THESE HALLOWED WINGS | Animal Crossing: New Horizons Song!

THESE HALLOWED WINGS | Animal Crossing: New Horizons Song!

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[Music] [Music] paleontology to Prospect St lips and a depository for fossils on each fish and each in say you got a daily tech needs assistance expertise and fees and wisdom was an antecedent this semester with the each acquisition silicon teach back to the future this museum has a speaker these fashioning eldest of nine Awards as I’m quite huge and dinosaurs I’m a fine who’s who but when we all live with Tigers ooh [Music] [Music] I just wish they’d you got a baby that needs understands expertise wisdom was that I’ll take a seat every semester well [Music] [Music] Maxim throughout all history despondent island out at sea she got a daily tech needs assistance expertise and seasoned wisdom wanted a magazine and this semester you check with its back to picture this museum has a speakers especially cases Jesus [Music] organized this museum wretched ecosystem [Music] just a reminder that loan repayments jordan-hare really should be charging admission and who let the crickets out who thank you for watching and immense gratitude toward fire Steve patrons are making this video possible if you enjoy visiting our little Museum why not check the playlist of all musical exhibits and do like comment subscribe for more and of course ring magnets Bell oh and on your way out the widest check the museum gift shop but rare news to plenty of merchandise links below thank you for visiting do [Music]

This little rebel!!

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100 thoughts on “THESE HALLOWED WINGS | Animal Crossing: New Horizons Song!

  • The Stupendium Post author


    Get home from an expedition

    And the phone on my desk is ringing-

    Sounds like a friend with a special mission

    Found an astounding exhibition

    Packed my things and I flapped my wings

    Excited to find what the campsite brings

    There’s a brand-new island for analysing

    And this chap’s flying in to track findings

    Natural history is my domain

    Extinct little trinkets and giant remains

    I don’t know though, might think again

    I think that’s a Dodo flying the plane!?

    Now I’ve had a jolly holiday in Zanzibar

    But this sabbatical is practically spectacular

    From above, it is honestly a bit bizarre

    How the island is improbably rectangular

    Pioneering new frontiers!

    But what should I expect?

    Exploring tropic flora?

    Newfound fauna to inspect?

    To ply my palaeontology

    To prospect and erect

    A repository for fossils

    For each fish and each inse-EUGH! NO. NO.

    You got a village that needs assistance

    Expertise and seasoned wisdom

    Want to learn? Take a seat and listen

    This bird IS the word on the ecosystem

    Squeal with glee at each acquisition

    Who says you can’t teach facts with fiction?

    This museum has a speaker system

    Pumping out beats ‘bout your ecosystem

    On briny waters, I’m quite astute

    And dinosaurs I’m a fine who’s HOO!-

    But when we all live with tigers too

    It might be awkward to try a zoo

    Head down the stairs and you’ll see scores

    Of dunkleosteus and plesiosaurs!

    The fish are all down the right-hand hall

    And on the left are the creepy crawl-UH. NO. NEVER MIND.

    You can quiz me with your queries on aquariums

    You’ll nary see so vibrant or varied a vivarium

    There’s no greater a curator or librarian

    Just beware of all the horrors housed in the solarium

    So if you’ve been a-digging or a-fishing in the sea

    Then pluck up your discoveries and shuttle them to me

    But if you want to know about the birds and bees

    This bird prefers that the bees would LEAVE.

    Look, I UNDERSTAND all the important work they do for the planet, I just wish they’d do it SOMEWHERE ELSE.

    You got a village that needs assistance

    Expertise and seasoned wisdom

    Want to learn? Take a seat and listen

    This bird IS the word on the ecosystem

    Squeal with glee at each acquisition

    Who says you can’t teach facts with fiction?

    This museum has a speaker system

    Pumping out beats ‘bout your ecosystem

    Yes all things bright and beautiful

    all creatures great and small

    Are collated and notated

    And displayed within our halls

    From mighty titan ancestors

    To wretched scuttling things

    Invited, if reluctantly

    Inside these hallowed wings

    And though bugs may be repulsive

    I will put up with the fainting

    If heinous abominations

    Pave the way to taking paintings

    The masterworks of artists

    Throughout all history

    Inexplicably displayed

    Upon an island out at sea

    You got a village that needs assistance

    Expertise and seasoned wisdom

    Want to learn? Take a seat and listen

    This bird IS the word on the ecosystem

    Squeal with glee at each acquisition

    Who says you can’t teach facts with fiction?

    This museum has a speaker system

    Pumping out beats ‘bout your ecosystem

    You got a village that needs assistance

    Expertise and seasoned wisdom

    Want to learn? Take a seat and listen

    This bird IS the word on the ecosystem

    Sworn by noblest tradition

    Organising organisms

    This museum has a speaker system

    Pumping out beats ‘bout your ecosystem

  • Swifticul Post author

    This is blathers’ canon voice from now on

  • Francisco Fernandes Post author

    Will you be doing pokemon stuff any time soon?

