Tiny Embeds Cold Process Soap Making | Soap 8 in the #SecretSoapSeries2019 | Royalty Soaps

Tiny Embeds Cold Process Soap Making | Soap 8 in the #SecretSoapSeries2019 | Royalty Soaps

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– Hey y’all it’s me, welcome aboard! I was just doin’ that because
my camera is so fancy, it can auto-focus, really fast. Do you see how fast it auto-focuses on my beautiful face? My name is Katie Carson, I’m the Dutchess of Suds at Royalty Soaps and this is soap number, seven? Dangit! We’re getting really
close to the finish line! Have you guessed it? Have you left your guess down below? Today is one of my favorites. There are some other soaps that I’ve made that look like this,
namely the dragon fire and brimstone soap and the
Lord of the Rings inspired soap so they look kinda similar, I made some changes and the
top is really really different. The top is kind of similar to another soap I made this year that I’m
not going to name the name of y’all can just go find
it (laughs) in my videos. Whatever, somebody will tell
ya down in the comments below I’m just tryin’ to be
sneaky for no reason! I think it turned out
like just bomb dot com, just the bomb dot com,
y’all are gonna love it, this is gonna be one of y’alls favorites, I already know. Y’all also like a lot of
soaps with black in it, that’s why I think this is
gonna be one of your favorites. So without further ado, let us make 2019 Secret
Soap Series right now! So, I thought it would
be fun for this video to start in a different way, we always start blending
the lye water solution in with the oils but let’s
start this time with blending our colorants up, and
for this particular soap I have to do a red. Now, I normally do Really
Red Micah but I also really wanted to try this Mad Micah’s blend, I’ve used it once this month, it wasn’t quite strong enough because I didn’t use
the recommended amount. Now I’m gonna do what they
recommend and we’ll see if I have better luck! So the way that Mad
Micah’s has this set up is that you blend these
three colors together and apparently it will give you the exact red on the color wheel like the red on a red color wheel which is beyond incredible. So, it’s a one to one ratio of three different colors. Voodoo, brazen hussy and spicy tomato and I love, I absolutely love
the names of their Micahs. I’m gonna start by doing
exact accurate colors, this is far more accurate
than I normally am but it’s also very satisfying to look upon Tree Marie Soap Works
likes to blend her colors using a palate knife like this and it is the most satisfying thing. Brazen hussy is next. This is actually like a neon
red which is really crazy to me that that’s how
they have you mix this is a neon pigment with two Micahs. Now we’ve got the Voodoo. I don’t know why that they
pick the names that they do. (laughs) I have to re-do
this again just so that you can see it up close
because this is a really fine Micah powder so it comes off so smooth. Did you hear that? Oh no! So seeing all these three together, one of them looks pink,
one of them looks brown, and one of them looks orange
and none of them look red. But I can promise, they’re actually– They’re reds, they just look so different and contrast one another. So I’m gonna start by
blending them together. Just like this, yes. And then I will add some olive oil and that’s when we’ll
actually start mixing. Okay, so now I’m gonna add some olive oil by some I mean a ton. (laughs) And I’m gonna try to get it back so get back there where you belong! Now, the first time I did this I was shook because you start mixing this
and it just doesn’t look red, it just doesn’t, it looks like pink, it looks like fusia and
then as you keep going and you start smashing that orange in, that’s what males to start looking red and it’s crazy bananas. (lively music) With the mixing all done, I’m gonna use my palate knife to scoop it into this little cup, I doesn’t have to be 100% perfect but I have gotten most of the big clumps out. The first thing I have to
do with this soap is mix up a little tiny batch and I’m gonna have to
continue to do that throughout the entire soap because
the fragrance oil blend that I’m using is, well, finicky. So using some bright
yellow rain coat Micah from Mad Micahs, I’m gonna add
that to the oil, immediately! You know, I mixed all
this up in oil and forgot that I was going to have
to make little tiny batches for the soap to work. So, I really just wasted my time. So let’s blend that in just for fun-zies. Now I’m gonna add this
teenie tiny bit of lye water (laughs) solution, I haven’t
