VIC Animal Health  –   Производство “ВИК Здоровье Животных” (Витебск)

VIC Animal Health – Производство “ВИК Здоровье Животных” (Витебск)

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Any of you ever think that human life is directly dependent on animal health? Victoria Violina – General director “VIC – Animal Health”, Moscow:
“We are already taken place pharmaceutical company,
which known in the worid and has certain name and status. So it can not longer be said “VIC? Who is it? What is it?”
Already more or less known who it is and what it” So what exactly is VIC? Let’s get acquainted! General Director Adviser: We invite you to visit us! Doorplate: Deputy Director General for
Development Bookkeeping Organization of its activity is important for every company Doorplate: Deputy General Director on
Quality; Head of Quality Control Department;
the Quality Assurance Department Behind each doorplate are those people, without which VIC can not exist. Convenient to be, if we deliver the goods on Friday? Good Chief Engineer: I need information about this washing head 30th diameter.
All connections, flow, pressure and the most important thing – the diameter of the spray.
Please verify. Well, that’s something like this. Engineering service of company professionally doing its job. Working equipment, water for injection,
clean air -all this is important for pharmaceutical production. As well, sterility should be around. Doorplate: Room for Preparing of Disinfecting Solutions Room for Technological Clothes VIC the one and only company for production of veterinary medicines in the
territory of the CIS, which in 2011 received the certificate of conformity to
the requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP). Behind all of it is a big job, huge financial investments. And most importantly, that is not
one-time deal, all that needs to be maintained as long as there will be a company. So what exactly is GMP? It is better to see once! Engineer-Technologist:
We want to invite you to look on the process of production of non-sterile medicines: powders and tablets. Doorplate: Production Control Department Supervisor: Now will be the intermediate quality control on stage of dosing. “Constant control” Doorplate: Packing Such tablets we are producing here. “Constant control” We are at the warehouse. Here’s an example of one produced by us veterinary products – Klindaspectin. Veterinary product “Klindaspectin” made VIC company winner of the contest
“Best Goods of Belarus on the market of the Russian Federation”
and was awarded a diploma “Laureate of program 100 best goods of Russia”. By the way, VIC company has a lot of awardsand diplomas. Legal Counsel: For example,”For great achievements to Best
Entrepreneur of Vitebsk region” in the category “Best Exporter” Sales Sector Manager of Commercial Department: Currently,
the main sales markets are Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.
But we are confident that in the near future geography of sales markets will increase significantly. Increase. Because quality of VIC production
is unquestionable. Control always and everywhere. Manager of warehouse number 2:
At the warehouse is a rule of complete physical separation, i.e. so-called
“traffic rule”. Products that arrive at the warehouse, is marked with yellow label.
This means that it is controlled, i.e. in stand by mode. Further, after the issuance of permits for the implementation and certification of quality, products
are marked with green label, which means that the product is allowed to implement. And Red Zone – storage area of defective products. As you can see, it’s empty. Even warehouse is divided into zones on the basis of “traffic rule”. “Constant control” Doorplate: Quality Control Department Laboratory Assistant-Microbologist: Microbiological quality control department used modern methods
of control. For example, express method for the determination of bacterial endotoxins by means the LAL test. Essence of this method consists in presence or absence of bacterial endotoxins in water
for injection, which is very important to provide the quality of manufactured veterinary products. Our water for injection complies with the requirements. Chemical Engineer: Physico-chemical department provides
the necessary accuracy and reliability of the tests. Laboratory electronic scales allow to weight sample to the nearest fifth decimal place. Now we prepare the sample for analysis. We placing prepared for analysis samples into chromatograph. By using HPLC it can be produce the separation of the mixture of substances.
An indispensable instrument in the physico-chemical department is the IR Fourier spectrometer. With help of this device it is possible to establish the authenticity of the tested
substance in a few minutes. We see that the spectrum of the substance corresponds to the range of standard. Products supervisor:
We are in the archives of the Quality Control Department. Here are stored archival samples raw and other materials, veterinary
products. On a sample of each batch is required information. In 2011, quality control department was awarded a diploma for “the high level of competent”. Senior engineer-technologist:
Now I will introduce to you the production of sterile veterinary products. Doorplate: room of view of primary packaging Viewed primary packaging material goes to washing stage. “Section for preparation of solutions” “Section of filling” Deputy General Director for Production, Belarus: Collective of our company is sure that medicines for animals must be carried out
as well as for the people, and even better, because the health of animals – is the health nation. Here viewer of medical products viewing each unit of production for mechanical
inclusions, quality of running and completeness of filling vials. Quality control, always and everywhere – is a guarantee not only efficacy of the
medicines, but also the safety of their use. Implementation of GMP standard is a very expensive project. Practice shows that not
all companies are able to make this transition. General Director “VIC Animal Health”, Belarus: It was very hard work of all collective absolutely.Coherent and effective work of
the whole collective led us to those heights where we are today, and we try to maintain this level. We employ highly trained specialists who serecruitment is also very hard
work, because it is very difficult to find such a high level experts who are working in the enterprise. Guarantee of professionalism, quality assurance, guarantee of efficiency,
security guarantee – all of these is “VIC Animal Health”

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