What Happened to Holly? | Reacting To Cesar’s Worst Bite

What Happened to Holly? | Reacting To Cesar’s Worst Bite

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– Us famous. Some relationships
begin kinda rocky, okay. Now, come and meet my pack. (upbeat music) (dog barks) (upbeat music) All right, Holly. We’re gonna watch our
video together, okay? We’re gonna watch our video
together that made us famous. Some relationships
begin kinda rocky, okay? Some relationships begin kinda rocky. All right YouTube family,
I haven’t seen this episode of Dog Whisperer for
like more than 10 years, I really don’t look at
everything I do in the past. I’m one of those guys that
moves on, helps the dogs, helps dogs, helps humans,
helps families, save the day, move on, come out with
a different challenge, a different mission,
that’s the kinda guy I am, that’s the kind of life I like to live. This is my girl, Holly. We did an episode together. We went to help her family, they’d had a child and she
developed a problem around food. That was her thing. Holly, I’m talking. So my normal thing is,
when I’m with a dog, I normally remove family members. Why? Because family members will
trigger a memory, right. Will trigger a memory. If a dog gets excited with family members, they’ll become excited. If a dog is nervous or tense, no different from a family
member that you don’t agree with and that you get tense with. Or there’s some kind of bad memory and that’s why you don’t
wanna see that family member. And so humans have the
option of removing themself from family members who
don’t trust, respect or love. But they don’t. So they have to live
with these pet parents who practice not 100% trust, not
100% respect, not 100% love. That creates a lot of
tension on a dog, right. ‘Cause he’s living in a
very toxic environment. She doesn’t feel safe,
she doesn’t feel peaceful, she doesn’t feel love and
that’s the environment alone. I just wanna make sure that you understand what she’s going through. All that psychological warfare
that she’s going through. All that emotional warfare
that she’s going through. All that spiritual warfare
that she’s going through because they are not trusting her, they are not respecting her,
they are not loving her, they are not understanding her, they are not connecting with her, they are not communicating with her, they are not having 100% relationship. So no dog on earth wants
to live with a family who doesn’t fully trust them. Alfie, you wanna watch it with me? How your father’s such a hero. Look. The seriousness. “See that’s unsure, that’s not submission.” That’s right. So it’s a silence. There, then she gets excited. So she gets excited. This starts happening when the owner came. So when the owner was inside the house, Holly was like, okay,
who’s all these people? And who’s this guy? And this guy actually knows how I feel and he knows how to communicate with me and I’m actually feeling really good. He understands me, he knows I’m insecure, he knows I’m at the back of the pack and he knows I’m confused. So that gives me a big relief. So that’s Holly and me
having a conversation before the bite, okay? Before the bite. So when she started getting
a little bit aggressive and protective of her old way of being, is because the owner
was in a personal space. That’s why I remove in the
beginning but then I say, well nothing bad was happening so I know that if I bring the owner, I’m gonna bring back the memory. So I wanna see how bad the memory is. And it was bad. – [Mesa] And that’s the
owner in the background? – See, yeah, the owner in the background. So here’s the owner in the background, he’s in a personal space and that’s the first time
she exhibits this aggression. So now the insecurity turn into like, “normally when my humans are around” “I express myself this way.” It had nothing to do
between me and her, okay? That’s why I never make anything personal when a dog bites or
jumps or whatever it is. It has nothing to do with the dog and me ’cause that’s our first time meeting. This is our first time meeting. So this is the part where
I am letting her know that this behavior, like she’s
doing the teeth like that and I’m in a position
almost like a yoga position, just to let her know
that I’m going to provide this guidance to you but I’m
not making you wrong for it. There you go, then she surrender. There you go. Then she goes through that episode like, “Normally this is what I do!” And then I go in like, well
