The Thorn Birds Scenes – 03. Ralph, Meggie and Mary

The Thorn Birds Scenes – 03. Ralph, Meggie and Mary

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– Hello, Father.
– Fee. You’re fighting a losing batlle Fee. There are three things you can´t
never defeat in the outback: The dust, the heat and the flies. You’re certainly not like New Zealand priests. They keep very much to themselves. You’re not a Catholic, are you? When I lost faith in my own church… I saw no reason to espouse a creed
equally meaningless to me. But Paddy is a Catholic… and we are rearing the children Catholic,
if it’s worrying you. It isn’t. And I won’t try to convert you. – But I would like to be your friend.
– You’re very kind to us. I like to know my parishioners,
so I make the rounds of all stations… but I must confess
to a special weakness for Drogheda. – Perhaps it’s my Irish blood.
– Irish? I thought you were french background. No, de Bricassart is an old Norman name but I’m Irish all right. And the last of the Bricassart line.
In fact, I was born in County Meath… just a stone’s throw
from the town of Drogheda. Call it fate. – Bye, Meggie. Wish you could go.
– Have fun, Stuie! Poor little Meggie. It must be hard being the only girl. But I’ve been blessed with sons,
these and two I’ve buried. it’s her sons a mother thinks of, isn’t it? Meggie, don’t dawdle.
You’ve got the chickens to feed. – Father Ralph!
– Excuse me. Hello, Meghann Cleary. Let’s feed those chookies. Yes, but there’s something
I must show you first. Come on. What is it, Meggie? Isn’t beautiful, Father? Yes, I suppose it is. Do you suppose that God
is really all around us all the time? What makes you ask me that,
my little girl? Because if he is, I think he must be here… don’t you? God is in his wool room.
All is right with the world. And why not? He did choose a stable once. Come on, Ralph. That’s a bit precious. Except why not make this
the epicenter of the papal map… and then you could be cardinal after all. And what would make you?
Surely not the Pope? No, that’s too dull. Satan, perhaps. – That’s more interesting.
– And more powerful. Every heaven needs one,
just to stay in business. You argue like a Jesuit. Isn’t it true?
Without Satan, there’s no struggle. And it’s the struggle that keeps us alive. No. What keeps us alive
is the point of that struggle: The hope of attaining perfection. If by perfection, you mean heaven… But you have to die
to get there, don’t you? Sometimes Mary, I think you’re after my very soul. I am… unless it’s already been taken.

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