Why dogs are actually evil

Why dogs are actually evil

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BORK :O What is it boy? Bork BoRk! Jimmy stuck in the well? BuORk! He did it to himself so he deserves it… wha- BoRK BorK Bo bo bo bork bork BORK bORk PFFT we gotta go help Jimmy :} No-o-o-o>:{ *Dafuq?* o.o Leave him>:C Uhh… wot? o.o SiT>:/ B-b-but i… SIT-T-T>:V Oh..uh… *Fart* 😡 Repeat after me Uh… :’:3 That’s messed up dude. They’re so you told me you could talk this whole time and you’re just saying Bork But like no reason bro YeH man That’s pretty cool. Really? o{}o? Nah i RESPECT that OHO Da endddd

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