that’s not what we want. So, what I’m doing at that moment is I’m blocking the brain from escalating. And then by me staying in that position, that warrior position
like a yoga position, I’m providing an energy so I can block her from escalating energy body language. All right. So it’s like what is that guy from Marvel, doctor what, doctor who? Doctor Strange, he’s
like providing an energy and a body language. So it’s the same. It’s the same. It’s asking her instincts
to not keep escalating in a way that they
understand because among them they do this to each other. So they do express energy body language, it’s just the humans
haven’t done it to her ’cause most people do, “No, leave it! “Stop it, no!” so they use sound and body language. So it’s gonna be impossible
for a dog to calm down. It has to be energy,
silence and body language. So no sound and body language versus sound and body language. Sound and body language is for humans, no sound and body language is for dogs. So that’s why I’m doing this
motion, these positions. And of course the owner is like. Hm, interesting. Instead of him relaxing, he’s actually being tense and unsure. You know, like what to
feel, how to support ’cause it’s very important. It’s very important
that the owner support, because we’re parenting. At this time we’re both parenting. Takes a village to raise a child, well it takes a whole family
to rehabilitate one dog. “You have to give her a moment” “because the brain has got stuck.” – [Man] Yeah. – Yeah. So here you see after the
energy body language moment, she goes like, what just happened? What just happened? You can see how Holly is just, “hm, that was good, I like this.” “I’m feeling calm surrender.” “Hm.” Such that you can see clearly how she starts getting
into the dog side of her. Like that’s what they should do, that’s what we should do for them. Help them to become calm, open-minded. So if the brain is aggressive,
your job is to make sure, if the brain is aggressive,
the body is tense. So your job is to make
sure the body relaxes and the brain calms, opens up. Now I’m talking with the owner
and just letting them know what I did, what’s the next
step, what is happening. So I’m breaking it down. I’m decoding what is happening
and so it’s a show and tell. In dog behavior it’s not
so much about telling, it’s about showing. Show and tell. – [Man] So he didn’t do that to you earlier? – “No, not like that.” – [Man] Right. – Then the guy, “So you’re saying “that she didn’t do that to you earlier?” I said “No, not like that.” absolutely, you can watch
the whole entire episode. But as soon as the owner
comes into the picture, you can see the switch, pow! The switch immediately. Because that’s all she knows between the owner and her and food. Remember, Holly is only
(murmurs) around food. You take food away, she
becomes like an angel. It’s a switch. But the switch wasn’t the
food, it was the owner. So the owner has more power than the food. “Not at all.” – [Man] Okay. – “This is the first
time is see this in her.” look at how skinny I am. My hair is not so white. I love her eye, Ah! Ahaha So she was like, I don’t know
who these people in the back, and so this is my mistake, this
is where my mistake came in. I got too comfortable. I got too comfortable
right away and that led to her letting me know I’m
not ready for that kinda, you pity me in my head, I don’t trust you 100%
yet Mr Cesar Millan. So that’s that second that I didn’t read, that I didn’t feel led to the the bite. See, she lunged after that. So, I touch, right and then, let me just roll (mumbles). She just lunged, she just like that’s it. – “I didn’t see that coming-” I didn’t see that coming. So what I’m doing right now, I’m just making sure that she
gets some kinda feedback on, like I’m not making you wrong, whatever happened to you
in your head at this time, it’s not your fault, it’s not
my fault, it just happened. So I have to stay there. This is what I call the follow-through. So once I make an agreement, I commit and then I follow through. I’m asking for water because the pain is taking over my stamina, my strength. So the water is just to keep
the oxygen inside myself. So I’m waiting three
minutes while I’m in pain, that’s how committed I am. (camera man speaks) – “No, not submitting yet.” there you go. She is about to. I can see my face going a little pale. From the pain. I’m saying that the aggression,
but the guy is crying. So right away when you get bit, you have to put some kind of something that can kill the bacteria
