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From lions to gorillas, here are 8 animals
that saved people’s lives! 8. Ning Nong the Elephant
In 2004, 8-year-old Amber Owen was on holiday in Phuket, Thailand with her parents, where
she grew attached to Ning-Nong, a 4-year-old local tame elephant. They spent a lot of Time together riding on
the beach and eating bananas. One day on one of their rides on the beach,
the 2 friends noticed the water started receding. People ran to the water line to Pick up all
the fish that had been suddenly left flapping on shore. Ning Nong did the opposite and started running
inland. Amber held on tight, trying not to fall off
the elephant, when soon after She felt the rush of water as a tsunami had hit the beach. Ning Nong waded through the rough waters and
stopped along a stone wall long enough for Amber to climb on top of it, where she was
safe from the turmoil. Shortly after, Her mom found her and brought
her to safety, before a second wave came in. She has no doubts that the current would have
swept Amber and Ning Nong away. There is no question that the Elephant’s heroic
struggles against the currents saved her life. After the tsunami, Ning Nong was transferred
to the Somnuk Elephant Camp in Kanchanaburi where, according to the camp’s owner, she
Always wins the hearts of tourists who visit the camp. Last year, writer Michael Morpurgo adapted
Amber and Ning Nong’s story into a play. 7. Dolphins
Dolphins have been known to save people for centuries, but this particular story is very
intriguing. In 2004, Lifeguard Rob Howes took his daughter
and her two friends for a swim off the northern coast of New Zealand, near the town of Whangarei. It wasn’t long until they Started to get surrounded
by a pod of dolphins, circling them while pushing them closer and closer together. At first they thought the dolphins were being
playful, but when they tried to break free, Two of the bigger dolphins forced them back
to the middle. Howes was starting to get a bit worried, when
finally he gravity of the situation became clear. Through the crystal clear water he noticed
a 10-foot-long (3m) white shark cruising towards them at full speed. However, upon getting close, the shark got
repelled by the group of dolphins and swam away. The girls were unaware of the danger at the
time, as Howes did not mention the shark to keep them calm. The dolphins continued to circle the group
for over 40 minutes, making sure the shark was far gone before letting Howes and the
girls swim to safety. Dolphin expert Dr. Diana Reiss states that
“Dolphins make conscious decisions about when they intervene. They weigh up the situation and are selective
about who and in which circumstances they help”. Long story short, if you ever find yourself
in the ocean and a dolphin forces you to do something, you better listen! 6. Winnie the Cat
It seems like people love cats more than they love them, but this cat definitely proves
otherwise. In 2007 Winnie, a 14-year-old domestic shorthair,
saved its family from certain death by carbon monoxide poisoning. Eric and Cathy Keesling and their son were
asleep at 1:00 AM when The cat began jumping up and down on their bed and meowing like
crazy to wake them up. Cathy was reluctant to get up but Winnie persisted. She said that when she stood up she felt nauseous
and dizzy. She Tried to wake her husband but couldn’t
as he was unconscious next to her and she had trouble calling 911. When the paramedics arrived they later found
their 14-year-old son Michael unconscious on the floor next to his room. The whole family was Immediately given oxygen
masks and rushed to the hospital, where they made a full recovery. Local authorities believe that had Winnie
tried to warn them 5 minutes later, it might have been too late. It turns out that a Faulty gas-powered water
pump in the basement caused the odorless and deadly gas to build up. Various animals have been known to sense natural
disasters due to changes in the environment, but this remains One of the few cases where
they were able to sense carbon monoxide. The American Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) named Winnie the “Cat of the Year”, and Reader’s Digest featured
Winnie as a Hero Pet of the Year in 2009. You go Winnie! 5. Sea lions
Like dolphins, sea lions have Also been known to aid humans or other animals in danger. In 2000, 21-year-old Kevin Hines jumped off
the Golden Gate bridge into the San Francisco Bay to take his own life. Hines suffered from Mental illnesses such
as psychosis, bipolar disorder and depression and heard voices instructing him to jump. He miraculously survived the fall but suffered
a severe spinal injury. Due to the frigid waters, He was at great
risk of hypothermia setting in. It wasn’t long until Hines noticed an animal
swimming below him in the water, and he was convinced that it was a shark, preparing to
finish the job. As it turned out, the creature was actually
a sea lion, Circling around and pushing him up to the surface to keep him afloat. Bystanders that saw Hines make the jump believed
that he was actually alone in the water or that it was a seal that saved him, but He
firmly upholds that it was in fact a sea lion. Hines made a full recovery thanks to intensive
surgery and physical therapy, and has written a book about his experience and struggles
