Where Do Domestic Cats Come From?

Where Do Domestic Cats Come From?

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Cats. We know that they like to chase lasers and
lick their own butts. But there is a lot we don’t know about
cute little Whiskers, like where her cuddly, domestic ancestors came from, and when she
evolved from wild animals. We used to think that the earliest historical
evidence for domestic cats was from ancient Egypt, like art and mummified remains from
around 4000 years ago. But now some clues are pointing to domestic
kitties older than that, from separate places across the globe. The oldest probably-domestic cat skeleton
we’ve found was in 2001, on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean sea. Scientists guessed that this cat lived around
9500 years ago, which makes sense historically. That’s after people had started farming
in the Fertile Crescent, that not-totally-desert region in parts of western Asia and northern
Africa. Farming means you have to store extra
crops somewhere, and piles of tasty grain attract rodents. And for hungry cats, that’s an all-you-can-eat
buffet. So one hypothesis is that feral cats might’ve
started snagging some meals, and getting cozy with humans. Humans were happy to have them, too, because they took care of the pests, and were fluffy and cute. By this time, we think humans had domesticated other animals like dogs, cattle, and sheep, so adding another furry friend wouldn’t
seem all that unusual. And we think this cat from Cyprus was a pet
for a couple of reasons: First of all, Cyprus is an island with no
native cats, so someone must have brought them over on a boat. And, if they weren’t a little tame, that would have been a scratchy, panicky animal mess. Like, you might know how hard it can be to
get an uncontrollable kitty just to the vet and back. Plus, the cat was buried with a person, presumably
its owner, and surrounded with carved seashells. Wild animals wouldn’t get this special treatment,
and if the cat was a meal, its bones would’ve been separate and probably scattered. All of this evidence lines up with a study published in the journal Science in 2007, which looked at the genetic origins of domestic cats. Those researchers found that our feline friends
are are most closely related to the wildcat Felis silvestris, specifically, the Near Eastern subspecies. Your eyes, also, if you look at this cat,
will back this evidence up because they look a lot like domestic cats. So, lots of signs point to domestic cats splitting off from their wildcat cousins in the Fertile Crescent. But hold on. Some other scientists discovered probably-domestic
cat bones in 2001, in an ancient millet farming village in central China. A close computer analysis of the jaw bone
shapes showed that these cats weren’t related to the wildcat at all. Instead, they were a kind of leopard cat – which
is in an entirely different genus. From small animal tunnels throughout the excavation
site, and ceramic containers that looked like they stored grain, the researchers were pretty
sure that this village had a rodent problem. And by looking at the carbon isotopes in cats’
bones, it was clear that they ate lots of small animals that ate lots of human-grown millet. This was the first convincing evidence to
support the “domestic cats eat pests that eat grain” hypothesis. But this domestication happened in different
kinds of cats, around 5300 years ago, on the other side of this huge landmass. So, what’s the real story? The Middle Eastern or the Chinese domestication
of cats? Well, there’s no reason that domestication
couldn’t have happened twice in two separate places with two separate cat species when
people started farming grain. But, remember? Genetically, all our modern cats seem to be descended from the wildcat, not the leopard cat. Maybe the domestic wildcats were just snugglier
and had a leg up to win our favor. See, domestication leaves its fingerprints
in an animal’s genome. So even though any cat person will joke that their cats are are too independent to really be considered domesticated, we can look at these
genetic fingerprints. A 2014 collaboration between a bunch of American
universities took a close look at the domestic cat genome, using 22 different breeds from
different places. The study found recent changes in genes that control the development of the cat’s nervous system. These genes could play a role in how domestic
cats, for example, behave less defensively in new situations, and can change their behavior
in response to rewards. In other words, compared to a wildcat, Fluffy
is genetically more likely to walk up to you with a friendly headbutt and beg for treats. This could explain why our cats are extra
snuggly: the ones that got along best with humans could take advantage of our rodent
pests and table scraps, and survived to pass on their genes. So, in a way, cats did domesticate themselves. And it seems like they did it more than one
time. Which kind of means, that the rise of cat videos was practically inevitable. Thanks for watching this episode of SciShow,
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100 thoughts on “Where Do Domestic Cats Come From?

  • Megadriver Post author

    Cats are the only species of animal that have domesticated themselves…
    They are fully capable of surviving without our help, they just like having a lazy, luxury lifestyle with us.
    Cats found lots of prey to snack on near humans in the distant past and became closer to us. We, as humans were happy we got free pest control and a fluffy, purring thing to pet and have around. So with cats, they chose to be with us.