  • Hector Collector Post author

    It took me several watches to notice the Stupendium Fish

    Also this work was a Tench/Tench (fish pun :p)

  • Cadon Wasielewski Post author

    This is LIT

  • Bobu a.k.a Bob Post author

    When You Realise An Owl Sings Better Than You …….. I Am Goona Continue Singing Like A Robot Now If You Excuse Me ..

    :0 🙂 😀 D: 0: ( Bubble Gum K.K. Plays )

  • TheWeiseth Post author

    1:21 "Alas, prehistoric! I knew him Horatiosaur"
    I love these little details <3 Brilliant song!

  • OFFicer KozlOFF Post author

    Lets just appreciate reference to the "Matter of Factories". 2:15.

  • GreenishBean7 Post author

    You should make a song for Journey’s End!

  • TomasRoss Post author


    Sorry if I'm being ignorant here, but is that red thing a fucking ADAM slug?

  • Tiger Ox Post author

    I just realised the fish at the start where he Comes in just look at the tank and closely at the fish

  • Tiger Ox Post author

    Imagine if I walk into my museum and hear this amazing song

  • Kennedytwins57 Post author

    I’m not sure, but I the Blathers is not a fan of bugs. Just a guess.

  • Chloe Jensen Post author

    Great work again! Stupes uploads, I watch. Basic formula

  • Eva Post author


  • Gabe Malvas Post author

    Finally he has 400 thousand I have been waiting for a long time!

  • Pip Pengwing Post author

    I love Blathers yay great song

  • Aidan Hancock Post author

    3.2th comment!

  • Gameinyan 8462 Post author

    Do u want me to do Timmy and tommy

  • IamGreatAtSomething Post author

    There should have a animated movie for animal crossing and they should have this song in it

  • Gunnar Jonsson Post author

    well stuendium this song is my new favorit song (this is epic rblx gamer/stupendiumsbiggestfan i droped my mobile and now this is my new compjuter

  • Isabella Villalobos Post author

    So, I was trying to memorize the lyrics so I could sing along right? But he sings waaay too fast and I can not keep up. Nicely done Stupendium 👍

  • Your Friend Mags Post author

    Everybody thinks on the internet that the sting things in the trees are bees in acnh there WASPS 😑

  • Ernst Koekemoer Post author

    Justice for Flick.

  • Celestial Wolf Post author

    How do you constantly deliver something amazing every time? Never doubt yourself, you know exactly what you are doing. Thanks for sharing, I'm so happy I found this channel!

  • Lavendar Skiezz Post author

    Who else started to hear K.K. Slider at 2:32 ?
    Also, if only Flick didn't do that, he could've got a job in the museum.

  • Mewtwo Post author

    Goddamnit I've listened to this song a dozen times and am welll aware of your love of Bioshock and only just saw the Adam slug at 2:57!

  • I Like Cupcakes Post author

    I just love how Flick is banned for inappropriate behavior in the bug exhibit.

  • S. B. Post author

    He sounds like zazu

  • Georgia Post author

    omg just noticed the music from the museum, bravo!!!

  • Cordelia Maynard Post author

    Did anyone else see the ADAM slug from Bioshock in the aquarium?!

  • Brody Imes Post author

    Can u make a Batman telltale song about John Doe

  • ilumija Post author


    Captions: RUSSIAN

  • Kaleb Duckworth Post author

    This was yummy for my ears.

  • Boom Boom Post author

    Sounds kinda like way way deeper down if you ask me but it still sounds great

  • Bukowski Family Post author

    1:58 Flick is supposedly banned for life due to "inappropriate behaviour in the insect exhibit"

    I don't wanna know

  • Mr Potato Dead Post author

    holy fricc that's a lot of subscribers

  • Boris Bernardoni Post author

    Oh my God I'm going to watch this every time I visit blathers

  • Robertti Gamarra Post author

    Awwww, Blathers so cute

  • Ken Cole Post author

    At the beginning of the song does anyone notice how the fish has the stupendium hair and mustache

  • Siren Head Post author

    You deserve a LOT of subs. This one my favorite songs now.

  • LRF5506 Post author


  • Lonely Slipper Post author

    Can you guess my fave animal cross character?

  • The 1 And Owenly Post author

    Ladies and gentlemen, we found a bop.

  • Devin Ota Post author

    0:14 look in the top left corner what is that

  • Remor Post author

    I am always astounded by the fact, that, despite the styles changing with pretty much every song, the quality of the animation remains top notch. Might I ask, who is responsible for those?

  • ZeeMogz Gaming Post author

    Yes all things bright and beautiful

    all creatures great and small
    HMMMMM. An inside referrence?

