Who Does Your Dog Love More?

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– [Man] Oh boy, c’mere! (kissing noises) – [Woman] Lunie, come on. Come on. (upbeat music) – Luna’s pretty fair with
her love, like, you know she always makes sure that
if she’s cuddling one of us, that she’ll take a break
and go visit the other one. – [Woman in Blue] That’s
Molly’s dog, Elsa. – [Woman in Grey] We both
have very different roles, I think, so. – I think Molly makes all the rules. – Like the fun aunt that
always shows up with candy. – Yeah, I give her scraps of my food and play with her on the floor. – You give her scraps of your food? – No, I mean, no. – [Son] Who does she love more? Definitely me. – [Father] I would have to disagree. I think she definitely loves me more. – She sleeps right next to me. – That’s because you smell like her. – [Daughter] Her, forever.
– Me. – They are stuck to her like glue. Anywhere she goes they trail behind her. She goes to the bathroom
and they wait at the door. (upbeat music) – [Husband] Luna, come
here! (kissing noises) Come here, sweetheart. Good girl. C’mon. – Brittany!
– Like really? – Rita come over here.
– Rita! – Rita Rita Rita. – Here Rita, Rita! – Ri, Ri, Ri!
– Oh no no no. – Stay, stay. – C’mere. (clapping) Luna. – Yes, yes.. – C’mere buppus. Oh! – Rita, Rita!
– Rita. – Rita, this way, this way, Rita! – C’mon. (kissing noises) Stay. – Off to a great start. – That’s not staying! Turn, Rita! – Rita, Rita, Rita! – Lay down. – Oh yeah, oh yeah. Ah ha, don’t have anything! – Luna. – Luna…
– I’m gonna go, bye bye! – C’mere, c’mere sweetheart.
– Bye bye! (bell dings)
Awwwwww. – Oh boy. – [Woman] Pretty much what I expected. – Rita, Rita, Rita,
Rita, Ohhhh! (bell dings) – Hey cutie, mwa! – [Father] Rita, that’s a betrayal. – [Mom] Come here, my boy,
come here! (bell dings) – Well. – [Woman in Blue] Come here! No! – I was not that surprised
that she picked him. She’s very much a Daddy’s girl. She follows him around. – And it wouldn’t have
mattered either way. – Yeah, we know she loves us both. – I felt kind of cheated. I still think she loves me more. – Elsa didn’t choose either of us. She just decided to run away. Yeah, we’re not surprised.
She does love freedom. – I love you the most. – That’s all that matters,
that’s all that matters. (upbeat music) – This is what it takes. – This is the only way that she’ll stay in place. – You’re a big baby. A big baby.

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