Top 7 Bird Courtship Techniques

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Birds are getting ready to do their courtship
displays in the northern spring. Let’s see if they have any lessons to teach
us on proper courtship! Number seven, make something awesome. To impress potential partners, some species
make elaborate structures. The lesson here is to do interesting things. Number six, dress to impress. Looks aren’t everything, but many bird species
have some way of showing off beautiful ornaments. A fancy look can help catch someone’s eye. Number five, be in the right place There are places that birds gather for courtship. It’s more likely they’ll find a partner there. Number four, showing off your dance moves. So many birds strut their stuff that we have
the phrase “shake your tail feathers”. They dance if they can, but dance anyway if
they can’t. Number three, a song never hurts. This is one of the reasons bird singing exists. Interested birds shout it out loud. Or if they can’t, play some music. Number two, gifts. You might try presents, like the Greater Roadrunner,
who has a homemade meal. Yum! Number one, do a synchronized display. There’s no better way to show that everyone
is interested than by doing an elaborate, amazing display together. I hope you learned something new about bird
courtship, and maybe learned some techniques to try yourself. Please let me know if any of these actually
work for you! We’ll be covering the science of bird courtship
in another video, so please subscribe to know when that, or another interesting video comes
out. Thanks for stopping by this week to learn
what makes Life awesome!

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