The Sad Story Of This Dog Who Had To Bite The Owner He Loves | Animal in Crisis EP142

The Sad Story Of This Dog Who Had To Bite The Owner He Loves | Animal in Crisis EP142

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Seems like a dog and his owner who get along well but…! An unexpected situation happened in a sudden Ppalgang attacks his owner Owner : You bad doggo.. The owner who was so startled feels disappointed with him PD : Did you get bitten? / No, I didn’t Ppalgang looks normal as if nothing happened Owner : I can’t distinguish when he will turn fierce Because he suddenly changes while playing well with me.. The owner says the dog suddenly changed like this in recent Nevertheless, the owner prepares food for Ppalgang with her heart PD : Are you giving this to Ppalgang / Yes PD : How can you give him this since it’s dangerous? With a tool. Recently, I just learned a method Still doesn’t know when Ppalgang will turn fierce Owner : Ppalgang, let’s have a meal with mom To avoid Ppalgang’s attack, the best way is not to get closer to him A stick..? Using a stick, she tries to keep a safe distance between them But if she gets a bit closer to him [Growling] Ppalgang suddenly turns fierce again Should push it close to him so that he can eat But Ppalgang still growls and barks at her.. Owner : Shall I try to use an umbrella? At the moment she pushes the bowl with the umbrella which is a bit longer! He fiercely barks again.. Every mealtime is just like a war PD : It’s pretty hard to feed him Owner : Phew I can’t feed because he’s fierce like this He acts more like this in recent.. How can they live like this under the same roof.. PD : Because you want to live with him longer? Owner : He was always with me when I was having a hard time Back in days, the dog was so gentle and pretty than anyone else But such a kind dog completely changed all of a sudden Owner : I fed him and woke up to go to work Then, suddenly he bit my walker boot so my toes.. She says Ppalgang is getting more and more threatening Owner : This happened on Sunday It was bitten this Sunday She already has 7~8 big and small wounds Even while filming PD : Oh, he’s unchained! The dangerous situation continues Don’t know when and how has he come out of it But Ppalgang’s leash suddenly unleashed It can be more dangerous if he comes out of the door! Owner : What’s wrong with you, really?! Maybe he doesn’t like something Ppalgang gets angry and growls at her The lady got kicked out of the house in the end Owner : It would be very difficult to get in today He just occupies the yard and Ppalgang fiercely barks just by staring at him Owner : Sister! But then, there’s a person in the house? Neighbor : You can’t get in? / Yes, because the dog got unleashed Owner : I should let him not get out of here. I’m in a danger, but she’s more dangerous than me Neighbor : I have to go home Owner : Sorry, sister. You can’t go now. PD : Oops Owner : Please close the door! She tries to get out of the house by luring him with food Just made eye-contact with him! Oh, please don’t come out now Ppalgang even stays before the front door and remains vigilant Finally the crew calls for help Soon after, the expert arrived As soon as the expert enters to figure out what’s going on, Ppalgang tries to fiercely attack him Just in case, After getting fully ready for the rescue, the expert attempts to approach once again But, Ppalgang runs directly to the expert and bites off the protective clothing If being bitten and shaken by a dog like Ppalgang it could be fatally wounded However, As the expert doesn’t avoid and keeps approaching him the dog starts running away And then, 30 minutes later Ppalgang who’s out of energy could be chained up in the same place Finally, the neighbor could leave to go home The owner also says she has never seen this situation before Expert : Most of fierce dogs even back off if humans approach But Ppalgang comes at humans. He tries to attack humans face-to-face Expert : Can I just take a stroll with him now? To check whether his behavior can be changed or not the expert began to go for a stroll with him Could it be possible for Ppalgang to commune with the expert? After going out, Ppalgang becomes much more aggressive outside He keeps looking at the expert and threatening him It shows that he is completely out of control Expert : Taking a stroll should be a sort of game that he can enjoy with humans But, this dog thinks the stroll is the chance to show off his superiority If we can’t take a stroll with him, it’s hard to move on the basic training as well But the owner can no longer control Ppalgang now How on earth did this happen.. Owner : When Ppalgang made noise, I got many complaints from neighbors So I kept scolding that you shouldn’t do that When Ppalgang barked, the owner scolded him with a tool But Ppalgang became defiant more and more Expert : She used many provocative points to make him stop barking That’s why this dog became sensitive and it continued even now His behaviors became worse and now he thinks attacking is the best way of protecting himself At this moment, her heart is much more painful than the wound bitten by him Owner : I didn’t know how to raise a dog. He is the first dog I raise in my life Her cordial heart is invariable but it has gone too far Expert : In this situation, it’s almost impossible to correct Ppalgang’s behavior In a long run, we need a special and customized training program suited to this dog Being apart from his family for a while, Decided to let Ppalgang join in an organized training program After finishing the training well and healthily Hope Ppalgang can go back to his family..! “Don’t worry, mom. I’m working hard now and will go back home soon♡”

