The Thorn Birds Scenes – 08. Party Scene

The Thorn Birds Scenes – 08. Party Scene

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Father, why don’t you
want to be with me? Talk to me. Is there something wrong? You look lovely, Meggie. So grown up. I have to speak to the MacQueens. Meggie. What a sweet dress. Thank you, Miss Carmichael. Mrs. Smith made it for me.
I helped a little. Did you? I’m sure I haven’t seen anything like it
in the fashion pages. You know, I keep expecting to see you
at the horse trials. Ralph tells me you might become
quite an able rider one day. Some people are saying
that it isn’t quite the thing for him… to be spending so much time in Drogheda. But I think splendid of Ralph
to take such interest in you Clearys. Ralph, you haven’t danced with me
all evening. You must do the black bottom with me. You always do it so well. Look, everyone,
Father’s going to do the black bottom. Father, it’s time for me to go up. Please, everybody. It’s almost dawn,
but please stay and enjoy yourselves. Good night, Mary. – Will you see me up the stairs?
– Of course. Good night.
It’s been a wonderful party, Mary. Yes, hasn’t it? It was a wonderful party, Mary.
And I hope, a wonderful birthday for you. My last. I’m tired of living.
I’m going to stop. Fiddlesticks. You’re planning
something special for tomorrow. – You told me so yourself.
– Yes, I remember. But I won’t see you. Kiss me goodbye, Ralph. Mary, good night. Sleep well. No! On my mouth. Kiss me on my mouth
as if we were lovers! – Mary, I am a priest.
– A priest! You’re not a man nor a priest. You’re some impotent, useless thing
that doesn’t know how to be either! You’re wrong, Mary.
I know how to be a man. But to be a man on your terms
is to be no priest. And I have chosen to be a priest. With the free will God has given us… and with that same free will,
I have chosen to destroy you, priest. I’ll go to hell for it, of course… but it will be nothing to the hell
I’m planning for you. It’s yourself you’ll destroy
with this everlasting hatred of yours. When Satan tempted Christ
with the whole world… is it because he hated him
or because he loved him? – You don’t love me.
– I have always loved you! So much so, I would’ve killed you
for not wanting me! But I found a better method. No, not love. I’m the goad of your old age, that’s all. A reminder of what you can no longer be. Let me tell you something,
Cardinal de Bricassart… about old age and about that God of yours. That vengeful God who ruins our bodies… and leaves us
with only enough wit for regret. Inside this stupid body, I am
still young! I still feel! I still want! I still dream! And I still love you! Oh, God, how much! Meggie! Meggie. Meggie darling, don’t cry. Here. Here now, dry your eyes like a good girl. I don’t want it! I’m not a child anymore. Why don’t you just go back to your dancing? I know you’re not a child. Anyone can see you’ve grown
into a beautiful young woman. You were by far the loveliest girl
at the party tonight. But that’s just the problem. They all know I come to Drogheda
more often than I need. If i’d paid you a skerrick
of attention tonight… it would’ve been all over the district
in record time. Don’t you see? – No, I don’t see.
– I think you do. Come here. Come on. Now, Meggie. We’ve been over this before. What you mustn’t do
is get in the habit of dreaming about me… in some sort of romantic fashion. When you’re a woman, you’ll meet
the man destined to be your husband. Then you’ll be far too busy getting on
with your life to think about me… except as an old friend… who helped you through some
of the bad times of growing up. All right, my Meggie? Yes, Father. I understand. Come on. – What are you thinking, Father?
– Just about the land. That it’s so beautiful, so pure… and so indiferent to the fates
of the creatures who presume to rule it. And what are you thinking,
my dearest Meggie? Just that I wish
the sun would never come up. We could stay like this forever.

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