Who’s Behind The Mysterious Deaths Of These Poor Rabbits? | Animal in Crisis EP48

Who’s Behind The Mysterious Deaths Of These Poor Rabbits? | Animal in Crisis EP48

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Owner/ Mealtime~ I gave them space to run freely outside So that they won’t always stay inside But every morning, I get embarrassed Because rabbits pass away every day They are all here PD/ Here? Owner/ Yes Being attacked by someone, rabbit carcasses were piled up inside the bunker PD/ Did you bring them all together in one place? Owner/ No, I didn’t. I guess something brought these here Why did the mysterious creature attack rabbits and left them intact? Owner/ I guess the culprit caught them to eat But they are intact. No traces of being eaten Only the baby rabbits were found Owner/ There are no footprints nearby So I have no idea which animal did this That makes it more mysterious Stay up all night to figure out who that animal is.. Since it’s a forested area I’m not sure if I can chase the culprit But then! PD/ Someone there?
Owner/ Yes, there! Owner/ Oh I found a rabbit! Come over here PD/ Where?
Owner/ I found another one, gosh.. The rabbit was right next to the bunker again.. PD/ Where’s the culprit? Owner/ I’m looking for it.. But I can’t see it Owner/ I found another rabbit again One more rabbit is discovered Owner/ The culprit disappears when people are around, but when they aren’t, it appears.. Vanishes like a ghost Who’s the culprit with no mercy… Expert/ The wound on this rabbit indicates that The rabbits were attacked not by birds’ beaks But by an animal with teeth Particularly bitten by canine teeth Expert/ The rabbit hairs are piled up like this Which means that the hairs fell off while the animal with teeth bit them The hairs fell off when they were attacked If the culprit was one of canine animals, then the hairs would have fallen off in a flock So culprit must be an animal with sharp teeth and an aggressive instinct Feline animals usually hunt like this Generally, Feline animals have the enemy knocked at once Bite the carotid artery strongly to cut the blood vessel Or dislocate the cervical spine to cause immediate death After hunting, hiding preys in a secret spot is another feline animals’ instinct Owner/ As this place is surrounded by small mountains Wild cats might live nearby But I still don’t get why they don’t eat them after hunting It’s not understandable Installs cameras to figure out the culprit The night comes.. Owner/ I see someone over there PD/ Where? Owner/ There, look! Someone approaches rabbits slowly.. Looks familiar.. A cat?! Owner/ No way, the cat couldn’t have done this But.. The cat appears suddenly and chases after rabbits And attacks the rabbit hidden in a bush at once Owner/ Oh no.. It happened again… The cat was the culprit who hunted tens of rabbits.. Owner/ It’s unbelievable Didn’t expect the culprit would be a cat at all Vet/ Compared to stray cats in the city Wild cats have great hunting skills They need to hunt for prey on their own due to the lack of food resources That’s why they target chicken farms or small animals Vet/ Imo, the cat’s hunting skills are in the learning stage The cat is less than a year old The cat looks unskilled at hunting As the cat hasn’t fully learned his wild instinct yet, He doesn’t have an appetite for living animals Also, lacks hunting skills Vet/ But this cat is interested in hunting The cat’ll gradually become a fierce predator with a stronger wild nature If the cat enhances his hunting skills enough to attack weak animals or the farms The damage will be increased So it’s best to capture the cat before it actually happens First off, move rabbits into a safe place Capture the cat with a trap cage That night Perhaps the cat is suspicious of the cage Just passes by Then, the cat heads to the rabbits’ house Gets flustered as the rabbits are not seen Soon after, the cat shows up next to the rabbits’ temporary house Across the wire fence, the war of nerves between the cat and rabbits begins Gets anxious from being blocked by the wire wall Eventually, the cat gives up and leaves PD/ The cat goes in! PD/ Cut the rope! Owner/ Gotcha! The culprit was a cat for real.. Man/ Can’t believe that it’s him Owner/ I mean, the cat looks so cute, doesn’t look aggressive at all I’m shocked.. What an instinct Vet/ The cat is male His teeth are so clean He’s less than a year old Less than a year-old cat had to hunt for food But.. Vet/ His ears are clean too Street cats usually have ear bugs inside their ears But his ear is clean What’s more unusual is.. The level of antibody titer is higher than the common wild cats who aren’t normally vaccinated He’s likely to be vaccinated at least once or twice before Then we can’t rule out the possibility of him once raised by someone He might have been a home cat, being raised by his guardian.. Don’t know why he was left alone in a strange place For survival, he had no choice but to hunt rabbits Glad to rescue him before he becomes a dangerous predator Hope you find a new family who’ll never leave you alone!

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