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100 thoughts on “The Sad Story Of This Dog Who Had To Bite The Owner He Loves | Animal in Crisis EP142

  • Kritter Klub Post author

    Stay updated with us on Kritter Klub SNS channels 🙂




  • MR UKNOWN Post author

    I feel the dog was mistreated,

  • M. P. Post author

    Because this dog is absolutely unpredictable, he can't be trusted. So it's either but him down or continue this path until he bites another person and sues the owner. Worse scenario, he kills a kid, and everyone loses, period.

  • M. P. Post author

    Where's the subtitles?

  • magalys espejo Post author

    Por qué lo tiene tanto tiempo amarrado o atado?? Eso los pone agresivos. La gente cree que la s animales son objetos

  • magalys espejo Post author

    Se sintió agredido y reaccionó. Pobre animalito. Debemos documentarnos para darles calidad de vida. No al maltrato animal. Por favor no lo devuelvan a su dueña sino confirman que el perrito estará saludable

  • Ольга Варшавская Post author

    Горела бы такая собака синими пламенем

  • TRics Post author

    The dog knows they will try to eat it 🤣🤣

  • Ольга Варшавская Post author

    Пес не переносит свою хозяйку просто им вместе нельзя находится

  • Ogtik Post author

    the dog is probably fierce bcz of all them raw eggs she feeds him or maybe bcz she tried to shove that stick up his ass or smth.

  • Une fille Post author

    Tué la

  • yrrehc irinco Post author

    If only i can understand what they are saying

  • Amy Collins Post author

    Put it to sleep if it keeps being violently aggressive

  • DeFenD BoY Post author

    My eyes got wet….. Stay safe and happy both of u….😊😊😊

  • Федул Кондрашев Post author

    Хозяйка угрожала собаке, и той пришлось защищать себя.

  • salu moktan Post author

    Lots of respect to that women

  • gettingolderwithgrace graham Post author

    English titles would be fantastic

  • قناة نينو و طاوطاو Post author

    I think they were hitting him, and this is very clear, because the dog is very loyal
    It does not turn into fierce unless he is treated cruelly ، this dog need love and care and little play, not leave him outdoor and put food.🤨

  • Vishnu Anna Post author

    This dog is aggressive bcz he may b tied most of the time and the owner didnot socialize the dog with other people…. If we care dog as family members or like child. When need to love…. Love too much cares and threatened when need… It never bite. I have gsd he live like my son.

  • Tangee Post author

    Chain broke that dogis vicious

  • Esther Kritharakis Post author

    Now lets us think for a moment: 1) dog is not neuter which is a part why some animals become aggressive 2) call the expert he needs to be tranquilized and place in the care of a special trainer.  Something is wrong with the dog, something is definitely wrong let the vet see and check his brain and may be he is in pain?  This behavior comes from the furry doggy being an abused environment before….

  • Esther Kritharakis Post author

    I'm watching and I can't believe what she is using to train the dog? a folded newspaper? the dogs sees her as a threat she is an abuser in a way and that is all the dog is weeing at this time.  She should learn that there are many ways to train a dog and smacking a newspaper, or using a sticks are not the appropriate tools to be use when the behavior needs to be changed.  This furry friend is as gentle he is not the problem is the lady.  Sorry but she shouldn't be allow to have any dogs for that matter until she learns about the animals first.  Let me use a stick or other forms of abuse to train a human being the results are much worse we become violent toward that persona or maybe even kill you trainee.