’cause the bacteria will hurt you the most, not the bite. – “it’s better. Open mouth.” Five minutes four seconds. – “Some ice.” – [Woman] Ice for Cesar. Ice. – [Man] Cesar, I’m sorry. – “No worries, man. That’s my job.” – “Don’t worry, don’t worry about it.” – Is he okay? Oh my god, that was really bad. – [Woman] It is fine. She needs major rehabilitation. That’s okay. That’s why we’re here. Yeah. I mean she just went after. I was not “triggering” it. I was not like… yeah, I was not “triggering”. I was just making a connection of just let me touch, let’s
gain some more…let’s close the gap, let’s close the distance
by me putting my hand and giving you, not affection
but just giving you trust. Right? But because the owner was so close to her, and the food still was
there, she couldn’t take it. So she didn’t know what to do with it, ’cause normally the owner
leaves the food and walks away. And that she couldn’t take it, so whatever was in front of
her, if it was a kiddie pool or a plastic, she would
have grabbed that plastic. If it was a blanket, she
would have bite the blanket. And that’s the same thing. The fact that a dog practices
or exhibits aggression, it doesn’t have to be
on a human to be bad. It’s just that you don’t want
them to practice aggression on anything, that’s why a
lot of times I tell people, don’t do tug of war with your dog if he’s using aggression to play. ‘Cause what you’re doing is, you’re allowing and
encouraging aggression. So what I suggested right
away is rehabilitation. That’s fine, let’s rehabilitate, I understand what I gotta work on. And so Holly came and stayed with me and she started doing really good. Why? I’ll tell you why she
started doing really good, because the moment she came into the pack, everybody welcomed her. All the dogs that I had at that time, I had like 40 something dogs at that time. Everybody welcomed her and she was like, “I don’t have to be in charge!” “And everybody accepts
me, everybody trusts me!” She never ever behaved aggressive
with any dog around food. Never. She never ever behaved aggressive with any chicken around food. For her was food and
humans means no trust, but every other specie means trust. So that for me is like I’m
starting to look at it, so I start feeding her
when she was in that state. So in the beginning she
was the last to eat, because this kind of mind are very respectful, they are not the first
one who eat in the pack. They are the last ones
who eat in the pack. And for her that’s normal. So she started doing normal activities. So for her it was like, “oh
my god this feel like Club Med!” “it feels like I’m in a spa.” “I’m in a place where I’m in a retreat!” and some people call it boot camp. This is not boot camp, this is retreat. This is where the dog comes
and does natural activities, simple activities, profound activities. And slowly you can see how she just, food was not her worry. Food is her goal. Look, look. Food is her, that’s it. I can relate to Holly because I love food. I’m a foodie, okay, I am a foodie. Look at that. See that silence right there? Down, down. That’s right. Holly, come. Sit. Wow. She’s a machine, okay? I call her the Venus Williams of my pack ’cause she’s so athletic. I mean this girl is athletic. She’s super fast. Extremely fast. Powerful. Look at the focus. All for a bowl of food. So before as you remember,
she would have gone like but right now, this is
your typical frame of mind of a dog that is attentive,
is alert, is obedient, understands that this is a challenge and she might get the food,
she might not get the food. And that’s actually the job. Aren’t you a good girl. Oh my god. I smell like kibble, I don’t like that. My whole face is full of kibble now. YouTube familia, thank
you so much for watching. We’re gonna keep watching
a lot more videos. Obviously, I’m pretty sure you
want me to watch your videos and help you to break it down and digest them and decode them
and help you understand it. But more than anything,
thank you for watching. Let’s make this place, this
beautiful planet a better planet by changing how we live
in it, how we communicate, connect and relate to mother nature, I think it’s something we
can do in this era of 2019. I think we’re a pretty much evolved and I think earth is tired of us not doing the right thing
and breaking the rules and the boundaries and the limitations and sending the wrong energy
and not working as a family, not working as a pack. But more than anything, thank
you so much for watching and I hope you know that Holly is perfect. (upbeat music)

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