Why don’t Birds get Electrocuted on Power Cables? | #aumsum

Why don’t Birds get Electrocuted on Power Cables? | #aumsum

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It’s AumSum Time. Why don’t birds get electrocuted on power
cables? Because they wear shock proof shoes. No. Electricity is the flow of electrons through
conductors. It always takes the easiest route. That is, electricity always flows through
a path of least resistance. Now, power cables through which electricity
flows are made of copper. Copper offers least resistance. And is a very good conductor of electricity. However, the bird’s body offers greater resistance. And is not a good conductor as copper. Hence, electricity ignores the bird and flows
through the cables. And birds do not get electrocuted. Besides this, electricity flows from its highest
potential to its lowest. Now, the power cables usually run at different
potentials. If bird’s feet are on same power cable, then
they are at same potential. Thus, the bird does not get electrocuted. However, when bird touches, two cables with
different potentials at same time. Then electricity flows through bird to go
to other cable with lower potential. And the bird will get electrocuted. Why vultures do not get food poisoning? Because they go to regular yoga practice. No. Vultures are generally scavengers. They eat decaying or rotting flesh of dead
animals. But any decaying substance has many harmful
microbes. Which if consumed can make an animal or a
human sick or even cause food poisoning. However, vultures have a strong acid in their
stomachs. That protects them from harmful microbes. But we also have acid in our stomachs, right? Indeed. But acid in vulture’s stomach is much stronger
than acid in human’s stomach. It is so strong that the acid can even corrode
certain metals. Thus, when a vulture eats decaying or rotting
flesh. The strong acid in its stomach destroys most
of the microbes. That can cause food poisoning and other health
problems, thus keeping vulture safe. Why is dry ice so dangerous? Maybe because it is made by devils. No. Dry ice is basically solid carbon dioxide. The surface temperature of dry ice block is
about -78 degrees Celsius or -109 degrees Fahrenheit. This means it is much cooler than ordinary
ice which is made up of water. If dry ice comes in contact with skin, our
cells begin to freeze and die within seconds. Thus, giving us severe frostbite. In addition to this, storing dry ice in airtight
containers can be dangerous. But why? This is because dry ice sublimates. That is, it directly gets converted from solid
state to gaseous state. Hence, in airtight containers. The gas produced can build up and exert pressure
on the walls of container. Which can lead to a dangerous explosion. Why do birds need gravity to swallow food? Maybe because they are fans of Newton. No. When humans eat food, it enters into a muscular
organ called food pipe or esophagus. In the esophagus, a series of contraction
and relaxation take place. That pushes or moves food towards the stomach. This movement is called peristalsis. Why do you use such complicated names? Just listen. In most birds, such peristaltic movement does
not take place in esophagus. Hence, they need to depend on gravity to push
food through the esophagus. When a bird eats its food, the bird lifts
or tilts its head up and with the help of its tongue. It directs the food towards the throat. Then, gravitational force of earth causes
food to slide into pouch called crop. Thus, helping it to swallow its food.

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