  • Линда Евангелиста Post author

    Наверное может быть такое, когда бьет не хозяйка, а кто то другой этой палкой

  • Marselo Loquendero Post author

    Cómo le va a dar huevo crudo , pelotuda

  • suneela rani Post author

    Perhaps tieing the dog made aggressive..
    Free it and show some love
    Observe the changes

  • Coco lili Monaghan Post author

    this is really sad I’m going to cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😇

  • suneela rani Post author

    The dog may suffering from any pain,y she is behaving like that..
    What I know is Dogs read the psychology of humans ,how they treat them
    They understand human language
    That's y the dog is behaving like that

  • Unbekannt Post author

    if a dog is like that, she treats him very, very badly! 개가 그런식이라면, 그녀는 그를 아주 심하게 대합니다 🤛🏼

  • Unbekannt Post author

    if a dog is like that, she treats him very, very badly! 개가 그런식이라면, 그녀는 그를 아주 심하게 대합니다 🤛🏼 = 🐕 😢

  • Truc Trung Post author

    chó bị bệnh dại nên mới cắn chủ

  • Abode Masri Post author

    Dog went crazy look where they put him dogs need walk idiots

  • Abode Masri Post author

    Savage people and stupid you don’t understand the dog he went crazy because he needs space

  • Slobodanka ovčar Post author

    Postavi se na njegovo mesto-da si zvezana na ketno😧

  • Nahmi Johnson Post author

    I dont understand their language if you speak the same language and English can you tell me what's going on

  • kakashi tsunade Post author

    Update us please. Ppalgang is such a cutie. I pray he will come back to his ownet

  • PotatoClaire Post author

    The captions on make him much cuter ❤️ at the end he said “don’t worry mom I’m coming”

  • Maria Helena Machado dos Santos Machado dos Santos Post author

    Tbm dév ta muito amarrado por isso ta cm raiva agora só adestrador pra amansar ele

  • George P. Post author

    God she can't handle this fr..

  • HuSSaIN RaNa Post author

    Simple solution for this type of dog…
    Lady using a stick to push food toward dog is using wrong way… a stick should use to grip firmly and hit a dog many time dog will be fine within 5minutes….

  • Anoop Mohan Post author

    silly girl…. i wont give food until unable to stand up . i will torture and kill that stupid dog….

  • İrem Kahraman Post author



    Why does the dog bit her

  • veerabagu's masala chef chef Post author

    Why should she bite

  • mienarti pranoto Post author


  • NL Raza Post author

    It knows shea not the alpha….see how she acts when it does that…it knows he is in charge

  • Life With Elle Post author

    Dog is very dominant. He thinks he’s pack leader and he’s food possessive. Once the dog realized his scare tactics and attacks didn’t work on the man in the suit he practiced avoidance. The owner needs to gain control of her fear if she wants to rehabilitate him.

  • gilgio PoLsKi Post author

    I don't know why but I'm not afraid of dogs. some were surprised that I am passing a dog that is like me. just to be like me you have to ignore any dogs barking. of course I have to be careful too because it's not like I can approach a dangerous dog and he won't bite me.

  • Радость Ок Post author

    Если нет опыта воспитания собак, не берите такие серьёзные породы, тем более кобелей! А вообще, всем совет – изучайте опыт Антуана Наджаряна.

  • Katelyn Cuevas Post author

    i fell so bad for the owner

  • Eloísa Minegirl Post author

    Eu não entendi o motivo dele tar tão bravo sla tadinha deles/ delas

  • مجرد رأي Post author

    Eat him and fnished 😅😅😅

  • jake bohanon Post author


  • bellinha loba Post author

    Errr meu deus oq aconteceu com ela meu deus coitada dela e da moça 😔

  • Joyce Dugas Post author

    Don't understand what you are saying…..

  • R3PL4Y_ Animations Post author

    8:14 esses japonês falando paresse até dublador de snime

  • ANDREIA BRAGANÇA DE SILVA. Andreia Bragança Post author


  • Laura Mariela Rojas de Pangrazio Post author

    No entiendo

  • Laura Mariela Rojas de Pangrazio Post author

    Pero si se que el perro 🐕 tiene rasones para atacar

  • Laura Mariela Rojas de Pangrazio Post author

    Quien es la persona que entro a su casa?

  • el rugbier Post author

    Dog :
    i'm not your food

  • Emiliano 2013 Post author

    Porque. El

  • Rida Zitoon Post author


  • 2D WWA ENTERTAINMENT Post author

    And this is why my mum will never let me have a dog 😢😢

  • barista Post author

    Owner is an idiot

  • 2D WWA ENTERTAINMENT Post author

    it's like the dog got bitten it's really sad 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

  • L1SA sao Post author

    So sad for the owner I feel you because you love your puppy and hope someone can help you please 🙏🙏🐕❤❤

  • Kevin A Post author

    Give him to me!!! He will be better in no time! Loving life and only biting all the toys I give him!

