Top 10 Small Velcro Dog Breeds – Just a LITTLE Clingy

Top 10 Small Velcro Dog Breeds – Just a LITTLE Clingy

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Ahhh…Velcro dogs. Gotta love ‘em, even though they can invade
our personal space and make it hard for us to get around, especially if they’re a medium
or large breed. If you love being close to your pup but don’t
want to be smothered by them, literally, then check out our list of the ten best small Velcro
dog breeds. You’re Watching Animal Facts! 10. Pug Who can resist the wrinkly face and sad eyes
of a pug? No one with a heart—and that’s a good
thing, because once you get a Pug, those eyes will be watching every move you make. Pugs are strong willed, playful and love to
be wherever the action is, be it the porch, living room, kitchen, or bathroom. They are sometimes referred to as “shadows”
because of the way they follow their humans from place to place, craving attention and
affection all the way. One characteristic that distinguishes the
Pug from other Velcro dog breeds is their empathetic nature. They have a “sixth sense” that makes them
intuitive and sensitive to the moods of their humans, and they will do whatever it takes
to please them. 9. Papillon If you think a toy dog is merely a lap dog
or accessory that can be carried around in a purse, then think again. The Papillon is a toy dog that is comfortable
in your lap or purse—and will guard you and everything in your bag. Throughout history, Papillons have been immortalized
in paintings and associated with royalty. Their happy, affectionate nature and tendency
to shadow their owners, makes them an ideal companion, so it’s easy to see why they
were popular with the blue-blood set. But don’t be fooled by their size, delicate
features, and butterfly ears. Papillons form strong bonds with their humans
and will protect you by bark—or bite, if necessary. To control excessive barking and ensure proper
socialization, it is very important to train your Papillon while he or she is still young. 8. Shih Tzu Like any other Velcro dog, Shih Tzus love
to be where you are, but what makes them unique is their adaptability. If you have kids, your Shih Tzu will be as
energetic and playful they are. If you’re an active person who enjoys long
walks, weight training, or yoga, your Shih Tzu will morph into your personal trainer
or yogi. If you prefer to get comfy on the couch and
binge watch the latest must-see series, then your Shih Tzu will be right by your side for
all eight seasons. They are also very intuitive and have a knack
for knowing what you want before you know… or maybe they’re just very observant and
know how to take a hint. Would you prefer a dog that does whatever
you like to do? …Or one that does its own thing? 7. Cockapoo (the original designer dog) The Cockapoo is a popular hybrid dog that
was created for two reasons—cuteness and companionship. With their teddy bear looks, intelligence,
and desire to be wherever their people are, Cockpoos are exactly what they were bred to
be. Like other Velcro dogs, they will follow you
from room to room…whether it be the living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. And if you give them a pass, they will be
more than happy to park themselves in your bed—right between you and your significant
other. Cockapoos are prone to separation anxiety,
and if left on their own for too long, they may damage or destroy your property. So, if you’re going to be away from home
for an extended period, be sure to make a reservation at a reputable pet hotel, or get
someone to keep your furry friend company while you’re away. 6. Brussels Griffon The Brussels Griffon is a haughty little dog
that has the heart of a lion and the face of an Ewok—and that’s a good thing, because
if you have one, you’ll be seeing that face everywhere. Griffons are considered “true” Velcro
dogs. Their attachment to their people is so strong,
it borders on obsession. Not only will they shadow you as you go about
your day, but if they aren’t getting enough attention from you they will vocalize their
sorrows to let you know. So, if you don’t mind a mini-Ewok jumping
into your lap when you sit down, critiquing you as sing your favorite tune in the shower,
or sitting on your feet while you do the dishes then the Griffon is the sidekick for you. Griffons are unaware of their diminutive size
and will try to dominate much larger dogs, so one benefit to sticking close to their
humans is that they will always have someone nearby who can step in and get them out of
trouble. 5. Havanese Havanese love to love, and be loved. They are very friendly dogs that love to receive
attention from anyone, but especially their human families. True to Velcro dog form, they follow their
people everywhere…yes, bathroom included, and will usually bond closely with one particular
family member. Havanese are a very dependent breed that,
like other Velcro types, are prone to separation anxiety. So, as previously mentioned, if you plan on
being away from home for a while, you might want to get a sitter or make other arrangements
for your canine compadre. Havanese’s innate need to be close to and
please their humans, coupled with their intelligence makes them highly trainable as service or
therapy dogs. 4. Chihuahua Velcro dogs are known to cling to and depend
on their humans, but when it comes to the Chihuahua, this relationship could be characterized
as co-dependent. Like other Velcro pups, Chihuahuas have a
knack for becoming permanently attached to your side, but since they’re small enough
to fit in a handbag, some of the responsibility for their clinginess lies with their human
BFFs. Chihuahuas are a favorite breed of those who
want a constant companionship. So what’s better than a portable companion
that they can take anywhere? Known for being feisty and fiercely defensive
of their people, Chihuahuas have been called mean-spirited, but nothing could be further
from the truth—they’re just products of their co-dependence. Do you and your canine buddy have a co-dependent
relationship? 3. Bichon Frise “Old School Velcro” is perhaps the best
way to describe the Bichon Frise. This breed first became popular amongst the
aristocracy in 16th century France, and for more than 500 years it has been bred to serve
one purpose—companionship. Bichons are cheerful, charming, obedient,
friendly and unyieldingly loyal to their families. They are known to exhibit typical Velcro behaviors
like shadowing, territorialism and separation anxiety and although most Bichons seem perfectly
happy being the only dog in the family, they love the company of other dogs, so early training
and socialization is recommended. This breed is a fantastic choice for families
because they are especially fond of children, the attention they give them, and the treats
they get from them. 2. Affenpinscher We all know what curiosity did to the cat,
but what did it do to the dog? Well, just ask an Affenpinscher, a small canine
that is not only known as a Velcro pup, but is also known as a busybody that sticks its
nose into everything— literally and figuratively. Affenpinschers are playful, adventurous, stubborn
and next-level clingy. Not only do they want to be by your side 24
hours a day, they want to manage your day. They are an energetic breed, so to combat
boredom, they will insert themselves into your business and try to run the show. Affenpinschers are very affectionate and protective
of their human family, but can be territorial when it comes to their toys and food, so they
may not be the best fit for a family with small children. They can also be difficult to train and housebreak,
so training should be firm and consistent. 1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel If you want a beautiful dog that is always
happy and in sync with you, then the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the pooch you’re
looking for. Bred to be companion dogs, they love everyone
and everything and believe that the feeling is mutual. Cavaliers are experts at shadowing. They will follow you around as you get dressed,
do housework, or hop into the car to accompany you as you run errands. They have a sunny temperament and an unyielding
desire to be close to their human companions that is so strong, that a Cav will not move
until his or her owner does. Their small size and “I’m just fine where
I am,” disposition also makes them the perfect lap dogs. And guess what? They’re even better in bed. When you’re ready to call it quits after
a long day, they are too…and they won’t wake up until you do! What Velcro behavior does your dog exhibit? That was sticky. But glad you stuck around until the end. I’m guessing you’ll like these other Velcro
Dogs videos as well. If you’re a subscriber, thank you. If not, head on down to that subscribe button. You know ya wanna. And as always, catch ya next time.

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