with mental illness titled: “Cracked, not broken: Surviving and Thriving After a Suicide
Attempt”. He also became a mental health speaker, sharing
his story around the world to help other people with suicidal thoughts. 4. Lions
While a lion Might not be the first animal that you hope to come across when you need
help, these lions have shown that they can be nice cats as well! In 2005, a 12-year-old girl in Ethiopia was
abducted on her way home from school and held captive for a week. She was raped and severely beaten, as the
men tried to force her into marriage. Three lions heard the girl crying and whimpering
and chased the abductors away. They then stood guard for half a day until
she was found by the Ethiopian police. When they arrived the Lions disappeared into
the forest, without harming the girl. The girl was treated for shock and injuries
she had suffered during her ordeal. Wildlife expert Stuart Williams believes the
Girl’s crying may have sounded like the meowing of a cub in danger, which would explain why
the lions protected her instead of trying to eat her. If they had not come to protect her, things
may have gotten a lot worse. The lions in Ethiopia are famous for their
large black manes and are the country’s national symbol. Unfortunately, hunters still kill the animals
for their skin. Williams estimates that Only 1,000 Ethiopian
lions remain in the wild. 3. Mila the Beluga Whale
In 2009, diver Yang Yun entered a freediving contest at China’s Harbin Polar Land, which
required competitors to sink to the bottom of an aquarium 20ft deep (6m) without any
breathing equipment and Stay there as long as possible amid the beluga whales. When Yun tried to head to the surface, she
found her legs were crippled by leg cramps caused by the freezing temperatures. Instead of going up, she Began to sink even
deeper while choking on water. Yun thought this was the end for her, when
she suddenly felt an incredible force driving her to the surface. Mila the Beluga Whale Sensed Yun was drowning
before the staff members did and rushed to help. She grabbed her leg and pushed her up, saving
her life. Mila is a very Sensitive animal that works
very closely with humans, which probably explains why she was so quick to help out. Beluga whales are very intelligent creatures
and among the first whales to interact with humans. They even have facial muscles that allow them
to smile! 2. Lulu the Pig
Most people think pigs are only useful for bacon, but what this pig did might surprise
you! In 1997, Jo Ann and her husband from Beaver
Falls, Pennsylvania agreed to baby-sit their daughter’s pot-bellied pig, Lulu. They soon became best friends, which would
later turn out to be very useful! A year later, in August 1998, Jo suffered
a heart attack while her husband was out of town on a fishing trip. She collapsed on the floor and yelled, but
no one heard her cries for help, or paid any attention to their dog barking. Luckily for Jo, Lulu decided it was time for
action and came up with a master plan. She forced herself out of the yard, scraping
herself in the process, leaving her skin torn and bleeding. She Ran to the nearest road where she laid
down and played dead. Shortly after, a driver stopped his car, concerned
about Lulu’s wounds, when she jumped up and led the man to her trailer. He immediately dialed 911 and Jo was taken
to the Medical Center for open-heart surgery. Doctors said that 15 more minutes could have
been the difference between life and death. Lulu later received the Tiffany Gold Hero’s
Medal from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Her story has been featured in the New York
Times, USA Today, People Magazine, and she even made appearances on the Oprah Winfrey
Show and The Late Show with David Letterman. That is one successful pig! 1. Binti Jua
In May, 2016, a Toddler fell into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio. A 17-year-old male gorilla named Harambe grabbed
the boy and dragged him into shallow waters in a moat within the enclosure. An Emergency response team determined the
boy’s life to be in danger and fatally shot Harambe. There is still much debate as to the silverback’s
intentions and many believe that the gorilla was Actually protecting the child instead
of threatening it. When this happened a very similar story came
to light that happened in 1996 with a very different outcome. This time a 3-year-old fell 18 feet (5.5m)
into the gorilla enclosure at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. The boy, who was unconscious, was picked up
by a female gorilla named Binti Jua, which means “daughter of sunshine”. To everyone’s surprise, she cradled the
child protecting him from the other gorillas, and carried him to a door, where rescuers
and paramedics were able to take over. She was carrying her own 17-month baby on
her back at the time. The boy suffered a broken hand and some cuts
on his face and spent 4 days in the hospital. Binti Jua is a Western Lowland gorilla, an
endangered species of gorilla commonly found in central and western Africa. She is now 28 and still lives in the Brookfield
Zoo, where She became a grandmother in August 2013. Binti Jua was hailed a hero. Thanks for watching! For more videos click here! Be sure to hit that subscribe button and see
you next time! Bye!

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