  • I love Jesus and president trump Post author

    she has done something to that dog

  • shadwo xii Post author

    I love the acting

  • Isabel Salas Post author

    Oh boy. These people shouldn't have a dog. They do not know how to handle or train him he obviously had a lot of pent up energy and was fear driven. Tying him like that only made it worst.

    Edit: she was also antagonizing the dog with the stick and other objects and the dog reacted.

    Freedom at last. Haha. 👍👍

  • Prabu ram Post author

    In india some streets dogs like this…. if that dog bites many people's …. then Peoples get together will kill… I have seen many dogs like killed by people's when I was younger

  • Giovanny Minas Post author

    Bien, el afecto de su familia es importante en la re educación de un can criado en encierro. El gasto de energía y muestra de jerarquía hará regrese al hogar.

  • Louise Formoso Post author

    Ele está acorrentado isso faz com que ele sinta raiva e fique ainda mais ameaçador

  • Carolina Western Post author

    It says hit the "cc" for English captions but where's the damn thing at?

  • Lawli Chan Post author

    Is that Japanese version of Karen

  • Mrs Anna Post author

    Вот вам и преданный друг
    Никогда не предаст и никогда не укусит. Ага. Собака, это животное, а не человек. И одному Богу известно, что у нее в башке сработает в следующий момент.

  • Carolina Western Post author

    Behavior like that would've been really hazardous to that dogs life. If he'd have bitten me I'd have gotten his desire for the taste of my ass out of his mouth real quick! Had to do a stud horse that way one time that was a biter from the time he was a colt. I'd just rinsed & curried him down and turned my back on him to get his water bucket off its hook. The bastard bit me on the side of my right shoulder. Talk about pain! Holy shit!! Anybody bitten by a horse knows, because they twist their head as they pull back. I left & came back with a big stick that was flat on one end and was told it was a stirring stick for a outdoor, open flame, stew pot. When I was done, I only had small piece about 8 or 9 inches long. Sometime later it's owner called and jokingly asked if I'd worked a spell or just had the touch because it hadn't bitten anyone for nearly 3 weeks.

  • Agustina que linda saliste Lescano Oraison Post author

    Perdóname diosito esa japonesa es lo más me equivoue

  • 부채도사 Post author

    ㅈㅓ념 보신탕해야되

  • Larry Conrad Post author

    Just use your saliva on his food…
    It's tested and proven….

  • Tony Chan Post author

    Yo llego a tener un perro de esos que me ladre cuando yo trato de entrar por el portón agarró lo que tenga el zapato lo que sea le empieza a pegar putazos si no se calma lo mató a golpes o llamó a la perrera Por qué perros así no se aguantan

  • Lily tang Post author

    The owner should wear a protest dress while feeding a dog

  • Alessio G. Post author


  • Alessio G. Post author


  • Massimo Camera Post author

    Questo cane è stato cresciuto in maniera sbagliato il padrone ha sbagliato il cane è aggressivo perché ha paura è stato traumatizzato da qualche evento !sta sbagliando la padrona comanda il cane..!

  • Diwakar Pandit Post author

    This lady must get rid of this aggressive dog. This dog is dangerous, she must never take him/her back

  • welding vlog Post author

    Ở vn là xác định nhé

  • ณัฐมลกานต์ ปิ่นทองคํา Post author


  • Bigdogg Post author

    The dog might think she is going to eat it so it’s scared

  • 비정상 Post author


    한국인 나밖에 없는거 기분탓?

  • Aga Szwec Post author

    r a b i e s ?

  • Pippa pig Post author

    I would’ve put the dog down. It’s a mental case.

  • Pippa pig Post author

    It’s wrong to tie up animals all the time

  • Женя Иванов Post author

    Собака не должна кусать хозяина, рычать, тем более если кушает от его руки. Иногда хозяину нужно применить несколько хоро ших тумаков на то он и хозяин.

  • segmedina karabasic Post author

    I want kill dog

  • 2 PATI ZOSTO Post author

    But the middle finger

  • ⒷⒶⓃⒼ|ⒷⒶⓃⒼ Post author

    Nope the dog would have to meet it's maker.

  • Vinh Trần Post author

    Em ấy tìm lại tuổi thơ đã qua

  • Jancy Tan Post author

    The dog needs Victoria stillwell

  • Ken Post author

    So foolish woman. .

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