done that little in such a long time, it’s a teenie tiny bit, it’s a teenie tiny baby batch. I added the fragrance oil, I can’t tell you anything about it because it’s one of my
(chuckles) super secret blends and now we’re gonna pour this into our two bramble berry molds. Now in that short amount of time, you can see how thick the
yellow is already getting. And that I why I am mixing
up this soap in layers because it would never survive! Sure, it looks like
mustard, what’s your point? I’m trying to keep it towards the center and I am going to play
with it a little bit, texture it up! Honestly the harder this gets the better my design is gonna look. It’s one of the only
things that working with a really thick soap is
actually super helpful. Okay, so I got my wee popsicle stick and I’m going to texture this yellow, just like so, very spiky! All right, this has been
textured, first layer done, let’s move on to the next one. In this container I have
Electric Orange mixed with Cheesy Poof Orange, the most
fun colorant name of all time, I’m just gonna dump that into my oils. (lively music) Let’s get that Cheesy Poof
on top of that mustard. That yellow is almost
completely hard already. And the Cheesy Poof is goin’ that way. I’m gonna tap this down before
I add the rest so it gets in all the crackalary regions! Time to go ahead and
texture this orange bit. It is more important
that these little spikes that I’m making, I’ll
show you guys over here where you can see it best, go
out to the sides like this, not front to back like this. You don’t see ’em if I do that, you gotta bring ’em out to the sides. I’m really sorry if this
is triggering some people, I might put a little warning on the video. It will all be filled in, I promise it won’t look like this forever! Okay, orange is done. Let’s move onto red. (Katie whistling) So they said with this red
blend to do two to three teaspoons per pound of oil, so this is 28 ounces of oils, almost two pounds so I’m
adding the full shebang. It’s so weird ’cause it still looks pink. It still looks pink! But I’ve used it once, I used it with I think it
was Secret Soap number four, and I already know it’s gonna turn but it still starts out
lookin’ pink in the oils, look at that! It’s fusia! (lively music) All right, I gotta quick, fill
in everything with this red, everything is already really really set up so I’m not having to worry
about covering any of it with the red, fill it
with the red, fill it! All right, one more
spiky spike for the win! So one of these I put on a
slight incline over in here, I didn’t fill it in as
much and then on this side I didn’t fill it in as much and then this one is pretty
even all the way down. So, we’ll see which one we like more! All right, looks pretty textured to me let’s move on to the final layer. For the final little layer, we’re going to add some
Satin Gray Pillow Case, this is, when I was measuring out the gray and was about to mix
it with oil that’s when I remembered I don’t have to! So, this one isn’t mixed with oil. We’re just gonna put it
directly into the big bucket, and w’re gonna blendy blend that on up. (lively music) Oh, I’m uh, trying to hurry! I added some little black bits and now I’m gonna mix,
mixety mix that all around and then we’re gonna pour it into the pot or rather the bramble berry molds after this quick commercial break. – [Kenny] Wow! – [Katie] Blech, that looks so gross! Let’s cover that up, quick. Quick! Let’s dumpety dump. Oh wee, okay, so we kinda
had to rush through that! It wasn’t very pretty,
my arms got in the way, it was a big tangled mess, I’m sorry! The whole point being, we
got all the gray part in with all the little black
bits and now it is time to put on the soap frosting! (lively music) – [Kenny] I love this super close– Good afternoon, everybody! Pie eating contest, I
wish you could hear it, it’s so funny sounding. – [Katie] I can’t see anything, I don’t know if that matters. I see blue! All right, so I have my piping bag a large cuplar and an atecho or ah-tee-co, however you wanna say
it, eight six nine tip! And we puttin’ one gigantic dollop, just like this, just like this! I am trying to well, just
kind of even them out, make sure the one on the ends is as big as the one in the middle. I think I’m gonna continue
just to go down the side that way I can get it right. So let me tell y’all a
little bit about my cats. So I have three cats now, haven’t talked about them in a while,. My first cat Gravy, he is fully grown and he does not like to stay inside, he was an outdoor kitty when we got him and then he was an