  • Lady Silverwynde Post author

    How it probably happened-
    (Ancient farming area, before written records exist)
    Cat: "You gonna eat that?"
    Human: "Those rats? The ones that eat our food? Nah, you can help yourself."
    Cat: "Cool."
    (Next day)
    Cat: "I'm gonna have a litter of kittens. Mind if I hang out here?"
    Human: "Well, as long as you keep eating those rats, sure."
    Cat: "Cool."
    (Next day)
    Cat: "I'm gonna go hunt some rats. Mind watching the kittens for me?"
    Human: "Holy crap! These are the cutest things I've ever seen! You can, like, crash here permanently!"
    Cat: "Cool."

  • A random Youtuber Post author

    My theory before I watch the video is that we domesticated cats to catch small animals such as mice because dogs couldn’t abd because they are so damn cute

  • Ed Camp Post author

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    A feral cat is a descendant of a domesticated cat, so the first domesticated cats must have come from wild cats.

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    And now cats are a major invasive species, second possibly only to Man himself.

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    While I love my dog, and all small furry animals, I am a cat person.

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    Symbiosis = interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both.
    To bad we can't tame cancer to be a benefit.

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    Cat aren't really domesticated! They are tamed. Dogs are domesticated. Dogs have been bred specifically to perform certain jobs and tasks and enjoy doing so to please us. Cats are basically tiny tigers that choose not to attack us in our sleep! because we give them food and scratch their bellies!! And will alow us to live in their homes as long as we continue to do so!!!!!!

  • M.J. de Bruin Post author

    A lot of Gene's ( plant and animal Gene's)are traced back to that area, near mount Ararat, where the bible says Noah's ark stranded after the flood. The sumerian story of creation shines more light on this. Very interesting.

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  • ninthRing Post author

    I've had several pet cats over my entire lifetime & have spent many hours observing their fascinating behavior & interacting with them.

    One thing that they do – regular as clockwork –
    (which I'm sure anyone who's had a pet cat knows) is come up to me and meow quite loudly whenever I'm talking on a telephone. I've always suspected that they're responding to something in my speech & tone of voice (which subtly alters when I'm talking with someone on the 'phone), that makes them think that I'm talking to them, so they respond. (It's not like they can understand what a phone is, after all.)

    Some research that I've read implies that domesticated cats are profoundly more vocal than their wild cousins, with patterns specific for things around them (almost words) & that this may be a result of their millennia long interaction with humans.They lack both the intellectual capacity & vocal structures that would allow them to both fully comprehend & reproduce human speech, but they can demonstrably recognise specific sounds that we make (eg: their name).

    I talk to my cat all the time, and while I may be anthropomorphising just a bit, I do think that he has some level of understanding – of my tone, if not recognising the meaning of specific words (just say the word "chicken" and expect to have a furry black blur jump up & try to peer down your throat, while sniffing intently). I'm familiar with specific types of meows for a mother calling her kittens, a cat seeing food that it really likes & an unique hiccuping growl used on seeing birds (prey).

    I suspect that in the near future advanced genetic engineering will allow us to vastly augment their intellects, as well as their capacity to understand & (to a degree) reproduce human languages – perhaps even giving them simian levels of dexterity. Though this would obviously need to follow some strict ethical guidelines to avoid a moral quagmire.

    ~ ~ ~

    There is one question about cats which I'd really like an answer to & would appreciate you investigating:
    "How can cats spend so much time sleeping or inactive, yet avoid atrophication of their musculature – actually retaining extraordinary muscle densities & remarkable acrobatic capabilities? "

    Were a human to spend even a fraction of the time being as inactive as a cat, their muscles would waste away & their bones would become as fragile as chalk. There have actually been some long term studies where human experimental subjects spent many months prone in a bed & the results were pretty graphic (NASA studies into the potential effects of low gravity). Humans just aren't designed to be inactive, yet cats achieve 18 hours+ a day lazing or sleeping with ease.

  • G-Luke Post author

    Cat: I am….Inevitable
    *snaps paws*


    More than likely, domestication took place multiple times, in ALL cases, animal OR plant – it's funny how humans are prone to accept only all-linear, once-in-eternity developments, don't even consider multi-event processes leading to a present-day state of affairs…why in hell would one and only one time someone had a particular idea? Say, roll over a log something too heavy to be dragged, then cutting the log into slices to make wheels? Would this REALLY occur to one single illuminated mind, or would it have occurred to many, many different individuals in many, many different places, at different times, while trying to solve just exactly the same problem…? If neodarwinian evolution justifies a RANDOM genetic process to reach convergent-evolution similar biological solutions for similar problems in completely UNRELATED organisms, would similarly "intelligent" (for lack of a better word…) apes need to wait for a SINGLE attempt to be successful at solving a common problem, then waiting for the news to spread…?

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