  • RedTheFox 182 Post author


  • tinybrush tim Post author

    no one:
    murder hornets: 😉

    blathers: 🦉🔫

  • Aric Doges Post author

    congratulations on 400k you really Deserve it!!!💖🎉

  • Ayano Aishi Post author

    At this point the Stupendium is honestly better than OR30, and that's saying something cause I love OR30 – I mean come on the music videos are such good quality and then OR30 doesn't even have music videos so – yeah

  • C G Post author

    Your songs always gets me in a good mood

  • Wyatt Zielke Post author

    This is fire

  • izzy chan Nyan Cat Post author

    Ive had this song stuck in my head so much recently

  • Cookie. co Post author

    Is nobody going to talk about the fish in the first sean

  • MythHooked Post author

    Why do people villainize Tom Nook? He’s clearly not evil.

  • Иванов Роман Post author

    Спасибо Вам за Вашу работу!

  • cj63isawesome_YT Post author

    do a song for good old siren head next pls

  • Tiger Ox Post author

    I tried searching it up at K.K. slider I sat down and it didn’t work animal crossing please add this as a K.K. slider song

  • Broken Umbrella Post author

    Real talent

  • • S l e e p y • Post author

    How does something look so 2D yet so 3D at the same time

  • SCP 420-J Post author

    Tom nook the capitalist bastard

  • Sparkle Adventures Post author

    That ending though 🤣

  • Boris Bernardoni Post author

    This song makes me genuinely happy

  • joeybro gamer Post author

    now i just regret naming my town Doulingo.

  • MegaLCRØ (Sentient Salt Shaker) Post author

    I love how Tom Nook is drawn in these. So cute!

    The song itself is straight hot fire, too.

    That's a good thing.

  • NavyKid Post author

    i like how its been a weak and ive already been able to remember every lyric

  • J Roberts Post author

    I will aquire a museum job, and I will blast this throughout the museum

  • GD foof48 Post author

    Honestly this should have been called Ecosystem

  • Tin Tin Post author

    Took me now to realize the fish in the beginning is a stupendium fish.

  • Arthur OLIVI Post author

    do you do it all in one shot? and it's so nice of you that you answer most of the comments

  • Pricila Badillo Post author

    When he gets stung by the bees, his feet are tapping to the beat! I can't stop replaying that part because of this ;-; no perfect

  • Colton Mitchell Post author

    I just……


  • HelloMyNameIsTheSquad Post author

    I love this song so much! The beat is nice and the lyrics fit to Blathers so well! (Blathers is prolly my favorite Animal Crossing character, so this song shining some love on him is great)

  • Alan Hoover Post author

    Wish my history teacher had as much enthusiasm as Blathers

  • Jakexsamurai Post author

    This needs to be something like a PBS kids cartoon.
    It'd be a better dinosaur train or something similar.

  • Missy Bones Post author

    I love how i turn on closed captions and the auto generated and as you start to sing it just says [music]

  • Random Guy Post author

    I don't get why Peta hates poor old Blathers, he's a good guy.

  • Ellie Post author

    This song is an absolute BOP, I am ASTOUNDED. And the music video is so fabulous! I just got Animal crossing on Tuesday, and I'm having such a blast. Blathers is a joy.

  • Aric Doges Post author

    As a fellow artist I respect this✨

  • Floppy Fish Post author

    10/10 such a bop!

  • Mark Delavan Post author

    Normal birds:effective against bugs
    This bird:weak to bugs

  • Judy Post author

    It’s sooooo fast at 2x speed

  • fluffy the fennec ink demon Post author

    I have decided that i am going to live longer

    But im not sure if i'll still live for long

  • DARKSGamer BRS Post author


  • Seth Rothua Post author

    Omg Look at that animation. It’s so pretty…
    I love the good vibes this song brings! I needed this. I don’t even play Animal Crossing but I love this so much. Thank you for making this!

  • Sam Burrows Post author

    I honestly love this song and the cartoon pictures but i cant get over the stupendium fish XD

  • KittyKatKayla :3 Post author

    1:58 how dare he kick Flick out

  • Elvenbel Post author

    Dude, the white lion in the cage was a reference to the animal crossing tiger kind animaton, isn't it?

  • Roxu Bsp Post author

    Am i the only one who likes Tom nook and hates blathers? ;w;

    i just hate tom nook cuz' i gotta pay taxes to him-

  • Joseph Williams Post author

    No one going to talk how f***ing cute flick is

  • Drawkill Dragon Post author

    Man Blathers got a B O P!

  • animato YT Post author


  • iAnnie Post author

    THIS IS ONE OF THE CUTEST THINGS ON PLANET EARTH!!!!! Jolly good! Loved this song and animation to a T! 💜🦉

  • Hassan Hassona Post author

    Whoever disliked this go to the corner of shame all 150 of you

  • Regina Rani Post author

    This is such a good song catchy

  • Morrigan Crow Post author

    What if Flick just worked in the insect hall so that Blathers wouldn't have to deal with them.?

  • Fox Post author

    2:14 huh thats a suspiciously familiar chime.

  • Sir Squiggles Post author

    Dude not only is this an actually awesome song, youve done THE perfect Blathers impression. Good job man, youve earned a subscriber! 😀

  • Mettapollwea XD Post author

    Please I need Redd’s song xD

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