indoor kitty for a while and then we came out here to the country and he was like buh-bye! (laughs) Outdoor again. So, I see him about once a week and I’ve tried to coax him
in with all sorts of goodies and he’s not havin’ it, so there’s Gravy. So then, I got Albert. And I got Albert when
I was pregnant I think maybe six months with Will, then after we had Will,
we got a Bobtail cat and his name is Totaro. So, Totaro and Albert
are the best of friends and honestly, we got Totaro
because Albert was so lonely. We adopted him from Petco because he stood up next to Lily, I went in there to get some food, he stood up and starting
scratching whenever Lily tottled by and he kept
trying to meow at her and he just had such a
personality that I was like Caleb, that is a cat for me! And pets is not exactly
something Caleb and I see eye to eye on, that’s something that
I really really like, I really like to save
animals in predicaments, ie, there’s a turtle on
the side of the road, I am absolutely going
to stop and save him. Every single time. I would adopt all, all the
everybody who needed a home and Caleb is like please,
no more animals, please! Stop bringing them home but whenever he met Albert, he was like no, that’s a great cat, we need to give him a home. So we brought him home and he just got lovely, he
really wanted another cat and so we brought Totaro home, we adopted him from a friend
who had a litter of kittens and they are the best of pals, it’s really so sweet to see them together. Now I have these little
black pieces of soap and I’m gonna place them on top. I’m gonna put it on
different dollops each time, and this black that I’m
putting on top is not as black as the piping because I
wanted to make sure that these pieces of soap and this soap
were unique and identifiable, that they didn’t all meld together. The final thing I have to put
on top are these teenie tiny eyeballs this is mad with
the teardrop mold from Wholesale Supplies Plus, it is so tiny, this is definitely something
that would be much easier with a pair of tweezers,
something I would highly suggest if you’re going to use this method. The first time I did this
was with the moamraths in January with Alice In Wonderland set and y’all loved it, we’ve
had so many people ask for the moamrath soap to come back so it’s kind of a variation on that. (laughs) This is gonna
take a very long time. So, I’m gonna go ahead and
we’re gonna skip to the part where I just show you guys a close-up. Or better yet! And cah-blam! It’s perfect! Behold, one of the best Secret Soaps, definitely my favorite high top I think from this collection,
I’m diggin’ the eyeballs. And one of the great things
about this particular eyeball is that no matter how you put it in, every sing;e one of them
are gonna look different. Because it’s like, if you put ’em too close they look shocked, if you put them far away
they look kinda derpy and yeah, they just look
silly, it’s great, it’s great. They have all sorts of
expressions depending on how you place the eyeballs
so they’re very unique. So we’re gonna wait 18 to 24 hours and then we’re gonna come back, we’re gonna chop these up, we’re gonna take a look at the inside after this quick commercial break. Oh my gosh! (laughs) It’s so cute! All right, let’s take
this out of the mold! Very recently you guys
have requested that I do an unmolding part in my video, so I will indulge you. To remove the soap from the mold, these bramble berry molds have
a sliding bottom right here so all you do is you wiggle
waggle this a little bit, start pulling that sliding bottom out and while you’re doing that,
you need to hold the soap on the inside, especially
if it’s a high top, if it’s a low top it really doesn’t matter if it plunks out to the bottom and then I just lift one edge, whichever ones easier, this one closest to me is easier right now,
it aint that easy though! Then you just pull it right out. Pretty darn simple! This part, all you do is peel
the silicone down the side and if you’re using my recipe, this is gonna unmold really
easy unless your fragrance oil makes your soap sticky, if it’s one of those fragrance
oils that turns your soap to liquid it probably won’t
be that easy to unmold but if it’s a normal fragrance oil, it should come out completely clean and the sides should honestly
look a little bit glassy the same way that resin does
if you get it out of a good silicone mold, you guys
can see that little glimmer that it’s making with the light, that’s because it’s so
shiny on the outside. If you use my recipe. Okay, okay! Time to cut it though! And by the way, mine
got a little bit thick so you can see on the edges
