there are no transitional fossils before various groups of animals appeared already fully formed.

  • Oskar Carlsson Post author

    great video, I learned alot by watching it, many things that I didnt even have an idea about! niiiiceee

  • Colin Post author

    I am so glad to be living in a time when we have a handle on the development of species; we can make sense of present day diversity and trace back that development to its origins. It was 40 years ago when I first read Darwin's origin of species (on a Philosophy course, lol). It took time and the help of others to synthesize its contents and develop my understanding. I am enormously grateful for the work of scientists (Darwin himself and those that followed up his work). I am not sure I have the patience for such work, but I do love the results.

    I feel that that people such as these have rescued us from the magical 'explanations' with which were stuck with for so long.

  • Narciso de Almeida Post author

    All Homos we find were the results of previous advanced civilizations doing genetic engineering.when we find a skeleton looking like us thats hundred of thousand years old you dont show.

  • walkergarya Post author

    The "Debate" is over. Biological Evolution is science and has been accepted science for 150 years. Creationism is fraud, it is magic that has never been demonstrated and it has NO place in any science classroom.

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