True breaking heart newborn screaming - Let baby screaming very long

True breaking heart newborn screaming – Let baby screaming very long

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35 thoughts on “True breaking heart newborn screaming – Let baby screaming very long

  • R B

    Rip it’s throat out please so that bratty fucker can’t make noise

  • Missty Kotha

    Nice ????

  • Teresa Webb

    I hope and pray that Ashley will be a better mother than this

  • Lil Dill Jones and Me!

    I absolutely love that launch jump at 00:28 and is that REALLY considered a newborn? Awful big to be a newborn

  • Gaby C

    Give her some pentobarbitone to shut her for sure

    Such a pest

  • Miryam Perdomo

    Desquisida le gusta ver su fría a su hijo,por eso lo maltrata.

  • Lucy M. . Romo


  • Vanda Silva macedo

    Coitadinha!!! Ficar com isso, 24hs, não é fácil. Grudado o tempo todo.????? Bahia.??????????

  • Norma Babineau

    Is she choking him out at 00:35 ?

  • Roger Horton

    Can't stand that little spazmatic bastard I wish Another Monkey would just come up and kill it

  • Lys

    For all the people commenting that this mother's behaviour is in any way acceptable, or normal…please don't breed. The world has enough neglected and unloved children already.

  • Jolene Dehart

    She is ABSOLUTELY the worst worst mom ever

  • Debbie George

    Sometimes these babies scream like they are being murdered when the mom just pulls the nipple out or won't let them nurse. She wasnt hurting the baby she was just trying to peel it off her and the baby was screaming its head off like they all do.

  • Sharon Mcqueen torres

    She tired of him

  • billywilliamjr

    Kill that retarded bastard.

  • rosesweet1967

    How old is that nasty rodent, it looks to big to be attached to the tit…

  • Нурбуби Шерияздан

    Они отражение жизни людей. Кому то достается,, хлебное место,, кому то задворки. Этой достался худшее. Её не угощают не дают подарок банан или тростник.. Ест что нашла раз смотрите видите же постоянно в поиске еды. Грудь болтается шкурка. Вот и даёт отдых груди.

  • tora miru


  • DAJD

    This baby is becoming the new Daniela, and the whining crown may be up for grabs. Don't get me wrong, as Daniela is a pitiful whining brat, but this new baby may end up just as bad. It's simple, as a couple of whining spats and they quickly learn the manner in which to get their way. These mom's need to be tough, but this one's group is always around and mom then gives in…

  • Miriam Silva

    Omg and other santa but mom is doing great job

  • Tiffany Trippeer


  • Ivan Rhicard


  • Ivan Rhicard


  • Guylene Taylor

    Well, he has very healthy lungs.

  • Great-one1976

    She needs a break too..good grief..he's glued on her big deal..she wants a break..all moms deserve one. He's a spoiled brat..she can't even put him down without him having coronary

  • Tina Moore

    Baby is only 3 weeks old. This mother is not a good mother.

  • Roberto Botânico

    Todos cuidam dos filhotes a mãe as vezes não tem leite e apanham por ter fome e não serem.atendidos em suas necessidades.

  • Neusa Carvalho

    Meu Deus igualzinho gente .aqlas criança q nao querem decer d colo ,

  • Jennifer Cole

    Reminds me of my 11m old lately ?

  • Ольга снопко

    Сколько сматрю он у её только и плачит издевается как может дура

  • Midnight Sunn

    I effing hate baby monkeys !! All they do is have fits !!

  • Frances Craven


  • Tina mani

    What is she eaten looks nice but who is going to clean the mess up after with all the packing every where. I thing you should teach the monkey to put the wraps in bin. Thanks for your videos

  • nadya malaya

    Боже так издеваться над ребенком

  • Cora Foster

    this is the regular routine that babies are spoiled rotten these monkeys do this s*** all the time they just want their way it whines all the time so it's nothing new

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