Updated House Tour! Animal Crossing New Horizons

Updated House Tour! Animal Crossing New Horizons

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– Hey guys, it’s Justine and today we’re gonna
be doing a house tour on my Animal Crossing house, let me show you the outside. It’s been a while since
you’ve actually seen this. I made a video that I never even posted, doing a redo of my house, so I’ll show you guys what
it looked like before. This is what happens, I just
dropped everything that I had, there’s not even a single bit
of space to put anything else. Is that a pizza? What kinda food is in that oven? This is, I don’t know, I have no idea. So, I haven’t even gone
into my other room yet. Let’s just go in and see what’s up. A new fresh room to do whatever I want. I have so much stuff in my storage. And where we’re at today,
you did see my island tour, if you didn’t already I’ll
put a link in the description. You can go check that out and
see the rest of my island, but I just love this view. And it’s starting to get dark now, so the sun is going down. But we’re going to go check out my house. I’ll show you some of the
things that I’ve got going on. I haven’t really touched much
inside of my house lately, so. Oh, this is a present for
a podcast that I’m doing about Animal Crossing, of course. This is my little house, so, we’ve got a lot of
stuff going on here. I mean, I don’t even know
what’s happening anymore. I just started finding cool stuff, and then I just started
putting it everywhere. But my main favorite thing is
this throwback skull radio. Well, I can’t get it because
it’s on top of a chest so, clearly, I just have
to hope for the best. Let’s change the song, first of all. Let’s just do a basic
everyday “Welcome Horizons.” Like, since the beginning, this has always just sorta been
a living room slash bedroom. I do need to do a complete
overhaul of my house because every time I got a room I just kind of started
throwing stuff into it. So, this was the only one that I really spent a lot of time on. And then we have this
little area over here. This was, I don’t know, this was like a bathroom slash den. I promise you nothing
makes sense here at all. Like, what is happening? I’ve got a skull floor,
the skull wallpaper, I have all of my awards
from my Happy Home Academy, my bathroom, got a nice
little lounge area. On the fireplace. Ope, excuse me.
(toilet flushing) I do like this light though, this is cool. Everything looks cooler
with the lights off, though. Cool. So, I accidentally made my island on the southern hemisphere. So, I didn’t get any
of the cherry blossoms. So, Jenna made me this wall. This is the DJ set right here
in the center of the room. Got my Animal Crossing Switch over here. Okay, you can see it right there. I love this gears thing. I just got that from a balloon yesterday. This is my little workshop area. Got my little pink mantis
here that, what’s his name? Flip? I always forget his name. Ugh, bug dude, comes in here creepin’. I just got this too, that knife board. I thought I would put it
above my bed because, why not? I wanted it to be
realistic to my real home. Got some party decorations there. This is gonna be sorta my shooting area, but now that I have a basement
that’s not being used, I think I’m gonna move
the studio downstairs. I have a couple other lights
that I’m gonna add here. This is the office. I wanna get something cool over here, like maybe another laptop. There’s gotta be like another
pink laptop somewhere. Close that, you don’t wanna see my tools. But yeah, I had this. There’s so much stuff
that I could do with this. I made this back when Tiger King came out, that feels like a year ago at this point. But here’s my Tiger King room. I won this on a fish, what’s it called, a fishing tournament. I’ve got all my soups on. Oh, sure there’s my birthday cake that they gave me when the game came out, on my birthday when I was quarantined. Make some toast. Oh, I also have a pink fridge now too. I have a lot of pink stuff
that I need to update. That’s what I’m on the hunt for. I’m on the hunt for all of
the items that are pink. And I haven’t done any
like cataloging events, so, I really haven’t been
able to get a lot of stuff. All of this stuff is what either like, my friends have given me, or I’ve bought, I’ve got from balloons. So, all of this stuff is pretty much over hundreds of hours of shaking trees and just doing dumb things. But to everybody who has
given me some things, I’m super grateful. Emily gave me that TV and this phone. And actually, I think she
gave me this bear as well. I have these other bears. Like that big ol’ bear fell
from a freaking balloon one day and I about lost my mind. Here’s my little workout area. Can I get in there? I’m not sure if I can because I just put this in today actually. There we are, here we go. Okay get out, you’re done there. This room is also just
kind of thrown together. It was just stuff that I kept getting, so I kept putting it up here. Oh, I can’t reach the TV from here, can I? I can’t. Hm, mini fridge? No, I’m not gonna change the fridge, but thank you. But this room has a lot of potential for when I get some time to redecorate it. I just need some items, like
I don’t have stuff to put like all the stuff that I have
is just weird, weird things. The basement though, probably
my favorite. (laughs) I think I have some turnips down there. This is where the T. rex resides. There’s some extra turnips. Gotta sell these turnips
before they spoil. Thought I’d put the crowd
back there cheering on. I think this is the swamp
flooring, I really like that. That’s my house tour! Lots of things, lots of potential. But this is what I’ve
been doing with my time. So, that’s really it. I wonder if it’s dark yet. So, you guys can see the nighttime view. Really wanna get some cool
lights up there though. Okay, it’s starting to
get dark but not quite. When it is dark, those all light up, I have like some cool floor lights, so it’s all flooded and looks really neat. So, that’s it! I will see you guys in my next video. If you guys want to see
more Animal Crossing, let me know if you would
like me to do a livestream. I’ve been thinking about
doing that as well. I will see you guys later. Be sure to follow me on
Twitter and Instagram because that’s probably where I will post if I do decide to do a livestream, and where I decide to do
it, it will be linked there. I’ll see you guys later and that’s it. That’s the end of the video. (upbeat music)

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