Universal Basic Income? Bernie Sanders Vs. Andrew Yang (Funny, Informative)

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this guy Andrew yang won't see everybody a thousand bucks a month with a v80 tax you got a do you know will do it no there is an enormous amount of work to be done and what we believe in is guaranteeing a job in this country to anybody who is prepared to work I think that's the better approach you got an infrastructure which is crumbling we can put millions of people to work doing that I'm going to answer a question that you have been grappling with for the last two years and it may be perhaps the most important question of our time and that question is this why did Donald Trump win an iowa by nearly 10 points in 2016 for that matter why did he win Michigan why did he win Ohio why did he win Pennsylvania why did he win Missouri why did he even win Wisconsin now that is the question of our time and the answer is in the numbers because again I love numbers so I dug in and the most direct correlation I found was that the more manufacturing jobs were lost in a boating district to to automation the more glue turned to red in that district the reason why Donald Trump is our president today is that we've automated away 4 million manufacturing jobs in Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania Missouri Wisconsin and nearly 40,000 right here in Iowa how many of you personally know someone who has lost his or her job in manufacturing over the last number of years I'm sure a number of you do and I've been in the in these communities in the aftermath of the plant closing I heard from Mitch right here in old wine in Northeast Iowa what happened there when jobs disappear that's when despair takes its place and that's when blue turns to red so I have some bad news I was just in Silicon Valley last month and this is going to get worse before it gets better the engineers and scientists of Silicon Valley are working on solving the problems of today but as they succeed in solving these problems their solutions are not going to improve your lives or our lives what they're going to do is they're going to make human labor your labor our labor less and less central to the economy and more and more obsolete my friends in Silicon Valley are working on trucks that can drive themselves they say that there are 98 percent of the way there and these trucks will start hitting the highways in five to ten years so the question is what's going to happen to the drivers at that point there are thousands of call center workers in Iowa how many of you saw that Google recently demonstrated software that can do the job of a call center worker someone's not in here I mean you saw that well you can google it and it's there but these changes are real artificial intelligence is real autonomous vehicles are real this is the greatest economic and technological transition in the history of mankind Donald Trump is the manifestation of this transition and our government has been decades behind in being honest about it and addressing it now before I deciding to run for president I decided to try and talk to various political leaders about the fact that this is the core set of issues and what do you think their responses to me were go ahead and shout them out does it be fun wha-wha it sounds like you were in the room we must fundamentally shift the way we perceive work and value in our society and I have a three-part plan to make this happen and solve or the greatest issue that threatens our way of life today now the first is the freedom dividend where every American adult would receive $1,000 free and clear no questions asked every month to pay your bills invest in your families start new businesses and do what you want to do because you know how best you would use that money already right now thirty one percent of Iowans are working full-time and cannot make ends meet and fifty-nine percent of our fellow Americans cannot pay an unexpected five hundred dollar bill they are living paycheck to paycheck week to week and you know that is the reality for many of your friends and neighbors and we can change that we can give Americans a raise any of you might think wow that sounds phenomenal too good to be true but I want to give you some background in history a law almost exactly like this passed the House of Representatives in nineteen the one under Richard Nixon Martin Luther King was for a thousand economists signed a letter saying this would be great with the economy in society and a plan just like this has been in effect in one state for 36 years where it has created thousands of jobs helped improve children's nutrition and lower to income inequality and what state is that you may or may not know yeah it's all Alaska and they use oil money and I'm going to ask you all today Democrats of Iowa what is the oil of today technology so my plan the freedom dividend would put 16 billion dollars into the hands of Iowans every year so that you could pay your bills and do everything that you would do with a thousand dollars more per month and would create over 40,000 jobs in Iowa immediately now this is a very very big plan and a big move but it's something that we can achieve because again you determine the future of this country and we need to build an economy that actually puts human goals and values front and center invest in our people and build a trickle up economy the Republicans have been selling that trickle-down garbage for decades they even know it doesn't work so we're going to build a trickle up economy from our from our people up our families up in our communities up and that's the first big move I'll make as president

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