here it’s lookin’, rustic. But the ones that we
made after this one have very very clean sides, this
was just the one I made on the camera and it happened
to be a little bit sticky. That red be lookin’ fly though. Okay, everybodys lined up, these are a little bit out of place but it shouldn’t matter too much. Just gonna press down, I’m so excited. That orange looks bomb! All right, let’s pull one out! Oh my goodness gracious! Oh my gosh. Look at this! See, I know that was yucky to watch, I know it was yucky to watch
but you see now why I did it? Can you see why I did it, look at that flame, yes, please! I’m dead. Okay, if you don’t know
what the Secret Soap Series is by this soap, somebody
in the comments is about to tell you because
this is a dead giveaway. I can’t believe the series is over but man, what a way to end it? And look how unique everybody looks. The little eyeballs,
everybody is very special and very unique! I don’t have a lot of commentary honestly like it looks so good, even I’m impressed! (laughs) Let’s do a question of the day! First of all though,
let’s talk about that red. I need to go find something
else red in the room to compare that to ’cause
I does look so red. All right! The question of the day is, would you rather work in the city? Or the countryside? There’s no wrong answer to this one, everybody has their own preferences and I probably know three
people right off the top of my head who would say
uh, the city, fo-sho. And I probably know three who would say the country so it’s really
just whatever you be likin’. I personally would like
to work in the country and I do! I live in a mall town so
it’s not really a big country but you know, it’s got country vibes, my parents definitely
live out in the country. Be sure to let me know by
clicking the eye in the upper right hand corner of the screen (laughs). Look it, look at this guy! Well how do you like that? How do you like the little eye balls? (laughs) I love the eyeballs. What are they? Who even knows? Are they alive? Are they just a statue? Are they a character? Are they a person? You’ll never know! ‘Cause I’m not gonna tell. Actually you will know, you’ll find out next Saturday. (laughs) Oh, and by the way, we do have an Instagram, I’m always supposed to
remember to say that and sometimes it’s hard to remember. We got an Instagram! We got Royalty Soaps Instagram, we got Kenny’s Instagram, we got my Instagram. We’re all over there on
Instagram postin’ pictures of stuff that we deem important and you may or may not. So if you want this soap or any of the others in the collection, they will be available at RoyaltySoaps.com at three PM central time. Cool beans, be sure you do somethin’ fun for yourself today! Whether that is goin
out and buildin’ a fire in your backyard, if that’s legal. Please don’t do it if it’s not legal! I don’t know, for most of
y’all it should be feeling pretty autumnal by this point. I’m hoping that, because
most of my viewers are in the United States, sorry, those of y’all who are in
Australia and have like backwards seasons when it’s like December and y’all are like it’s mid summer for us. Why are Australians so
good at American accents, but Americans are so bad
at Australian accents? Welcome to the brain of Katie, it’s all a big jumble of wires. (laughs) Anyway, y’all
make sure you do something fun for yourself and I will
see you guys next time. So, until then, by for now. Newp, newp, newp, newp, newp, newp, newp! (jovial music)

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  • M 560 Post author

    Cause I was on a Ghibli marathon while this series came out I got the theme at the first soap. Wonderfully executed! ^_^

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  • ottilie crosbie Post author

    #secretsoapseries2019 The soot spirits from spirited away!!!!!

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  • betty kuykendall Post author


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  • ChocolateCoveredStar Post author

    It reminds me of the soot spirits from spirited away carrying coal to the furnace.

  • emilie h Post author

    Hello, your kit PIPING SET is no longer available on the website nurture soap so how to have your recipe.
    Thank you

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  • Holopunk Post author

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    outdoor cat owners b like: heehee as long as my kitty is happy 🙂 i dont care about the environment (or my cat living past 5)

    shame on you katie…

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